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Thousands of dead fish scooped from Ventura Harbor

Officials were trying to determine Tuesday what caused thousands of sardines to turn up dead in Ventura Harbor, another puzzling case of fish that died off after apparently using up all their oxygen.

Deadfish-tn Harbor master Scott Miller said he arrived Monday morning to find patches of dead sardines floating on the surface of the southwest corner of the harbor.

Other fish bobbed near the surface, appearing to gasp for air.

After deploying aerators to stir up oxygen below the surface, a dozen volunteers used nets to scoop about 6 tons of fish carcasses from the water before dumping them offshore, he said.

The incident comes about six weeks after millions of sardines died in Redondo Beach after swimming en masse into King Harbor and suffocating.

In a massive cleanup last month, workers removed about 175 tons of fish carcasses that floated in the marina and began to rot underwater.

Although the dead fish in King Harbor tested positive for domoic acid, a poison generated by toxic algae blooms, scientists believe the fish gathered in the enclosed harbor in such huge numbers that they died of critically low oxygen levels, not poisoning.

So far, the fish kill in Ventura appears to be much smaller.

Masses of fish started crowding Ventura Harbor about a week ago, Miller said, though it was unclear what drove them there.

"We just think they moved in there, and it was just like crowding too many people into a room," he said. "There's no sign of red tide, and there's no indication otherwise on why that would have happened, other than oxygen deprivation."

Dolphins, sea lions, porpoises and seabirds streamed into the harbor to feast on the heavy concentration of easy prey.

The die-off seems to have subsided since the cleanup and aeration, Miller said.

"We think we got about 90% of the fish," he said. "And the birds this morning probably got the rest of them."


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-- Tony Barboza

Photo: Thousands of dead fish line boat slips Monday in Ventura Harbor. Credit: Stephen Osman / Ventura County Star

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How dare they clean up the dead fish! They are depriving the ocean eco-system of it natural regenerative capabilities. First the rich snobs want to clean up dead burned out trees (forest fire casualties) near Lake Tahoe and now they want to be relieved of the stench of rotting fish! What about the ocean eco-system that depends on the cycle of life! There are plenty of crabs and bottom dwellers that would love to snack on those rotting carcasses. Maybe people should think a little less of themselves and more about the preservation of the earth around us.

~ A Berkeley Grad and lover of all Hippie Tree Huggers

Another Tsunami will happen somewhere in the world. I think it is a sign for something.


HAARP and Chemtrails.
Agree with Beyond the Margin.


From what I read they dumped the dead fish into the ocean so the fish will be food for other critters.

Re: How dare they...

Isnt this a bit extreme?

The Harbor is man made, the fish wouldnt have been crowded there if the Harbor wasnt made in the fist place!

Think of all of the life that benifited from this. The dead fish are going back out to sea where they will be utilized. And all of the dolphins, sea lions, birds that ate them plus the percentage that did fall to the bottom for your crabs.

I think everybody but the sardines will be ok.

(Non college graduate with common sense)

Nuclear-radiation does that too. Duh.

Apparently reading skills is not high on the list of qualifications for admission to Berkeley. Self-righteousness however is a requirement.

it's FISH...focus

December 21, 2012

people living in boats near the harbor probably dumps all kinds of things. city should placed enforcers to check who are these violators.

How can all these fish die from lack of oxyogen in the water? There has to be more to this story, because it's happening all over the world.

people living in boats near the harbor probably dumps all kinds of things. city should placed enforcers to check who are these violators.

Posted by: carlos | April 19, 2011 at 12:37 PM

Yeah I'm sure that people living on boats are hoarding vast amounts of toxic chemicals to dump into the waters in which their boats sit.

A more likely scenario is that landscapers have been dumping dirty motor oil and pesticides into the storm drains.

Ok...all CA feeko'es, chill!!!.... it's a G*6 D&U%# natural cycle - (THE WEATHER & FISH), should you need it spelled out.

I know, of which I speak. I don't live in a 3,000 square foot house in Berkley, nor a Townhouse in Lower Manhattan...

my Domicile = 950 square self contained on grid / with complete off grid - abilities & standby everything-off shore self-contained ZIP CODE WHERE I LIVE 95837

Humans are puney on this planet...
We need humility, and, good planetary husbandry, midwifery to mange our resources....the FREAKIN Earth....ya know ...

manage the planetary resources... get ready for the worst possibly disasters, and, when they don't occur, as is the case today.............well... have a good day (;-)

How should I know what caused this. My amateur gut feeling six weeks ago and now is there is a fissure below the ocean (too close to report for our comfort) that is leaking or ready to blow (quake or volcano). It is changing the oxygen in the immediate area, sickening the fish and driving them to the algae -- too late. OR, it is a man-made fissure caused by satellite warfare. Take your crazy pick. And I bet there will be another e-quake soon -- maybe on our side of the plate. Some odd activity on today's map. At least a big quake would obliterate our debt history for the record books. Half crazy, half overactive imagination.

Unfortunately it seems that we're almost done with making the earth "man-made" . Let's get rid of natural disasters on my insurance policy.

Ventura's loss is Red Lobster's gain -

NOTE: Mass animal die offs happen all the time in the US and have happened for a long time. The only difference between now and the past is that social media and the internet lets us share info rather quickly. Do your own research if you don't beleive me...this is nothing new.

I am no earthquake expert but I heard before that the cracking and shifting of the sea floor releases methane which fish will avoid by gathering at shore.

BeyondThe Margin. To clarify for you, the fish were taken offshore and dumped back into the ecosystem. As for letting them rot where they are, they will cause another algae bloom from bacteria and decomposing and cause more problems for more fish and the ecosystem. So before you get on your high hippie horse, know the facts.


what an obviously fake post by some conservative...

I agree, there must be more to it than crowding that caused lack of oxygen.
I wonder what the fish are being tested for? Maybe when the earth shifts it releases small amounts of toxic fumes that causes the sardines to die?

The dead fish is most likely a cause of the growth of abundant algae. The quick growth of algae is caused by pollution. The algae sucks up the oxygen from the water causing lack of oxygen for the fish. The result dead fish. Responsibility begins with who? You! Protect our precious environment!

Algae are dying all across the globe. Algae produces 50% of the oxygen on earth, fish are dying by the hundreds of tons all across the globe, and are dying because of the lack of
O2. Oil spills and ongoing pollution is destroying the seas. We don't have long to go. I expect a long overdue comet or asteroid to finally put this tired planet out of its misery. Also, all the bad things in the Bible are happening but most are not of GOD'S supernatural hand, WE, HUMANS, are fulfilling the prophecies ourselves GOD will just finish us off when the time is suitable for HIM.


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