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Nighttime curfew bill for Bob Hope, Van Nuys airports fails

A San Fernando Valley congressman failed Friday in a legislative bid to give Burbank's Bob Hope Airport and Van Nuys Airport authority to impose nighttime curfews.

The Republican-controlled U.S. House soundly rejected the measure, which was opposed by industry groups. The vote was 243-178, with only eight Republicans supporting Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank).

"In what may be the first-ever vote on this issue in Congress we had a substantial amount of support that we can build on, and I am determined to press on,'' a disappointed Schiff said afterward.

Noise from the Burbank airport has been a source of homeowner complaints for decades.

Schiff and Reps. Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks) and Howard Berman (D-Valley Village) sought to attach the curfew measure to an aviation bill approved by the House.

They pushed for congressional action after the FAA in 2009 rejected a 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. curfew at Bob Hope Airport on the grounds that it would "create an undue burden on commerce."

The proposed amendment to the aviation bill faced opposition from industry groups, including the Air Transport Assn., which represents airlines, and Cargo Airline Assn., that called it an end run around the FAA that would "lead to the creation of a patchwork of confusing and complex operating restrictions across the country.''


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-- Richard Simon in Washington

Photo: Van Nuys Airport. Credit: Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times

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i'm from sherman oaks. isn't this caveat emptor? if buy/rent around this area you should know planes are going to fly over you. i don't see why everyone else should have to suffer for your decision to live nearby an airport. i hope this never passes.

If you don't like the noise, then don't live next to an airport! The airport was there....long before you moved in.

If you don't like the smell, then don't live near a hog farm.

I live near these airports. The noise exceeds the mandatory limits on housing. Plain and simple. You can't watch tv without the sound being so loud you can't hear anything.

As well it should have failed. Those airports are critical to local transportation and commerce, and they were both there long before most of the current residents who apparently either don't understand the facts of the matter or want the rules changed now that they have to hear the sounds of living near an airport.

Seriously? This will cause major harm to businesses? How many planes actually fly into, or out of, these two airports in the evning?

How long has the airport been there? Buy a house near an airport and THEN complain about the noise... classic!

Good. I'm glad it failed. As a Burbank resident, I want more airlines traveling out of the airport. Burbank Airport is WAY more convenient than LAX. Why should the rest of us have to suffer just because of somebody who stupidly bought a home near an airport? The airport was there before you bought the house, what did you expect? Now shut up.

When looking for a home, don't buy one near an airport.

I live in Burbank and I hear smaller planes at all hours of the night, but not big jets. I do live a considerable distance away but seems like the smaller planes fly over my house. Seems to me if they narrowed the hours a bit, from 11 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. that would work better. I have a flight out of Burbank in June and it is scheduled to take off at 7.

I would be more worried about a plane crashing than I would noise. A lot of people would be killed if something happened during landing or takeoff. It would have been interesting if they had done something so that homes couldn't have been built up around the airport in the first place, way back when. I don't know how much the homes in the area sell for but I am sure they don't get what they are asking once a prospective client hears the noise from the airport.

dont want to worry about escapees in your hood?
dont move near a prison...
dont want to smell trash?
dont move near a dump...
dont want to hear planes landing and taking off???
dont move near an airport!!!
unless you moved in before the airport opened...
shut up and deal with it!

I live within 2 miles of Van Nuys airport (yes, it was there when I bought the house) and I feel like this whole bill is just absurd. There are more cars driving past my house with loud, annoying bass than planes passing overhead.

These are good, useful airports and I appreciate the convenience of flying out of Burbank, especially versus LAX.

You guys ever consider the fact that people bought the houses there in the 70-80's when there weren't nearly the amount of planes we have today flying around. I remember living by the burbank airport around 05-09 and it wasn't really that bad. In the 90's it was terrible though, especially with the fighter jets late at night! I am really surprised though that this bill came up because that whole area around the airport is mainly mexican/black/armenian with a small part in burbank being white.

What airlines are they referring to? Usually after the curfew I fly my jet pack and hover over the city...

Wonder how many current complainers lived nearby in 1928 when the airp0rt open.

Airports are Federal property even if Cities "Own" them. Someday, State,City and County officials will learn this and stop trying to impose a rule where they have NO authority.

The liberal socialists will not stop until they control every aspect of the world.

People, you might think Republicans are too evil and only for BIG business, but these liberals will only grow government and tax business until there is ONLY GOVERNMENT left.

I own a house near the airport. YES, we knew that the airport was there but loved the house. SO, we installed extra duty double pane windows and seriously don't hear a thing!

I am actually in agreement with everyone that I hope it doesn't pass. I'd rather fly out of Burbank than LAX and maybe more flights can be added.

As one who just completed a LAX-SNA Hertz nonstop - I am glad this failed as well - and wish similar rules could work in orange County. Orange is a county of whiners. They buy homes in the path of SNA - existing since the fifties - and get ridiculous rules passed.

Meanwhile, billions of dollars in infrastructure - dating to the forties - were dynamited, and turned into a 'Great Park' neayby - at a cost so far of $300M - with a bright orange balloon to show for it. Applause all around for thi stunning accomplishment.

Thsi state deserves what it gets. Wimpy whiners.

Airport was first, That airport has a long history, Watch one six right, the romance of flying...

Don't kill another airport, Don't come into my house and tell me to rearrange my furniture... If you don't like it don't live there.


BH ain't what it was 35 years ago. The expansion of the airport and the flight paths planes take to get in are the problem. I've been at Baseball Games at Burbank High School during the Santa Anna winds and have seen 727's below 800ft on the South to North approach. Could'a swore I saw sweat on the Captains face. The darn 5 freeway is more of a noise maker than the Airport fer cripe's sake. And to be honest, we don't hear many planes after 10pm. Remember what Johnny C. Used to say. "Burbank", where they roll up the sidewalks at 9pm. And yes, I do live in the Big Burb. If I had a nickel for every plane that landed after midnight since the first of the year, I'd probably have a whole $5.45.

You bought a home near the airport, duh !
Thats like people (and yes it really happens) that live at the beach, and they go to city hall complaining about the pounding surf keeping them up at night

If you bought a house next to a dairy farm, would you then complain about the smell from the cows? If the airport was there first (which it was), then thats just too bad. I am a pilot who flies out of Van Nuys. I support a family doing it(barely). If this would have gone into place, it would have put a serious damper on the business we do. Nearly 1/3 of our business departs after 10pm. If you don't like it, move. You can't just pick up an airport and move it. Do you know what this would do to Ameriflight? It would cave them. There main hub is there at Burbank. They support nearly 1000 jobs out of Burbank. They would be forced to leave. But, I guess that o.k. so a few cranky neighbors won't have to deal with the noise of commerce in a busy city. If you want piece and quite, move to the country. If you want to live in the city, you are just going to have to deal with the noise that a city makes.


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