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Students confess to racial, anti-Semitic vandalism at Calabasas High School


Three Calabasas High School students have confessed that they were responsible for anti-Semitic and racist graffiti found over the weekend at their campus.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department officials said the students admitted to the vandalism in written statements given to detectives. 

The scrawls included swastikas, a picture of Hitler and words such as "whites only" and "gas chamber." The graffiti were discovered Saturday morning.

KTLA News reported that the students had been detained but not criminally charged with the vandalism and that detectives planned to present the case to L.A. prosecutors.

A press conference was scheduled for Wednesday.


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-- Robert J. Lopez

Photo: Graffiti on campus. Credit: KTLA

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Acts like this are done for their fear factor. By giving so much media attention to this, the perpetrators got exactly what they wanted. . .attention. If my child had been involved with this, I would have made sure he was aware of the nasty consequences of such an act! Plus, he/she would have been cleaning up those hateful messages with soap and a toothbrush which is what this bunch should have been made to do, during school hours for all the student body to see.

It really is too bad that a symbol as ancient as the swastika has been turned into such an evil thing. The symbol itself is far, far older than Nazi Germany.

Boy the high class antics that go on over there in Calabasas. How come these little darlings haven't been charged with vandalism? Could it be that mommy and daddy don't want their brats to have a criminal record and enough influence to make sure that this just goes away? Remember - the rich are different.

How come there are more Blacks and Hispanics in prison? Because they are charged more often than Whites. Even if Whites were to commit the same crimes, they are often overlooked by the police and judicial system.

Why have they not been charged? Teenagers in poor areas get charged with vandalism for writing their names on walls. These pathetic cowards vandalise school property in an attempt to incite violence and turn a place of learning into a place of hatred and fear, and they have not been charged? I wonder how rich their parents are, or maybe if the Calabasas police don't see this as a serious issue.

What's more sad is that the principal's tone is not harsh enough and also sounds like she is almost apologizing for the vandals: what in the world are you teaching these kids? If you send the message that the kids can do this wrong and then the adults will sweep it under the carpet for them, what kind of precedent does this set for the other kids?

Granted it's a high class neighborhood, but this is a public high school not elementary or middle school. Administrators should at least assign them oodles of community service cleaning up their graffiti and real tagging in other less well kept neighborhoods; plus an abundance of racial intolerance classes as a condition of their behavior. Otherwise, they'll have to be expelled. I'm sure they cannot eventually live with the embarrassment and will have to enroll at another school anyhow.

Bottom line, the school's reputation is on the line, not just these three vandals'.
Is the privacy of these three 11th graders worth the price of maintaining the image of Calabasas High? Be careful of enabling, it's a dangerous precedent to set especially if this is a public high school, not even private;

Let's march these low-life's to the Museum of Tolerance. Let them be educated about what they've done and understand what kinds of people they align themselves with. And yes to the last comment - criminal charges are in order for "anyone" doing this kind of crime.

Is anyone surprised? I mean truly surprised? Why? There is so much hate in the world. You see it expressed in the posts all over the internet. HATE. And as odious as the acts committed by these young people were they were, if you can believe it only expressing themselves. Where did these feelings originate? They haven't been charged. Why not? I could hazard a guess,but that is all it would be. Should they be punished? But exactly would we be punishing them for? Defacing public property or for the hate-filled epithets they used to deface the property?

I agree. WHY!? have these criminals not been charged as such??????????

I see the rich doing a great job raising their kids to be tolerant of diversity.

The parents are probably not even going to address the kids. "Oh, kids will be kids honey."

trust-fund babies, brought up by their parents to blame the jews, as a cover up for their own iniquities, i.e., how they or their ancestors got rich, usually by fleecing the public in some way, running sweat shops, or going back further, owning slaves

Is anyone out here surprised? I mean truly surprised? Why? Just take a gander at the world in which we live. There is so much hate out here. I read it in the posts on the internet. HATE. These young people have not been charged. O.K.,I am sure there is a logical explanation for why this is the case. I am curious as to where these feelings originated. I shudder to think they were raised in such a home. Should they be punished? And what are they to be punished for? Defacing public property or are they to be punished for the spurious epithets they used to deface the property?

