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Prayer vigil planned for beaten Giants fan

Family photo of Stow and his children.

This post has been corrected. See note at bottom.

A prayer vigil is planned Wednesday night in L.A. for a San Francisco Giants fan who has brain damage and faces a long recovery after he was beaten by two people in a Dodgers stadium parking lot.

The vigil is set to start at 6 p.m. at the clinic tower outside Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center at 1100 N. State Street.

The two suspected men clad in Dodgers attire attacked three people, including Santa Cruz paramedic Bryan Stow, in Parking Lot 2 at about 8:30 p.m. Thursday at the end of the opening day game.

As many as 100 people may have witnessed the attack, which police said included kicking and punching, and Stow fell and hit his head on the ground. The suspects allegedly shouted expletives about the Giants as they attacked the three people.

Doctors said Tuesday that Stow had a severely fractured skull and damage to the frontal lobe of his brain. Doctors removed the left side of his skull to allow his swollen brain to decompress.

Before the attack, Stow sent a text message to a relative saying he worried for his safety and that he was “scared inside the stadium,” said his cousin, John Stow.

The Giants announced Tuesday that they will dedicate their home opener Friday at AT&T Park against the Dodgers in honor of Stow and pay tribute to him in pregame ceremonies. The team will collect donations at Monday's game to benefit a fund established to support him and his family.

The Dodgers are planning to hold a collection drive at Dodger Stadium this weekend or early next week for the various funds benefiting Stow's family, Josh Rawitch, the team's vice president of communications, told City News Service.

There is now a $100,000 reward for information about the suspects, and authorities are asking tipsters to call LA Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477, text the letters TIPLA plus the tip to CRIMES (274637), or use the website LACrimeStoppers.org.

Corrected at 9:56 a.m.: An earlier version of this post misspelled Bryan Stow's first name as Brian.


Beaten Giants fan has brain damage, faces long recovery, doctors say

-- Ari B. Bloomekatz

Photo: Family photo of Stow and his children. Credit: Associated Press

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It's a GAME, people! Best wishes for Brian and his family.

First of all, I hope this guy gets well soon. But the real tragedy is that they need to have a collection drive to raise money for his medical coast not covered by his company provided insurance. I not only blame the insurance company, but most of the blame if not all is for the company he works for, American Medical Response (AMR) for providing such lousy medical benefits. If they weren't so cheap, he would have full benefits with full coverage.

It is also sad for these bay area cities and counties that are too cheap to have their own Fire Department Paramedic services and rather contract out and/or out source to a low paying private company that only cares about profits rather than the communities’ they serve and their employees. Had he been working for a City or County Fire Department as a Paramedic, it would be a union job with full benefits and coverage.

Let’s see if AMR really cares steps in to cover his medical expenses not covered by their company insurance. But all they care about is making a buck, so I really doubt it.

It is not enough to have fund raisers and pre game programs, it is time to dismantle the ones that thinks it is OK to attack people and beat them half to death!
Do what ever it takes to stop this from happening, make these incidents reportable to the league, improve video recorders, include license plate numbers on parking reciepts, cancel games, cut of alcohol, force the league to implement a zero tolerance policy towards the teams where this violence happens, along with security persons with powers of arrest, and bring this to a close once and for all.

I don't understand what possesses someone cause harm to someone because they like a different ball team. It is game. It really makes no difference in you life who wins or loses. You go to a ball game to have fun with you family and friends. You should be able to root for or against anyone you want without having to worry about it. What a tragedy for this man who was there to have a fun evening. These people who did this are cowards. I hope they are arrested and that they spend a long time in jail. And to address Unionman below, this is not about the insurance system... Please... His insurance may cover all his medical expenses, but people hold collection drives and make donations so they feel that are helping to right a wrong. I hope the Dodgers do the right thing also. I do not think I will be attending a Dodger game anytime soon. My thoughts and prayer go out to the Stow family for Brian's speedy recovery.

What is this world coming to when you cant wear a shirt supporting your favorite team to the Dodgers stadium? I hope they lock the animals up who did this and throw away the key. They have nothing of value for society and should not be allowed to walk the streets or have freedom ever again.

The persons involved in this crime should face attempted murder charges Not proud to say I'm from the Los Angeles area I always tell people I'm from Southern California instead. It's an embarrassment to be tied to the low life's from LA. And why the hell would the owner of the Anaheim Angels change the name to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim they are not in Los Angeles or LA county. They are in the OC and the City of Anaheim. I guess he's looking for the Hispanic crowed to make money. I boycotted the Angels since the change. Be true to who you are.

I hope REAL Dodger fans wear their team gear, to show that this is not the way Dodger fans treat fellow baseball fans and that we are all wishing Bryan the very best!.

The last time I was at Dodger Stadium I witnessed a knife fight in the parking lot. That was 20 years ago. When Oakland play the Angels I don't go. Some fans probably got out of jail to attend the game.

Welcome to LA - land of cowardly cholos and gansters who don't value life. I would never wear the opposing team's colors to a dodger game (or any LA game for that matter).

Stop selling alcohol at games.

