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Nearly $200,000 raised for Giants fan beaten at Dodgers opening game

AT&T Park

The donations keep rolling in for Bryan Stow, the Santa Clara paramedic severely beaten at a Dodgers game two weeks ago.

At a fundraiser Monday at Dodger Stadium, more than $60,000 was raised, said American Medical Response spokesman Jason Sorrick, bringing the total raised for Stow, who works for the company, to almost $200,000. And that's before the San Francisco donations were included.

The Giants ball club contributed $10,000.

At the stadium fund-raiser, former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda wrote a check for $5,000, misty-eyed as he handed it to volunteers.

"I shed a lot of tears. He didn't deserve it, he was a nice young man," Lasorda said later in a phone interview. "This guy is in a coma in the hospital — I mean come on, over a baseball game?

"It could have happened in any ballpark in America," he added. "I think it was very good for Dodger fans to come together to show their respect and sorrow for this young man."

Santa Monica resident Victoria Caldwell, 40, a bookkeeper for an entertainment accounting firm, said she saw news of the fundraiser on television and came down with her miniature pinscher, Minnie.

A Dodgers fan since childhood, Caldwell said she was shocked by the violence but believed it was important "to stick together and show our commitment" by helping with Stow's healthcare costs. The attack, she said, was an isolated incident.


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Photo: San Francisco police were out in force at the Giants-Dodgers game Monday. Credit: Beck Diefenbach / Reuters

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What are his medical bills? In the low millions? It's great that people donated as much as they did, but I get the feeling it's nowhere near the costs he's racking up.

Find the perps yet?

Where is the $1,000,000 check from the MLB players union and the owners of the Dodgers and Giants?

Well I'm glad to see something positive coming from your site on this. The first article you had posted regarding this incident on the LA Times Blog was divisive and sensational, thanks for showing some class in light of the tragedy.

Unfortunately $200,000 in Los Angeles will probably last a week for this guy; he's likely got a family that will lose his comfort and support -- this entire family's quality of life has changed in an instant. and WHY? Because Dodger Stadium cut back in security detail and the LAPD have been cut back across the board! The gang units have been compromised and the police dept. has been reduced to a bloated mess of paperwork and politics. The Sheriff's dept, don't even go there, no one would believe it if it was put in print. L.A. needs to get a Mayor who understands priorities and what we as citizens in this County want. How did this Mayor ever get re-elected?! What a price we're all paying for stupidity, we don't even know the half of it. Please don't let L.A. become Chicago!

Thats what you call real fans

Kudos to Dodgers fans for their response to this incident!

...from a Red Sox fan

after all is said and done, True Blue Dodger fans rose up and did their best to mop up the mess of trouble
makers who don't represent us.

Frank McCourt's recent behavior and subsequent "hiding out" smacks of cover-up. McCourt's decision to operate without a Security Chief and insufficient security staff placed over 3,000,000 people at risk including one who has already suffered tragic consequences. McCourt's actions are morally reprehensible (if not criminal) and likely just the tip of the iceberg. When public safety is compromised to this degree there needs to be a thorough investigation by a public agency.

Where are the McCourts ? Are they donating anything? It's there fault for no security in the parking lot. I have not seen any problems in the park, it's when you leave, that there is no poilce or security.

My question is why wasn't this much attention given to the family of the Dodger fan who was shot and killed in 2003 in San Francisco??? http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=1619711

This isn't the first time a tragedy has happened in either park and while it is terrible (and I hope they convict those idiots) where was the media in 2003?

Please pray to God that he recovers.

Although it shows solidarity to raise funds for his healthcare costs, the larger, more important issue, is about healthcare in this country. Working Americans can't afford it. This is a travesty.

I've been to many baseball stadiums. The Dodgers are by far the most aggressive and violent in the country. That has just been my experience.

I think it is really shameful that Frank McCourt doesn't step up to simply take care of this man's medical bills. To pass the hat to the fans with a fundraiser is horrible. I am done with the Dodgers until the McCourts are no longer involved with the organization.

Its stories like this that makes me question weather Al-qaeda or terrrrorritstss are actually right. hahahah. I think they just might be on to something. There are a lot of worthless morons in the US.

I hope the guys who did this get more than a slap on the wrist

Once the full history of the poorly secured stadium becomes public at the civil trial against the uncaring, greedy management style of Mr. and Mrs. McCourt, let the cost to the Dodgers be taken out the settlement of their marital and business failures.

Nice to see some good news coming from this incident.

Tragic to say the least. But what does it say about America when people have to throw money into buckets to pay for someone's health care? Caring for the sick and injured should not depend upon whether you make the news or not, and whether people feel sorry for you, but it should be a basic right for all Americans.

Who stands in the way of caring for our people? The Republicans, that's who.

I have trouble understanding why the two criminals have not been brought forward to justice yet.

Yea but did they catch the culprits?

bryan stow is from santa cruz btw.

As an Oakland A's fan, I have no pony in this race, but it's good to see fans for both the Giants and the Dodgers coming out and supporting Bryan Stow.

What is going on with people these days? Barbares or what? are we back in the 800 years B.C.? are we that uncivilized? You people should be ashamed of your conduct.

$200,000.00. Has anyone here been to the hospital lately? For the condition he's in that will cover about 3 days. I sure hope he has insurance!

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