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Two hurt in 'hot-boarding' incident in Ocean Beach neighborhood in San Diego

Ksd2o1nc Two men in their early 20s were injured -- one seriously -- while engaging in the increasingly popular but dangerous sport of late-night "hot-boarding," police said Friday.

The two were skateboarding in the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego after 2 a.m. while being towed by a vehicle, police said.

The car was going too fast for the two to hang on and so they let go. One fell off his board and suffered scrapes.

The other hot-boarder collided with a 1999 Chevrolet truck driven by a man in his mid-20s, suffering serious head injuries, police said. He is listed in critical condition at a local hospital.

The vehicle towing the two sped off after the two let go, police said.



3.2 quake hits California-Mexico border

San Diego motorcycle officer hospitalized after collision

--Tony Perry in San Diego

Photo credit: Christina House / For the Times

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Skate or die!

"Hot-boarder" = SoCal slang for "idiot."


Or even a sheer panic possibly.

So Cal equivalent of a redneck saying: "Hey y'all. Watch this!"

"That's HOT!!!"

Why is this news? Wish the media would stop rewarding idiots with coverage.

Come on, give these kids a break. All they were trying to do was have some fun. I do remember Michael J. Fox getting around in town on his skateboard in "Back To The Future" by hotboarding.

Thats nothing i have been towed by a motorcycle at 50 mph.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does, Sometimes The Dumb Take Themselves Out. Darwinisim In Action.

Ah, thank god for people like these.... healthcare, its the safest profession out there!

O.B. is the skating stoner capital of the world

A little cleaning of the Gene Pool.
I feel sorry for the guy in the car, He had to clean all the blood off his hood

Duuuuuuuuuuude! That's Stony!

YOU!!!! Out of the gene pool. Please don't let these 'brainiacs' breed.

In Texas we call it Culling the Herd, But it will also work in California.

When I was a kid back east we used to do a similar things. In the winter when the roads got icy we would put on our slickest dress shoes and grab car bumpers for a ride. We used to call it skeechin'. We had a great time and nobody ever got hurt. In the summer we would hop freight trains that went by our houses for a ride. None of us ever got hurt doing that either. We were a lot younger than these kids though. By the time we were in our twenties we were too busy chasing tail and getting loaded to have time for that. Now that they have outlawed fun, I'm not sure what we would be doing...

As kids living in Illinois, we would hold onto a car bumper and slide on icy roads with just our shoes. It helped to wear two pair of socks because the friction got those shoes real hot. We would hit forty mph and there were a few bare patches that would positively launch a kid. We lost a kid once. Then somebody noticed a round patch of clean snow in an otherwise dirty snow bank. We found him about three feet inside the bank in a fetal position. Not dead but pretty buggered up. Come to think of it we weren't kids at all because I remember trying to explain to his wife why we brought him home unconscious and what happened to his shoes.

I can't believe these comments! If you didn't get hurt when you where a kid was it dumb luck? I bet if you looked back on the record, some kids DID get hurt or even die doing similer stupid stunts like this. I know kids DID die jumping trains and to say they didn't is being an ostratch. Pull your head out, dude!


We called it bumper riding. On one night ride, my feet overheated so I let go just before a fork in the road. The car went left and I went right. There was a man shoveling his walk and I hollered "help" at him as I shot by his house. I heard him shout a woman's name as he ran for the house.

These days, it would be all over u-tube. Kids would be dieing left and right.

darwinism works in mysterious ways- if you're dumb enough to try a stunt that you're not qualified to perform, sometimes you get hurt badly. i feel for the driver of the chevy truck. . .being involved in a traumatic collision can leave you emotionally scarred even when you have no blame whatsoever.

Off hand, these too aren't CEO material. Two more almost bite the dust.

Darwin. . .

I thought it was called "skitching". Ski plus hitching..."skitching".

WOW. Stupid decision? Yes. Darwinianism? Cruel. This is my friend. This is also somebody's kid, somebody's big brother. Please think before you speak, just like this person admittedly should have thought before he hitched a ride.

ouch, we people can be so mean to each other.

It's Saturday. Go live life, thank God that you have it and enjoy! Don't sit around here bashing people & suggesting they should be dead. Leave the comments to those who are sitting around praying that these people will live.


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