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Man who fatally shot bear cub in his driveway says he feared animal would attack

 The man who fatally shot a bear cub rummaging through the trash told authorities he opened fire out of fear the bear would attack, authorities said.

The cub was in the resident's Forest Falls driveway when it was shot about 2 a.m. Thursday, said Jodi Miller, a spokeswoman for the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. Sheriff’s officials notified the state Department of Fish and Game, which is handling the investigation.

No arrests have been made.

Officials told the Press-Enterprise that the shooter said he was concerned that the cub -- which weighed 80 to 100 pounds -- could hurt a friend.

"They had a lot of garbage around their place, which attracted a female with two yearling bears," biologist Kevin Brennan told the paper. "The shooter claims he was afraid [the bear] was going to get his buddy."


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I'm not buying what he's selling!

At 2am in the morning he was so frighten of a baby bear that he felt the need to go get his gun instead of staying inside and calling the authorities!

Wasn't this an episode in South Park?

You have a gun while an 80-100 lb. Bear Cub is rummaging through the junk that sits out in your front yard. A lot more could have taken place before anyone is in actual danger.

If you live in an area that has bears you know not to leave trash lying around. He needs to be charged with animal cruelty. This is ridiculous.

Really? This guy is an idiot! He needs to move to the city.


Arrest that creep and put him away in some dark corner of San Quentin.

why was his friend hanging out with a bear? boo boo! nooooo

Bears live there, so the trash should have been secured in bear-proof bins. It's surrounded by a national forest--residents need to be educated about securing food and garbage because bears, raccoons, coyotes, squirrels, etc, will get hooked on people food and cause all sorts of problems.

Attacked At 2am? How about just stay in the house. Sounds like a tweaker to me.

This is why you don't give wimps guns. The guy put himself and his buddy in more danger by shooting the cub with a mother around. Black Bears are easy to chase away in a non-violent manner, they run away like stray dogs. But I guess if you wet yourself when you see an 80 lb animal then you have to shoot them.

Why didn't the idiot call animal control. Why are they not cited for illegal dumping. The news states they lived in a squalor of trash. Is this not what attracts bears in the woods. Isn't there laws for people living in these areas are supposed to keep there homes clean and trash in containers in order to prevent these kinds of mishaps. Lets arm the bears and throw these fools into their domain, lets see who eats who...

This guy knows the only way out of legal trouble will be the "self defense" route. The homeowner should get a ticket for having his trash accessible to animals and another OR WORSE for shooting the bear cub. But the State DA will probably look the other way because of pressure from the NRA.

Sounds like this guy just wanted a reason to shoot something. His fault if it was his garbage left around to attract the bears. Get his buddy? Dude must have been high! Why not call police and let them contact Fish & Game to handle it? Or just let the cub wander back where it came from? In my opinion, the only animal that posed a threat was the trigger-happy moron with a gun.

man... what a wus, he should have just gone back inside his house... a cub?

If this moron had simply gone back into his house, there would be no one to attack. Now he is feeling the stupidity of his actions.

See what happens when you give a moron a gun. I hope someone finds this guy rumaging through his trash.

Poor Bo Bo. Get him back Yogi.

re-phrase the article title form "Man" to "Spineless Scum Dirt person"

This guy knows the only way out of legal trouble will be the "self defense" route. The homeowner should get a ticket for having his trash accessible to animals and another OR WORSE for shooting the bear cub. But the State DA will probably look the other way because of pressure from the NRA.

What a moron! There was no need to kill the bear...this guy most likely could have seen from inside his home what was going. Not to mention, if he couldn't and had to go outside...I know he could have went back the way he came and went back inside and called animal control. YOU MORON.

Your kidding me right, they have not charged him with anything? I am amazed at how people claim self defense with gun use, its almost like a loop hole to get away with crime. Its not just the polic e who abuse this power but people do it to. Hey buddy, lay off the drugs and tell your friend to stay away from bears!

Being a resident who lives close to the incident, so much is missing in all the stories about I seen about this. They were new RENTERS (about 2 months) to the area from the valley, not homeowners! No clue about living here. The neighborhood doesn't have trash pickup because it has private roads, so it is taken by the resident to a community trash shed. The trash was in the bed of his truck (that was really dumb). The bears are around most of the year when there is no snow, so you learn really fast not to leave your trash outside. Shooting a cub actually increases the danger for themselves and the other people who live close by because momma is now angry. I expect (hope) they will be moving back down to the valley soon.

This is no reason the shot a bear cub. If it wasnt for your trash the bear would not have been there. This person should be put in jail and left there. I hunt I injoy it but to shot somthing in your drive way just because it might hurt someone. What are you protecing your trash for anyway.
some people should have better since.

who cares, they're a nusance!
and besides, mother nature will make more ...

If you live in an area inhabited with wild animals why would you be out at 2 am? Why would you leave trash out? Sorry, but this guy should be charged for this crime.

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