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Man who fatally shot bear cub in his driveway says he feared animal would attack

 The man who fatally shot a bear cub rummaging through the trash told authorities he opened fire out of fear the bear would attack, authorities said.

The cub was in the resident's Forest Falls driveway when it was shot about 2 a.m. Thursday, said Jodi Miller, a spokeswoman for the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. Sheriff’s officials notified the state Department of Fish and Game, which is handling the investigation.

No arrests have been made.

Officials told the Press-Enterprise that the shooter said he was concerned that the cub -- which weighed 80 to 100 pounds -- could hurt a friend.

"They had a lot of garbage around their place, which attracted a female with two yearling bears," biologist Kevin Brennan told the paper. "The shooter claims he was afraid [the bear] was going to get his buddy."


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I thought Forest Falls had laws stating you had to keep your trash in bearproof containers? Am I wrong?

If this guys story is even slightly true (which I seriously doubt), he is very lucky. Mother bears are very protective of their cubs and have been known to come back looking for them. I really wouldn't want to meet her when she's upset, would he? Especially since Black Bears can run at up to 30 MPH for a sustained time, and those big feet can break the neck of an adult deer with one blow.

I wonder if he wasn't baiting those bears. Some hunters have been known to leave food out for deer during the off hunting season to get them used to coming to a certain spot for food, then when deer season opens the "hunter" just waits for the deer to come to them. I wonder if this isn't the case here.

Actually, I take back what I said. I really hope this guy runs into momma while shes pissed. In fact, I'd buy tickets to see that!

I wish everyone on here was as vocal when it comes to animal rights in the real world...i am constantly petitioning for protection for animals like these who get shot because they happen to be somewhere "we" humans decide to make our home...only to later complain that there are too many coyotes, wolves, bears, etc.

I am appalled. He lives in Forest Falls, it is in the FOREST. He knows that it is the bear's habitat. It is still winter, bears forage, and they tend to forage when no one is around ie 2 a.m.

This is criminal and he should be charged. Self defense my a--. It will be a travesty if this sick twisted coward is not brought up on charges.

My heart breaks for the mother bear who will be searching for her cub.

This guy should be thrown with some of the bears in West Holly wood. They'd make a "man" out of him!

Seriously, a cub? Sir , quit your lying and face up to your actions. What YOU decided to do was barbaric and IGNORANT !!!!!! YOU MAKE ME SICK YOU SCUM WAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who are only reading the article from the LA times and no where else i can understand the disbeleaf of the mans story. They do not paint a clear picture and use quotes with sarcasm!!! A mother bear and her cubs is a very dangerous thing and young cubs do cause the most harm to people in close encounters. It is a fact, not a opinion.

Its just a bear! Get over. People get shot everyday and know one cares.

none of us were there or in that situation. i called the sheriff to relocate a mountain lion and her 3 cubs. they were living in my yard. they said that i live in her territory and if she is a threat to people, pets or livestock, to shoot her. just cause your inside, it is not impossible for wild animals of all sizes to get inside your doors, windows, even cars can be pryed open.
its great to be a tree hugger but people come 1st.
everyone is so quick to give a passionate but uneducated opinion.

educate yourself or be silent!

Animal Cruelty IS A CRIME.
PROSECUTE this madman, make him serve time so he can think about what he has done.
Then FINE him and use the money to teach people not to leave trash out in bear country.
And PLEASE, remove the gun from his hands before something else happens...

Please email the director of the department of fish and game. Urge him to prosecute this criminal.


This fool left out of his house to confront a wild animal. Stupid then he shoots it. Did it upset him that much that he to go out and then shoot? why are you and your buddy outside,oh you went out to see what the noise was. Well a normal person once seeing it was a bear would grab there buddy and run like hell back to the house. not stand there and shoot the damn thing.

What a shame this little bear has been killed.
Why do people leave rubbish all over the place, anyway? Here in the UK we have a terrrible problem with it, and we have urban foxes running around , and of course, rats. People have overflowing bins, rubbish strewn across green areas, it is awful. People use the takeaway shops and then throw the cartons down so that in our main village street little boxes that contained fried chicken are seenn laying over the pavement.
These people know there are bears around. I am sure that this
man did not have to kill this bear. He should be prosecuted, I dont like the idea of some gun happy character shooting at things in the middle of the night.
We dont have so many actual guns, but we have problem with people firing air rifles and causing injuries to people and to animals.
Prosecute that family for having rubbish all over the place, next you will have rats and all kinds of flies and creepy crawlies!
I am glad to see so many sympathetic to bear on here. Bless you all!

A bear Cub! max the shooter out to the fullest extent of the law! fines etc, take away privilidge to own guns and jail time! A BEAR CUB....THERE IS NO RECORD OF CUBS ATTACKING PEOPLE AT RANDOM IN CALIFORNIA.JUSTICE FOR THE CUB

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