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Venice drum circle stabbing leaves one hospitalized

Map shows approximate location of incident in black and recent crime reports in brown and red. Click for more details on The Times' interactive Crime L.A. project. Venice Beach's famed drum circle was marred by an Easter Sunday stabbing that left a 20-year man hospitalized in stable condition.

The unidentified man was stabbed twice in the chest around 7:45 p.m. before his attacker fled, said Sgt. Danny Contreras of the Los Angeles Police Department.

A fight broke out at the eclectic gathering of drummers and dancers as sunset approached. The victim was in a group of drummers when a crowd of onlookers gathered and the stabbing occurred, police said.

Authorities said they did not believe the attack was gang-related.

Dozens of people who are otherwise strangers trek to Venice Beach each weekend to bang drums, plastic buckets and empty water bottles in a celebration of sound, dance and community. The drum circle has gained worldwide fame for its diverse crowd of bohemians, homeless people and tourists.

The stabbing marked the second consecutive weekend that Venice Beach has been the scene of violence. Last weekend, a gang-related shooting critically injured a man and sent thousands of panicked people fleeing the boardwalk.


Crime alerts for Vermont Vista, Carthay and 10 other L.A. neighborhoods

-- Catherine Saillant

Map: Shows approximate location of incident in black and recent crime reports in brown and red. Credit: Crime L.A.

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Venice beach is a dump

Opinion....and you are so much better?

Venice beach is a dangerous place. If you want to get stabbed, mugged, or brawl, go to Venice Beach. Venice beach us full of graffity, homelessnes, thugs, and trouble. I would never take my family to that ghetto.

Stay Away from Venice Beach if you want to be safe.

Yes Venice is totally trashy in some areas, however we love Venice for it free thinking and boho lifestyle. There is crime everywhere, unfortunately it has escalated in the Venice area as of late. Dear inmyopinion.... Please do us a favor and NOT visit Venice since its such a "dump"!

wow. i love venice beach boardwalk and the drum circle. its a shame for such violence to occur. it is a place for all to gather join laugh and love. not for violence.

The drum circle has provided me with a place to pause for reflection,to celebrate another week of living and a place to meet some people who share different views on life. I go down there @ least once a month and on my way to the car always pick up a box of incense or two. Law enforcement has been lax which was ok but now it may be something that will have to bemonitored because of a few bad apples. As I said... it's a shame.

Venice can be such a wonderful place for art and music and shopping. But the crime there has gotten so out of hand. I know two people that have been shot there. These are not gang members or drug dealers or criminals. Law abiding people who were just going about their lives. One was a waiter on his way home from work who stopped to buy some groceries. Another was a musician who had just finished a gig. Both were robbery attempts gone bad.
It's time for the people who live there to start taking an active role in cleaning up the crime. It seems that the people of Venice just sort of turn a blind eye to this. The more out of hand it gets and the less people will come and spend their money there. Venice's revenue is fueled by tourist/visitor dollars. Time to drop that tragically hip and undaunted facade you Venice hipsters. People are getting hurt and dying. Your beloved city is going to die too.

@nls73m, I've been to Venice 100 times and never been stabbed, mugged or been in a brawl. Not even an argument. Stupid people do stupid things.

I lived in Venice on three different occassions as a kid. Istill enjoy going down there with my wife to just walk around and have a couple of beers. It's the cheapest entertainment in the state. Yeah, there are hard heads around but I just avoid them. Then again, I am a retired cop and do carry so I have a little background that allows me some leeway in avoiding the unwashed and ignorant criminal element. I still have the look so they have a tendancy to avoid me also. Take it as it is.

Venice, the sewer of Los Angeles

The only safe time to visit Venice Beach is on a rainy day. No crowds.

Venice Beach isn't a dump. Unfortunately, the Venice Beach boardwalk and sand attracts people who don't live here--who have no stake in our community. With very few exceptions, the perpetrators of crime in Venice are people who live elsewhere in the Los Angeles area--usually Hollywood and the Valley. The crime last week was caused by people who fled in their cars. If (when) someone is arrested for this crime, it'll be someone who lives beyond the 90291 zip code. Guaranteed.

Venice and Long Beach are the ghetto regions of LA. Don't fool yourself it's not the same place that you remember.

I lived there in the 70s. The boardwalk had a pretty good vibe during the day, except for an occasional incident, or a riot now and then . Most of the trouble came there from some other part of LA. and probably still does. However, it's never a good idea to be in Venice after dark.

Venice is just a dirthole. They try to rationalize this dump by saying it's artsy. Trash and dirt is not art. If you want an artsy district try Los Feliz or SilverLake. These are artsy areas without the scumbags and much more sophisticated.

your all tourists invaders!!!!!!

As much as I love Venice - both beach and town - I know that one certainly has to be careful and vigilant at all times; at least around and on the beach, boardwalk and strip. It is NOT for everyone, but to call it a ghetto is misguided at best. Venice is a very expensive place to live, and there are many upper-class and wealthy people who live there, many right on the walk.

These are the people, who perhaps need to get more involved in helping to improve things. The trick, of course, is striking a balance between improving things, and respecting the freedom of expression Venice is famous for.

"...has gained worldwide fame for its diverse crowd of bohemians, homeless people and tourists."

Translation - weirdoes.

I live in Venice about 2 blocks from the boardwalk. My wife and i love it, we moved here because of the beach and the laid back way of life. But the things that are happening on the walk are getting out of hand. There is getting to be way to many homeless people down there......Pan handling, intimidating people for money. Using vulgarities against people. These people are the ones who cause trouble! Who climb up on peoples balconies stealing bikes and surfboards!!! Robbing people at knife point!!! Breaking into peoples cars at night!!! These scumbags need to be ran off!!!! WE AS A COMMUNITY(The people who live here with addresses) Need to take a stand and have law enforcement run these vermin off!!! They are what makes Venice a sewer!!!!

Cross off Dodger Stadium and Venice Beach on my list of places to visit this summer.

You gotta watch out what you drum up.

Crimes committed by local gang bangers.

maybe the cops should crack down on the gangs...Venice 13, the Suicidals, Venice Shoreline Crips....maybe then we can walk around in peace....one of my friends stopped 3 guys from beating on another kid (while he was working in Venice) and ended up having to leave Venice because they were Venice 13 and kept coming back through the area looking for him and threatening him.

p.s. I love Venice for the entertainment it provides, the history it is rich with...There is no room for Gangs in Venice anymore...it's 2011

Agree with "inmyopinion". It is definitely a dump. All you free thinkers and boho's can keep it. The trash, the filthy homeless and smell are all yours!

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