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Schwarzenegger to attend immigration meeting at White House


Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and 19 other "stakeholders" plan to meet with President Obama on Tuesday afternoon at the White House to discuss immigration reform.

Former Los Angeles Police Department Chief William J. Bratton and Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti will be attending, according to White House officials.

The group will discuss "the importance of fixing the broken immigration system for our nation's 21st century economic and security needs," officials said.

Read more on the immigration summit at The Times' Politics Now blog.


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-- Michael A. Memoli in Washington

Photo: Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, pictured earlier this month in his Santa Monica office. Credit: Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times

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To the family of Luis Santos,

I am sorry you have to see the face of the man who commuted Fabio Nuñez's sentence. Its clear Mr. Schwarznegger put political favor ahead of the people of California and especially your family.

With all due respect, how can President Obama depend on representatives from the state that has done the least and worst job controlling illegal immigration? Bad choice of council, Mr. President.

In a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Eric Holder, one of the Leftist Czar in the Justice Department, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) has labeled Utah's guest worker amnesty as "illegal" and expressed consternation at Attorney General Holder's obvious refusal to enforce the law in Utah when he has been so quick to counter Arizona's interior enforcement laws. This shows the Liberal influence pushing for some form--any form of amnesty, that the TEA PARTY will fight as the costs are astronomical, and it overruling the laws of of our country. This is a contradiction to Janet Napolitano stating that the Border fence is more secure than ever before. On Fox News and on C-Span TV broadcasts, has illustrated the mess our immigration laws are? Not because they are poorly organized, but because the laws are not enforced. That’s why we have millions of illegal aliens pouring into this country. Not because of bad leadership at the borders, but owing to the fact that hundreds of miles in this dangerous territory, the US Border Patrol clashes with stupid, environmental laws imposed by the Bureau of Land Management , Game and Fisheries.

Rancher Jim Chilton put this lie to rest, by stating to a federal committee, that his 50 miles of border, of which he owns is wide open to the drug traffickers and illegal people smugglers. Jim Chilton added where there is a fence, it is no different to what you see rusting along any highway. In Chilton testimony he explained to the mix of party members, that the people live in fear along the border. If you leave your home it’s likely to get broken into. His own ranch had been burglarized twice and he cannot go outside, unless he is fully armed. So because of land managed laws, the US border Patrol must ask for permission to enter certain areas of land, because of such things as the endangered species Act. While at the same time the criminal surveillance persons have the most expensive binoculars and other equipment to watch the movement of the border patrol. The Border agents are essentially not patrolling along the border fence, where they are needed.

Is there some ominous connection between the drug cartels and why the--REAL--fences, between our southern border and our National security? Does it seem strange to anybody else that after the 2006 Secure Fence Act was enacted, almost within a month funding for the bill was cut drastically and even today not even a single fencing has been completed? If the first steel enforced fence had been constructed, with a second fence, some thousand feet apart, maybe the drug traffickers would have not easy access to the children of America. With "drag roads" as they are called, ( parallel patrol tracks between the fences) between the 15 foot chain link fence, adorned with concertina razor wire, manned by permanent National Guard watchtowers within visible sight of each other. One Republican has sponsored a third fence scenario, which would be even a greater deterrent to the drug and illegal alien invasion.

America is in a sorry way under numerous administrations, that have built massive governments agencies and many should be closed down. We are overextended in credit and we must bail ourselves out, by cutting costs to thousands of government agencies. With a rising 14 Trillion dollar deficit, that it’s not going away and all Americans must be prepared to draw in the financial belts. The Obama government must draw out the criminals that are stealing from Medicare and Medicaid. Huge criminal organizations are stealing from taxpayers, with dubious doctors and expensive tests. No matter the fiscal Consequences we must not go above the US debt system, by the leftist democrats using fear. Illegal immigration is not a small issue, as it now has grown out of all proportions and costing us billions every year.

It’s no good expecting the Democrats or the Republicans to dig us out of this mess, as only the TEA PARTY is a growing party, splitting from the wealthy right. They have the empowerment to solve this out-of-control-problem. Visit a local TEA PARTY website no matter what religion, party affiliation, as long as you entered the United States legally.Find out what illegal immigration is costing you. Did you know that you, the taxpayer supports the education for illegal alien children and free health care for the whole family. Do you know that they getpriority over US Citizens for low income housing, if they have four children? All these answers and more can be located at NumbersUSA.

Go To HELL Arnold
Snore - Snore - Snore

It's time to simply roundup illegals and THROW THEM OUT!!! And their anchor babies too!!! Ilegal immigration is just that... ILLEGAL!!!! A crime is committed and a punishment is due!!! That punishment SHOULD be repatriation, not welfare, and a place in schools for their kids, or jobs in this country!!!! Cops arrest poeople when they are suspected of committing a crime. One SOME cases when they prove their innocense they are set free. There is NOTHING wrong in asking a person to prove there immigration status. The gutting of SB1070 is a JOKE!!! It's just the same as forcing a person to submit to finger printing or a dna sample. Its time to pout teeth into our laws or to do away with them altogether. Life in prison no longer means that... Look at the chowchilla scumsbags... One is already on track for a possible release date, unless a governor with a backbone steps up and says " NO "
One of Mansons followers was granted a release for " humanitrian reasons " so she wouldn't die in prison due to brain cancer.


Roundup ALL criminals and put them where they belong!!!!

If Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are creating huge budget deficits that are threatening the Country's very existence why add millions who shouldn't be here as if they will have no need for medical or social services.

When will it be legal for illegals to vote? Sooner not later! Can you say Democratic vote?

The Rev. Al Shatpton was also in attendance, what a credible committee.

How in the hell is that washed up cartoon character a "Stake Holder" in the immigration debate?

We need to continue to fire Americans and hire illegals. I know about a dozen companies and contractors who have done this. They don't pay social security tax, take out federal tax, pay workmen's comp, etc. And yet their workers get earned income credit by filing using fake tax identification number.

Arnold is a has been he has no business in an immigration summit. Were governors from bordering states invited? If not the meeting is moot. Input from them is vital in discussing how to get rid of 20 million illegal immigrants. Obama makes me sick along with millions of other voters. Going into this term he knew the illegals were here and he has done nothing except file a law suit against Arizona when Jan Brewer tried to get them out of Arizona. If 20 million Illegal immigrants were located and deported just think of the jobs that would open up. The welfare and food stamp lines would disappear the emergency rooms at the hospital would get relief. Education programs programs would be lightened up. So much good would come of it. But Obama as well as Republicans would lose a few votes. He knows that millions with fake identifications are voting he is in favor of it. The people who are born here to Mexican parents vote also and he might lose their votes but I can tell you he would get a lot more votes from the real Americans of this country. Do the right thing you jerk.


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