This isnt new at dodger games .. DS cares more about selling what it has than having security. Wanna $1000 seat no problem ,want security i dont think so. Want beer till you drop no problem want security i dont think so.Here have a cold dodger dog n a blu basket of fries u want security, no way. Just wait till someone dies .. Maybe theyll bring in a top chef

I can't believe the Dodger organization doesn't get a clue. This is the third year in a row that something has happened at opening day. The last two years, the game started at 1:10pm, this year it starts at 5:10pm. So these idiots had even more time to get obliterated. I believe people were getting arrested before the game even started. It's getting to the point that they should ban alcohol from the park. Oh, wait i forgot it's all about the profit margin, not the safety of the fans. My prayers go out to Brian and his family.

I bet the suspects are also Raiders fans..... Love LA but Hate it at the same time....

Speedy recovery for Bryan...hang in there!!! Your family needs u...and the world needS to see u well. I hope that the PUBLIC will help in every way to catch these individuals that acted so cruel. TO THE PEOPLE THAT WITNESS THIS INCIDENT PLEASE COME FORWARD AND HELP WITH ANY INFORMATION...IT COULD HAVE BEEN ANY OF YOUR LOVE ONES...Get well soon Bryan!!!

It would be an under statement to say how horrible this was to hear what happened to this man and how ever many others were or have encountered acts of violence after attending what should have been a fun filled evening. At the same time to say that ALL L.A./ Dodger fans or Angelinos are animals with no morals would not be fair to the thousands of Loyal,dedicated ,hard working family oriented people that attend these games day after day and year after year. A few drunken idiots does not make an entire city.....

So as many as 100 people might have witness the attack. Where are all these cowards too that are not doing anything to help solve this tragedy.
No wonder LA is the rudest city in America... really sad.

Bryan, hang in there. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers..
Obviously this "rivalry" has taken to another level by someone who has no RESPECT for the love of the game and dedication of the fans. Safety of any one at any ball game is a MUST inside and out until one is physicaly out of the stadim ground. That should be a responsiblity that the stadium owners must not taken lightly. It's not all about money. Its caring for all the fans that supports the game. Anyway, regardless of who, what where and when a game is playing---ONE must comply with an honor code-RESPECT everyone and still have a great time!YES it is POSSIBLE! This is unacceptable and a completely preventable incident. 100 folks witnessed + surveillance and no one can find this guys? Does another incident have to happen to make the necessary changes so this will never happen to anyone again.


If 100 people witnessed the attack, why didn't anyone stop it? How come they haven't been able to catch these two scumbags? Are people of LA really that much of cowards? So much for the NFL team coming back.

IMPROVE SECURITY AT GAMES! We've all seen em at Dodger games, the bald-headed, beer-swillin, foul-mouthed 20 & 30 something thugs just looking for a fight. It's time to increase video surveillance and tell the public you're doing it. Post signs equivalent to "You're on Camera!" and cut down beer sales. And get rid of the "Los Dodgers" marketing campaign. We don't need another RAIDERS crowd of losers. Maybe it's too late.

I pray with all my might that you will recover from the horrible damage that those Animals inflicted upon you I know you will make it I believe in God and Believe in your will to recover...Sending My Love and concern...May the Lord Give your Children your Family and Loved ones...the strength the will and the comforting from our Lord, that they will need to endure this heartbreaking Trial all of you are Going Through... Lord in your Name I pray.

Brian I hope and pray for your recovery. I was very upset and sad to hear about what had happened to you. I will also pray that these Thugs are caught and put in Jail for along time and just maybe they will get whats coming to them. God Bless

The home opener on friday, April 8th is against the St. Louis Cardinals, not the Dodgers. The Dodgers are in next week April 11-13).

With the reward up to $100,000 you would think that one of the 100 people that witnessed the attack would come forward.

Bryan works the home games for the San Jose Sharks, and has always been there to help people. I hope they catch the jerks (being polite here) that did this and never let them see the light of day again.

To the worthless people who did this to Bryan, you are nothing but cowards. You think you are so tough but you are not. If you are really tough and bada&% why don't you speak up and take responsibility for what you did? Instead you are hiding like little cowards. God knows who you are and one day you will pay for what you did to this innocent man. All this over a baseball game, seriously? What is wrong with you people? Do you have worthless parents too that didn't teach you the value of human life? Your family/friends should be ashamed to have any association with you punks. My prayers are with Bryan and his entire family.

1st, I feel horrible this happend to this individual and I hope not only he recovers, but also that people who saw something, or know where these cowards live come forward and say something so that they can pay for what they've done. It angers me that people think of Dodger Fans as these kinds of people. I am born and raised in LA. I love going to Dodger Games and cheering on my team, but i hate it that people are afraid to support the opposing team for fear of their own safety. These kinds of people ruin it for us. These people are a threat to society and Dodger Stadium should take more precaution when it comes to the safety of the fans. They need more police men out in the parking lot after games, and they need to stop letting anyone with gang affliated tattos into the stadium. Something has to be done!

to discontinue alcohol will maybe make things a little better but it won't solve the problem because Guess what, people will drink before the game. we need more secuity!! that's the only way.3-4 armed police men stationed at every parking lot. Very sad, but if this is the only way that cowards like the guys who did this will be afraid to do something. I was at game on Sunday and one guy was kicked out for yelling things at fans. He had a huge LA tattoo on his head. These kinds of people shouldn't even be let in the first place.

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