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Lindsay Lohan to work as janitor for community service hours

Lindsay Lohan in New York on March 31. Lindsay Lohan’s next role will involve a broom and mop. And no, she will not be playing Cinderella.

The "Mean Girls" actress will soon be starring as a janitor at the Los Angeles County coroner's office thanks to a judge's decision last week to sentence her to 120 hours at the county morgue as part of a probation violation sentence for an alleged jewelry theft.

Judge Stephanie Sautner on Friday sentenced Lohan to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service, including 360 hours at the downtown Women’s Center on skid row and 120 hours at the Mission Road coroner’s office. The judge ruled that Lohan violated the terms of her 2007 probation for drunk driving by wearing a gold chain as she left a Venice jewelry store in January and failing to return it until she learned that detectives were preparing to serve a search warrant.

While Lohan is appealing Sautner's ruling, the judge said she must start the community service hours within a week. The actress has a year to complete the required hours.

“We have community service workers all the time,” said Assistant Chief Ed Winter of the coroner’s office. “They do janitorial tasks. They clean up and sweep up.”

Lohan will be treated like any other community service worker assigned to the office by the courts, Winter said.

Lohan bailed out of jail Friday within five hours of getting the 120-day jail term.

Sautner also reduced a felony grand theft case related to a Jan. 22 necklace theft to a misdemeanor. Sautner is the third judge to handle Lohan in the last four years.

Another judge agreed last September that Lohan should stay at the Betty Ford Center rehabilitation facility for three months instead of going to jail.

Sautner indicated Lohan disrespected her previous judges, noting the actress "thumbs her nose at the court."

Sautner noted the expletive on Lohan's fingernail last July caught by a courtroom camera.

"She walks into court with 'F U' on her fingernails," the judge said. "I don't know what that means unless it has 'I am' before it."


Reduced charge in Lohan theft case brings criticism from prosecutors

-- Richard Winton

Photo: Lindsay Lohan on March 31. Credit: Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

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Why does a common thief rate so much columm space?

This is good as she will perhaps get a chance to see what drunk driving can cause. It is a shame that the grand theft charge was reduced, but I will presume the judge knew what she was doing. This young woman is totally out of control, I fear she won't start her 'community service' while trying to get out of it. Then throw her in with the rest of the crooks, drunks and drug users. She is a very poor example for our young people. While I'm at it, perhaps Hollywood needs to turn their backs on her, also!

The deaths, destruction and heartache on both sides of the border are caused by illegal drug users in the U. S. Lindsay, Paris, Charlie and all of the other high profile dopeheads should be sentenced to one year of unclogging sewers in Calcutta.

Ms. Lohan is a tremendous citizen. She should be awarded with significant things such as money and jewelry. Way to go Lindsey. I have all your movies.


LL is trash period. I mean seriously, she has no respect for herself let alone any court of law. I mean how many times does she need to put in jail to finally get it? This chick will end up in the very same morgue except on one of the slabs with a toe tag. Use to respect you LL and hell I gave you the benefit of the doubt but I'm sorry you have an attitude problem and people can only wish for the breaks your getting with all of this.

She probably won't be working near the actual bodies, or at least I'd hope not. She doesn't know respect for the living, i.e. the finger nail issues, let alone the dead.

LL has been given endless amounts of opportunities from the judges who have presided over her cases. And, they have NOT applied the law consistently to LL in comparison to everyday John Doe. Therefore, if LL commits a crime that injures and/or kills an innocent victim(s), the Judges must be found NEGLIGENT for the decisions they rendered to the LL cases and held accountable.

Good, maybe she'll find her true calling.

That 360 hours at that skid row women's center is gonna suck a whole lot more than that coroners office clean up...wall to wall crack heads for over 40 days? That's the stuff of nightmares.

"Why does a common thief rate so much columm space?"

Because she's not "common"; she's a celebrity.

"...perhaps Hollywood needs to turn their backs on her, also!"

But they won't because she's an instant ratings magnet. Any producer who wants ready-made publicity for their project will hire her.

She lacks self-control. She will be doing hard time in less than 10 years.

For starters, no judge should pronounce a sentence unless they've served it first themselves, at the mercy of the same abusers, as the so called offender they are trying to PUNISH. This has nothing to do with correction and everything to do with humiliation and punishment. Judges should ALWAYS have to serve the time along with the judged. That's the first step to dismantling our Puritan punishment machine. Yes, that means we would need to hire more judges (or reduce punishments). PUNISHMENT IS WRONG. We need to require "correctional facilities" to live up to their name.

REALLY SICK & Tired of hearing about her not taking responsibility for her actions and ALL of these so called Judges letting her go with a pat on the wrist. BTW, she looks as though she is 50+yrs old. Geez, ENOUGH of Her Already!!!!!!!

why do stories about celebs in trouble always have the predicatable comments, 'they are not being treated like US !' tards you wouldn't be on camera for weeks for stealing a necklace, a cheap necklace, nor would 99% of us do all that time, most criminals that aren't celebs get No Time at all.

I do not see redeeming values in this young woman. Would any other woman on the streets have been priviliged to the same treatment by judges?

Hell no!

I wouldn't mind Lindsay Lohan as my house maid long as she didn't drop a bag of cocaine in my couch.

But I doubt she will really have to serve this punishment. It's a nice idea though

I'm sure she's done worse things to support her drug habits.

If I ever get busted, I'll opt to clean a few toilets rather do time.

I have come to the conclusion that she should be free to do what she wants so that she will eventually take a step too far into an irrevokably bad future.

Some people never learn. If she had no fame or money, she would have crashed already.

I think she's a victim of Trauma Based Behavior Modification (aka "monarch programming") or similar and is lashing out much like Britney Spears (also a likely victim) did when she cut her hair and was on suicide watch. Most people have no effing clue how many of our STARS and groomed and point and judge these girls as simply spoiled brats rather than the likely victims of sadistic grooming they REALLY are.

meanwhile, a homeless mother may get 20 years for using a friends address to send her son to kindergarten. Her friend has already been evicted from her public housing complex, so it's not like she was even sending him to an upper crust school. This country has become sick, twisted, and backwards

Am I the only one who thinks that community service in a morgue is just wrong!!
A morgue is a place where a society takes care of the recently deceased and should be staffed with trained personel who treat the place with dignity. I find it humiliating for Lindsay and quit frankly shocking to know that America has become a third world country in the way it's industrial legal system treats it's suspects. Even more shocking are the comments above. Is this the mindset of the average reader of the LA-Times?

I'm just thinking, if one of us average citizens would have stole that necklace we'd be serving 10 yrs!

the justice system is very dumb and stupid

How old is she? This picture makes her look about 30 years older than I thought she was. Sue that photographer or your surgeon girl.

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