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L.A. middle school students protest proposed cuts to music program

L.A. middle school students protest proposed cuts to music program

Aly Ung, left, and Xavier Zapata, giving a shout, take part in a demonstration outside Florence Nightingale Middle School, in the Cypress Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. The 11-year-olds were among students, teachers and parents who gathered Thursday in front of the school to protest proposed cuts to the music program.

Credit: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times

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....and the beat goes on....

I think that music is an easy cut for lazy bureaucrats. There is waste in every organization and there should be an independent auditor going through all the expenses for LAUSD to find the waste. Two of my three children play instruments because they learned in school.

The arts are important for students of this age ... if something needs to be cut, cut the LAUSD bureaucracy!

Times are tough and cuts need to be made. But lets cut the waste first. I like the idea of an independent auditor cutting the waste.

After the waste is cut perhaps we go after the music program if needed. But not until we cut the waste.

No new taxes until we cut the waste either!

Art, Music, P.E. .. these are very very important for students of this age. You cut the music, you cut students' heart. They need to learn music to be human being.

LAUSD needs to cut all those iPads and fancy computers they buy for their staff who hardly know how to use them effectively. Every 6 to a year, new Macs, top of the line, pro level... for emails they can hardly write. They can't even make PDF's. Seriously.

They should be protesting against their teachers who are causing the cutbacks because they are unwilling to renegotiate their salaries and benefits. The funding is there, its all about how the school decides to spend it. Instead of keeping all the teachers and paying them less money they prefer keeping all their generous benefits and causing layoffs for some. "It's all about the kids!". . right!!

Blame the union fiscal thugs within the District.....the worst generation ever. Today its violins, tomorrow it will be baby's milk....this generational theft and its effect todays kids and on the next generation of kids is sick and disgusting. These union pirates (particularly police, fire and teachers' unions)...have CONSUMED over $1 trillion of unfunded pension debt which will take 80% - 100% of all future budgets for 30 plus years leaving crumbs in terms of government provided services/if not outright bankruptcy and just a huge, massive pile of bills for our children to pay. Disgusting as it is pathetic....and their (the unions and bribed, enabling politicians) pretending not to notice is as immoral as it is criminal.

"Two of my three children play instruments because they learned in school."

I think this women owes the State of California for music lessons...I paid for my kids, you can pay for yours...

Studies prove the academic benefit and improved IQ to those who learn to play musical instruments and read music. My dear father, who taught middle school band with LAUSD his entire career, touched hundreds of lives. He is in his late 80's, still plays trumpet, and stays in touch with many of his former students.

Is is very very sad issue and not smart idea for cutting music teacher, people all the world will laugh at that stupid decision from goverment, 2 music teachers for 2,000 students, how hard and important job they work!!!! closed adult day care can save a lot of money for police and education.all the parents from nightingale middle school are so proud of their excellent music teacher!!!!they are doing amazing job for LAUSD, they are absolutely not the person to be laid off!!!!!!!!!

also, NO ADMISISTRATORS at lausd DESERVE to be paid over $100,000. look at the last 30 year's results!

Good job, young cats!

The power of the music is with you. The music is the fire that people will gravitate to. The people will always follow the pied piper, even if the piper has to teach himself or herself how to play.

The quickest cure for ADHD is P.E. and DoReMi. Thanks Amy Chang for bringing that up.

Each administrative salary could cover four music teachers. How many of you can name your most inspirational administrator? I can name about a dozen inspirational teachers. I can't think of one administrator who changed my life.

I was an "at risk youth" growing up. A saxophone in my hand at age thirteen kept a pistol out of my hand at age thirteen. Would you rather hear a saxophone or a projectile weapon in YOUR neighborhood?

If you want to keep the music flowing - we as taxpayers need to press our state legislators to extend and continue the taxes already in place. schools run on the income from the state, if that is cut (which it has been by hundreds of millions over the last few years) there is NO choice but to cut programs or people or both.
Yes - LAUSD as well as most other districts HAD fat that needed cutting - but most all of that was done over the last three years - now unless the the state comes through - the amputations begin - and once cut they will never come back the way they were.

but do that where it counts
with your state reps in Sacramento!
Join teachers in Pershing Square
on May 13th

Only the rich kids get music and art now. But it is the parents who need to show up at school board meetings and unfortunately, they rarely do.

I come from this school,i play guitar,all my life i wanted to play,and i finally have,but now they are trying to cut the music progam. >:(

A former alumni of Nightingale Jr. High and I believe it shameful that children are denied the Arts and Music! What's next Physical Ed.? Students need to be well-rounded and they need opportunities to electives, such as: wood shop, metal, auto shop, typing, shorthand, computers, parenting class, home economics: cooking, sewing, art, ceramics, music, orchestra, band, etc...

This is NOT the time to short change students' education.

The many illegal kids in California whose families do not pay any state income taxes overburdened the limited funding for our schools. Making these illegal families pay just like other out-of-state students at the Cal State's will solve the fiscal problem.

It's my opinion that we need to get back to the basics of reading, writing and math. Music isn't everything and a nice program to have if you can afford it.
The reality is, you have to cut somewhere and I'm not paying any more property tax to support sub-performing schools.

Zeke, you need to take less money on your job. Everyone wants to blame the teachers for mess. LAUSD would have more money if the tax payers' money was not being spent on charters school. CA leads the nation in charters, and CA always leads in items that are too much. Parents that do not want the cuts need to step up, and start giving money. Everyone feels that the property owners should foot the bill. None property owner should have been asked to pay the a $100 for their children to attend school as well.


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