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Not a single arrest on first night of LAPD Dodger Stadium crackdown [Updated]

Photo: The LAPD is out in force at Dodger Stadium as a zero-tolerance policy gets underway. Credit: Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times The first night of the Los Angeles Police Department's crackdown on rowdy behavior at Dodger Stadium did not result in a single arrest Thursday, and fans were largely peaceful, Los Angeles Deputy Police Chief Jos‪‪‪e Perez said.

Hundreds of LAPD were on hand at the stadium.

Perez said 38 people were cited for misconduct such as having an open alcohol container. But no one was taken into custody. [Updated at 10:04 a.m.: The Los Angeles Police Department has updated the number of citations issued to 46.]

Perez said the focus going forward at the stadium should be on baseball.

"The game should be memorable not regrettable," he said.

The LAPD made good on its promise to be visible as fans left the game. Officers stood outside numerous exits and patrolled the parking lots around Dodger Stadium on foot, bicycle, horse and motorcycle. Police cruisers circulated with yellow lights flashing on their roofs.

“They’re very obvious,” said Alan Koch, 50, a Missouri visitor who walked to his car with 9-year-old son, Max, on his shoulders. “They make a couple of us St. Louis fans feel better.”

Several people noted that the parking lots seemed quieter than usual. As one man said: “Weirdly so.”

That was just fine by Chris Christopherson, 30, of Los Angeles, who said: “I feel really safe.”

Before the game, Dodgers officials filled two tour buses with reporters and sent them out to inspect the stadium's new security measures. Lines of patrol cars filled one end of the parking lot and circles of LAPD officers huddled nearby, prepping for the evening. A big screen in the back of a GMC Yukon showed a zoomed-in aerial view of the lot from a police helicopter.

The Dodgers plan to create a computer mapping and crime-tracking system similar to one used by the LAPD to scrutinize crime patterns and hot spots throughout Los Angeles.

After the assault two weeks ago that left paramedic Bryan Stow, 42, of Santa Cruz in a coma, team officials and the Los Angeles Police Department promised more uniformed officers. Police are still looking for two suspects who beat the Giants fan in the parking lot after the opening day game.


Dodgers cancel half-price alcohol promotion

16 investigators sift through pile of tips to find Bryan Stow's assailants

Giants and Dodgers fans set aside rivalry after attack, drop off donations

Click for fuller descriptions. Credit: LAPD

-- Richard Winton and David Wharton

Photo: The LAPD is out in force at Dodger Stadium as a zero-tolerance policy gets underway. Credit: Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times

Image: Police Sketches of suspects. Credit: LAPD

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this was a game against the freaking st louis cardinals, what did they think was going to happen? great pr stunt though.

Now they need to send a building inspector to look at the deteriorating concrete above the fans sitting in section 8 row N... or start issuing Dodger hard hats to them.

Having all this security in Dodger is nice but how long can it last? Having LAPD in the house is expensive and the McCourts are broke!

This Dodger PR spin is just like putting lipstick on a pig.
From the pictures of the right field bleachers it still looks like a sea of criminals.
Dodger stadium is not safe.

The LAPD presence won't last and rowdy fans will go back to being rowdy as soon as the police leave. McCourt won't continue to pay the overtime; maybe the mayor wants to keep paying the police out of our taxes.

OH great! The guy on the left is bald. That incriminates several thousand guys in Los Angeles. The fact that this guys 10 year old child and wife witnessed this senseless beating and haven't come forward strikes me. Eventually the 10 year old will talk about it at school.

Having extra security must mean the price of beer will go up? Im a dodger fan I need no protection, lets just segregate the opposing team.

This level of police presence is just a show and is not sustainable, obviously. After the acute response ends, Dodger Stadium will return to being a sketchy place to be at, especially after night games are over. It's sad, but crime and harrassment have driven most of us from public places like beaches and parks. Dodger Stadium is another sign that the LA we once knew is over.

What a joke and a waste of money!! To have that many Officers at one event is totally wasteful!!

I sure hope the sales of beer at the stadium pay for the police presence, not my tax dollars!

SORRY.......LA Times,
There were 34 ARRESTS at the Dodgers game last night . NPR 8am news has the stories
check your facts!

Oh, I see, now I'm supposed to feel reeeeely safe. Thank LAPD for FINALLY showing up??? I mean, it isn't like LAPD didn't KNOW this stuff was going on over there! Give me a break. Let's all flock back to the Dodger Brawl Game.

Why oh why didn't this happen after last year's stabbing? Brian Stow would be playing with his kids right now or on his way to work had Frank McCourt learned his lesson a year ago.

GO AWAY FRANK MCCOURT! You obviously don't know what you're doing.

Let's see how long this lasts. They should make this standard on divisional games especially when the Giants are in town.

I wonder how long these new measures will last?

Aren't there camera scans of the crowd during games? If so, maybe someone should go through the tapes from opening night to see if these knuckleheads on on them. Wouldn't be too hard to find seat numbers and do a trace to see who bought them. How about people seated around these guys? I'm sure someone noticed them.

The city of Los Angeles suffers from a lack of courtesy, respect and civility for others!

Last night was further proof that Frank McCourt's scaling back of security at Dodger Stadium was pure negligence. The Chief of Police pointed out that the perception of adequate security was not the reality. Fans will tell you it wasn't even close. No wonder McCourt went into hiding.

too little, too late. Get well Mr. Stow.

Just as i wrote in a previous post, the true fan is the one who is going to reap the repurcussions. They're the ones that are going to be treated like the criminals, while the true thugs stay away. the half price beer prices that could have been passed on to responsible patrons are now gone. This could have assuaged the high cost of attending a game for a family of 4.

Wow, how many were there when the incident happened? PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK LAWMAKERS.

Your heading is trying to make like Dodger Stadium is now safe. Nothing's further than the truth. The only series that LAPD is needed is against the Giants! Cardinals? Give me a break! Cool it with the soothing headlines and tell us when the Giants come back. Sheesh....

So sad it had to come this...my prayers are with the Bryan Stow and his family

Let's not forget that there haven't been any arrests in Bryan Stow's assault yet either. The only difference is that if Bryan had the same level of security at last night's game at opening night, he wouldn't be a coma now. I won't be back until I see what happens after the media presence goes away, and Frank McCourt resumes his normal behavior....

Be nice if the cops were out trying to catch criminals instead of crowd control.

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