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Lindsay Lohan to work as janitor for community service hours

Lindsay Lohan in New York on March 31. Lindsay Lohan’s next role will involve a broom and mop. And no, she will not be playing Cinderella.

The "Mean Girls" actress will soon be starring as a janitor at the Los Angeles County coroner's office thanks to a judge's decision last week to sentence her to 120 hours at the county morgue as part of a probation violation sentence for an alleged jewelry theft.

Judge Stephanie Sautner on Friday sentenced Lohan to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service, including 360 hours at the downtown Women’s Center on skid row and 120 hours at the Mission Road coroner’s office. The judge ruled that Lohan violated the terms of her 2007 probation for drunk driving by wearing a gold chain as she left a Venice jewelry store in January and failing to return it until she learned that detectives were preparing to serve a search warrant.

While Lohan is appealing Sautner's ruling, the judge said she must start the community service hours within a week. The actress has a year to complete the required hours.

“We have community service workers all the time,” said Assistant Chief Ed Winter of the coroner’s office. “They do janitorial tasks. They clean up and sweep up.”

Lohan will be treated like any other community service worker assigned to the office by the courts, Winter said.

Lohan bailed out of jail Friday within five hours of getting the 120-day jail term.

Sautner also reduced a felony grand theft case related to a Jan. 22 necklace theft to a misdemeanor. Sautner is the third judge to handle Lohan in the last four years.

Another judge agreed last September that Lohan should stay at the Betty Ford Center rehabilitation facility for three months instead of going to jail.

Sautner indicated Lohan disrespected her previous judges, noting the actress "thumbs her nose at the court."

Sautner noted the expletive on Lohan's fingernail last July caught by a courtroom camera.

"She walks into court with 'F U' on her fingernails," the judge said. "I don't know what that means unless it has 'I am' before it."


Reduced charge in Lohan theft case brings criticism from prosecutors

-- Richard Winton

Photo: Lindsay Lohan on March 31. Credit: Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

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I'll believe it when I see it.

LL should be put in charge of cleaning up the bodies of young women and men who are killed in drug and alcohol related deaths so she can see first hand where she's headed if she doesn't get clean and sober for good.

And here I thought we had already bottomed out on bad reality show ideas. Wonnerful.

Ms. Lohan has no respect for the law and continues to get breaks, through her butt in jail just like any other crimnal.

Does she get paid for being a janitor? I hear janitors make good money. Will she join SEIU, the janitors union?

Ms Lohan doesn't deserve any sympathy from us and yes, she is being treated unfairly in that she is getting preferential treatment when compared to other perps with similar charges but have a lesser noteworthy pedigree. If I had the power to rule differently, Ms Lohan would be doing felony time and paying a felony fine. As for her community service, she needs a pair of rubber gloves, a bottle of clorox and a whole huge bunch of the dirtiest and filthiest toilet bowls that can be located in Los Angeles County. After she gets out, at least 5 years of probation should be waiting for her. Break one more rule, she does 5 years, hard time, no parole and no good behavior time. She does 100 percent of the sentence. Case closed!

I hope the judge holds his ground and insist she do her jail time as well as her community service. While she is in jail I will say good ridance to bad rubbish. Lohan is a washed up has been who needs a swift dose of reality.

I'm sure Lindsay will do a fine job. I've got no problems with the judge having her do community service work.

The judge should be removed. This is an outragous double standard in our justice system that has to stop. Stop giving preferental treatment to Hollywood. noone is above the law. The law should be transparent.

It makes me sick that this nut job doesnt do any time! Our justice system in this country sucks and sends the message to people. You can screw up if your rich but if your average and lower, you go to jail.

I sincerely hope that this nut jobs runs over and kills one of these judges friends or family. I know it sounds harsh but since they were stupid enough to let her out, let them suffer for their mistake of letting her out!

Dear God,

Please smite California.

The Other 49 States

I wonder if morgue duty is a "scared straight" kind of thing. You know, "keep it up, Lindsay, and you'll be laying on the slab next to this guy".

Can I tell you---WHO CARES about this has been. She can stay and work as a FULL TIME janitor for all we care, thats where her real talent is anyway

Please someone get pictures of her in action. Preferably bent down, wiping a toilet.

Good...that'll do as a starter. Let her get down and dirty cleaning trash. I would assume she'll be doing similar work as part of the 360 hours at the Women's Center. Maybe, just maybe, doing that 460 hours of community service will help straighten her out...that and the jail time. Well, maybe not.

I hope and pray she has to do the toilets too. Please.

This is a start. Now what is needed is a total boycott of this person. No more films, no more TV shows, no nothing. She is NOT a role model for anyone of any age. Her career should go down the drain. Next time I see her, it should be at a fast food chain taking my order...

Maybe Lindsay's morgue hours will get her off drugs?

What's the over/under on how long it takes before she gets arrested for buying drugs on skid row?

The more trouble she gets into, the more i can't wait to give her a naughty spanking.

Do you, dear taxpayers, want to pay your taxes for her to be in jail?

Man she is one good looking girl.

Considering her apparent skill set, it is a good thing she will be a janitor at the morgue and not a hospital or clinic. Sloppy cleaning will not result in infection or death of the clientelle at the morgue.

Noah, that's a really ugly comment.

She should be released into my custody for some adult supervision.

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