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Calabasas High students say they were ‘mistreated,’ leading them to scrawl racist graffiti

Three Calabasas High School students told investigators they scrawled racist graffiti on campus because they felt they had been "mistreated during the school year," Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department officials said Wednesday.

The teenage boys told detectives they did not intend to target a specific ethnicity or religion in their Saturday morning vandalism spree, which included anti-Semitic and racist graffiti, sheriff's officials said.

The graffiti included profanity directed at specific students and teachers who had upset them, the officials said.

"Based on the statements of the subjects and the content of their graffiti vandalism, their intent was to upset the people they felt had wronged them, rather than a criminal hate crime," Sheriff's Capt. Mike Parker said in a statement. "They showed their frustration by spray painting extremely offensive words and symbols throughout the school grounds."

Two of the three boys were being booked for felony vandalism and a third was expected to be arrested Wednesday, officials said. They said they would seek to criminally prosecute the boys and have them reimburse the school for damages. 

The boys have expressed remorse for their actions, Parker said.

"The hurt that this has caused to the students, teachers and community is much worse than the approximately $2,000 in damage to the school grounds," he said.


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-- Andrew Blankstein

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have the little idiots help with the clean-up and issue an apology, that'll stop this kind of nonsense!!

It's Calabasas-their parents can afford the bill for the clean-up.

These acts are just the beginning of the type of racist hatred inspired by the Tea Partiers and extreme right throughout our country. In a country where even the President of the United States is questioned about his birthplace and academic credentials (primarily because of his race), is there really any wonder that young people would act out by defacing property with bigoted graffiti? As bad as our economy is today, the biggest problem we have in America is not our national debt or unemployment, it is the unchecked and rampant racism that is not only accepted, but seemingly encouraged by the far right. If we don't address the issues of hate and intolerance that are sweeping through our country, then we won't survive long enough to be broke!

Hopefully they'll be locked away in a labor camp for two years and then have to complete 10,000 hours of community service which will include eradicating graffiti and picking up trash along the freeways, where exposure to car fumes will make them violently ill.

Felony vandalism? Man, that is a sure way to limit these dumb kids future economic potential and create even more hate. The only difference is that they are white this time and not non-white.

Look, these kids were probably treated shabbily by the dominant majority groups at the school. This used to be called racism when it was done by whites to non-whites. This is what used to happen to non-whites when they were the majority. The tables have turned. Let's learn from what society did to non-whites and see the broken families and cut off potential as a net loss to society and a net gain for the prison industrial complex, before we sentence these kids to life crushing felonies.

Sure they did some pretty nasty vandalism, but the D.A. has to think of the cost of following through with felonies. And the D.A. needs to think about the societal cost of felony convictions for non-whites as well because although they are the rising power, many are still poor and unable to defend themselves against life crushing felonies. The D.A. has not been wise in overcharging suspects and they just waste taxpayer money now and in the future. Plus these D.A. thugs are also sucking at the public through with big salaries and pensions, just like cops and firefighters. These D.A.'s exhibit the same kind of arrogance that cops do, they just kill lives with felony convictions and not guns.

Three students created thousands of dollars of damage because they were upset at how they had been treated at school.

Heaven Forbid anyone should "upset" them! Oh Please! If this is how they react while in high school, I can't imagine what they'll do when they enter the working world!

These are just a bunch of kids venting their frustration the wrong way. They need cancelling not jail. Off course they need to pay for their actions by reimburse the school.


Are these kids going to grow up to post hateful, racist comments on the L.A. Times discussion boards if someone or something upsets them?

While Calabasas is loaded with snotty rich white kids, there are plenty of other groups who live there, of different socio-economic groups. No matter who this is, a felony will cause more harm than good.

Make them do the clean-up. A fine, investigative costs to the Sheriff, and some counseling along with probation would be appropriate. Restrict driving until they are 18 (that will hurt the most).

"The hurt that this has caused to the students,teachers and community...Wow,I guess hind-sight really is 20-20. Thank you.

so, the police spokesman is now an apologist for the hateful act of three 11th graders against their classmates, teachers and school.


shame on the sherrif's office for the last 24 hours of characterizations. "not as black and white as it seems." actually, it is.

I don't care about remorse or a heightened sense of awareness. that always happens when you are staring at expulsion and jail time. I'd have been surprised if they failed to apologize and grovel.

the school owes it to the entire student body to remove them for good.

the DA's office owes it to the entire community -- and anyone watching -- to throw the book at them for hate crimes AND vandalism.

There's a long list of hate criminals...some started out that way and meant it and others eased backwards into it, but found their way there anyway...and, now, it includes these three poor excuses for human beings.


These are just a bunch of spoiled kids that need to be taught a lesson...
this IS a HATE CRIME...Plain and Simple.
But, because their parents have money they will not face any real consequences...just another slap on the hand that is until they shoot up the Campus...

Just as I stated in several forums, the suspects are in fact Jewish.

Boo-hoo, not a tear for these snot-faced little miscreants. Abused? What, their silver spoon stuck too far up there? Forget legal charges, they should be made to scrub, clean, and repaint the graffiti everywhere for the next year and their parents to pay for all the supplies, tools, and paint. Maybe their parents should turn the television off and start watching THEIR KIDS for a change?

This could be the start of their law breaking. Prosecute them just like they were Mexican and you caught them in South LA. Prove that justice is blind.

Told you so, they were upset at certain people, teachers. Nazism became the symbol of persecution and wherever you have power, you have persecution. They go hand on hand and I think it's perfectly fit to call a teacher a Nazi because some are Nazis.

Rafa's comment is funny - blaming it on right wing hate groups. It's usually the left that throws Israel under the bus in favor of the Palestinians. I would bet you find more support for Israel among the Tea Party supporters than among the left.


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