I wonder is the vandals are Jewish..... sometimes they false flag to appear that they are hated more than they are.... Look at old headlines... its a regular occurence in the Jewish community.

What I really want to know is what their last names are. I've got $50 on one of these perps being Jewish.

If this was anything but anti-semetic, it wouldn't even be a story.

get over yourselves

This is absolutely appalling. This just goes to show that money does not equal class. As an alumni of this institution I am saddened but not surprised that such an act occured.

"The three suspects will not be identified because of their age"
No, they wont be identified because they are white, and more importantly; because they are rich.

Worth re-posting by "DoneWithTheMan:"
"Boy the high class antics that go on over there in Calabasas. How come these little darlings haven't been charged with vandalism? Could it be that mommy and daddy don't want their brats to have a criminal record and enough influence to make sure that this just goes away? Remember - the rich are different. "

As a mother of a CHS student and resident of Calabasas, I am profoundly dismayed at the display of hatred which can and does happen everywhere. I only hope the offending students and as a community, we become more tolerant. Kids learn from parents and culture. Hatred of anyone different, whether religious background, ethnic background, or sexual orientation, is too widespread.

The prinicpal's response is a "whitewash" of the entire situation. Don't ever forget Columbine. I hope the DA up there doesn't coddle these racist thugs.

At least they're not shooting people or beating them, like they do here in the city.

There's no doubt this is a CRIME. Common, they wrote all over the school. How ashame that this is still happening in 2011. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS? BUSY DOING THE SAME THING?

I would like to ask a question? Is anyone surprised at the actions of these young people? Why? Just take a gander at the world in which we live. This world is filled with people that hate. I read it various posts on the internet. I understand,dislike,but this is far more than dislike. I can only call it what it appears to be,to me,HATE. These young people have not been charged. Why not? I am curious where such feelings originiated. Should they be punished? How can they,when they haven't been charged. But, if they were punished,would they be punished for the defacing of public property,or the spurious epithets they defaced the property with?

What? "detained but not criminally charged" seriously Calabasas... that's just an insult to those of us teaching our kids those acts are not acceptable . If it were my kid in Granada Hills I'd be picking him up at the station as I would expect. There should be consquences.

These young idiots have so much vulgarity and violence in their culture and know nothing about history. It's a damaging confluence that may produce the dumbest generation and most politically and socially naive that we have ever known... The future is scary if they are the future.

the sad aspect of this is that this is only a symptom of the underlying hate and ignorance of the students. this can only result from failures on so many levels: teachers, students, parents, culture, environment. i would be curious to know what the history of these students were in each of those areas.

when i was in high school in the 70s, there was a student who came to school in nazi uniforms with boots and walked in goosestep. he eventually stopped coming to school - either quit, moved, or committed, i suppose, though the rest of the students were never informed.

i think education is the place to start to effect meaninful progress. at the time of the tv program, "holocaust," less than one paragraph was devoted to the holocaust in high school texts, on average (1978). perhaps it is time to mandate an elementary, junior high, and high school class on the history of hate.

regarding the comment of the loss of the swastika as a non-nazi symbol, such is the world. groups often claim symbols, and they are forever lost to the original intent.

Its kinda of funny when I read this article how the swastika is used in such a horrible way.. From what I understand that symbol came from an African tribe's flag..I could be wrong but anyways the point I am trying to make here is that I really have no problem with these idiots trying so very hard to hold onto the past.. I blame the parents naturally, because hate is taught and you have to go to the root of the learning..Today we have many influential african american leaders and also including our American President and thank god not all caucasian's think like those idiots in calabasis..and if I am offending anybody who has evolved in that city, I would like to offer my apology..this is only meant to the morons who need to be re-educated.. God Bless America and everybody in it...

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