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Lindsay Lohan is sentenced to 120 days in jail for violating her probation in necklace theft case [Updated]

Lohan_main)lk2n9tnc A judge ruled Friday that Lindsay Lohan violated her probation by taking a necklace at a Venice jewelry store and sentenced her to 120 days in jail.

Lohan also was sentenced to 480 hours of community service at a downtown women's center and the Los Angeles County morgue.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner said Lohan only returned the necklace when she learned a search warrant was being served by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Lohan immediately said she would appeal the sentence. [Updated, 4:45 p.m.: Lohan was expected to be released on $75,000 bail.]

Earlier in the day, Sautner reduced the charge the actress faces for allegedly stealing the necklace from a felony to a misdemeanor.

The change greatly reduces the amount of jail time the star could face if convicted. It also opens the door to possible settlement talks.

Prosecutor Danette Meyers said she will seek to overturn Sautner's decision on the misdemeanor charge, which would limit how long Lohan could serve in jail to no more than one year.

[Updated, 5:06 p.m.: "The judge abused her discretion in this case," Meyers said. "It was a felony filing because the defendant was on probation.... She has violated on numerous occasions ... the evidence was incredibly strong.]

The owner of a Venice jewelry store testified Friday that 10 minutes after she closed her store Jan. 22, she noticed that Lohan had left with a pricey necklace.


Shop owner testifies she noticed necklace was missing 10 minutes after closing

Lohan almost left jewelry store with diamond earring, saleswoman testifies

Lohan could face employee of jewelry store accusing her of necklace theft

 -- Richard Winton

Photo: Actress Lindsay Lohan arrives at the Airport Courthouse. Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times

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The Judge sentenced Lindsay Lohan to serve community service in a morgue? This woman is unbalanced enough as it is. If she completes that will there at least be a movie in the offering?

All you boneheads on here who put down lohan will all be on the front row of her new movie. Haa..Haa...

Lindsay Lohan should be tried and convicted as a felon.

Who wants her to retain the precious right to elect those who write, enforce and judicate our laws? She has no respect for civil society. And who wants this loon to retain her right to purchase firearms?

It’s so miserable.. what we can do.

very sad news

Letting L know she can't be cutesy with this life is a blessing for her, if she elects to learn the lesson of life.

Should thank this judge, and learn life's lesson; if she does not, she's lost and the career is the smallest consequence.

BobMeyer you should care! This is a travesty of justice, and it shows how farcical justice is in the Hollywood area. You should care about how justice works on celebrities. We're all sick and tired of the wrist slapping. These people need to do hard time like you would under similar circumstances.

The crime is on tape, the illegal possesion of the necklace was admitted, the price of the item exceeded felony limitations.....

* Felony reduced to misdomenaor.

* Out of jail in 5 hours.

What's wrong with the legal system?

Why are we still calling this woman a 'star'! She is a disgrace.

This is a travesty, a miscarriage of justice...I'm shocked and appalled

Posted by: North of Sunset | April 22, 2011 at 05:10 PM

HaHaHa....That's good!

Proves just how corrupt the alleged legal system truely is, if your famous or rich enough you get off alot easier than a average everyday citizen.

Another WASTE of time, effort and money. How many times now has she violated parole and committed other offenses? I don't fault LiLo, it's the socialist philosophy in Kalifornistan's legal system that teaches people to disrespect the law and civil society.

If you get caught, nothing will happen to you. Don't worry, break the law.

Does this not prove that "money talks"?

The Judge should be removed from the bench. Celebrity justice cannot continue.

Time to fire the judge. ENOUGH! ENOUGH! Fire the judge!

All the "justice" money can buy. The joke is on the public. Hollywood lies. But NONE of that is NEWS!

If it was me or you we would of gotten 2 years!


This judge should be impeached - removed from the bench via whatever mechanism applies.

Folks... perhaps America has never lived up to the ideals of our Founders... but damn it all... this sort of "petty" yet transparent slap in the face to the very notion of Equality Before The Law should be intolerable to one and all.

Folks... do you know what comes after a critical mass of loss of faith in "the system" arises? Violence. Social chaos. Vigilantism...

I truly fear that we're reaching the point where middle class Americans are going to start taking the law into their own hands - both as individuals and in groups.

God help this once great nation.

None is above the law. She should get punishment for what she has done.

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Nixon was pardoned remember...

Sounds as if the Judge is "star Stuck" you or I would have had a 10 year sentence. Who appoints these Judges anyways???

That goes to show that there is a completely different set of laws for the rich. Most probation violations have no bail. Unless you are rich.

You know how I feel about the justice system. All men created equal. Baloney

It all gets a little tedious - she is sentenced to jail, they let her out because of overcrowing; she sent to rehab in lieu of jail time; the judge reduces her sentence and she still can't pull herself together. She's not a kid anymore and Hollywood isn't kind to actresses over 30. She had a great career but she is so self-destructive, she may never get another acting job.

I am sick and tired of these liberal judges ignoring the law and giving celebrities far lighter sentences than the average citizen would get. I wish we could charge the judge in this case with felony misconduct. Lohan committed a felony and the evidence clearly showed she purposefully stole that necklace. She should be getting a couple of years in prison rather than 120 days (which I bet she does not serve in full). Maye then she and her moronic acolytes will get the message.

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