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Dodger Stadium to see a dramatic increase in LAPD presence, Chief Beck and Mayor Villaraigosa announce


Following an attack in the parking lot of Dodger stadium that left a visiting fan with brain damage, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Thursday announced they would dramatically increase the number of police patrolling the facility.

"You are going to see a sea of blue. And it’s not going to be Dodger blue. It’s going to be LAPD blue," Beck said of the police presence at the team’s next home game April 14. Beck said he would  “expend whatever resources necessary to keep fans safe at Dodger stadium. This is going to be a game-changer. People will be awed by the response of the Los Angeles Police Department to this because we will not suffer this as a city again.  People have a right to enjoy the American pastime and we are going to assure that right.”

The chief and mayor were joined at a press conference by City Councilmember Ed Reyes, who represents the Elysian Park area that includes the stadium.  Reyes on Wednesday pushed through the council a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the two men suspected of beating San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow after the two teams met on opening day last week.  Along with money ponied up by the two teams and others, the city’s reward brought the total offer to $100,000.

LAPD Deputy Chief Jose Perez said police were inundated with over 80 tips from callers responding to composite sketches of the attackers.  As detectives continue to track down leads, Reyes said he hoped reward money would entice people who know the attackers to come forward with their names.  “To the cowards who did this: I know you’re watching. We will find you. It would be better for you to turn yourselves in,” Reyes said.
Beck declined to discuss specifics of the plan to beef up security at the stadium, but said in a brief interview that it would be “at the absolute minimum” a doubling of the 30 to 40 uniformed officers who typically work at games. Beck said his staff was still working to determine the number of officers needed to provide more comprehensive patrol coverage inside and outside sprawling facility.  

He emphasized that plainclothes officers would be deployed as well. LAPD officers who work at Dodger Stadium are typically off-duty from their normal patrol assignment, so it is unlikely the added deployment will strain staffing at area police stations. The stadium is one of a handful of high-profile locations that has an agreement with the city to use uniformed, off-duty officers for security.

When asked whether the cost of adding additional officers would be passed on to Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, Beck said he expected the Dodgers would foot the bill.  Villaraigosa declined to say whether he had a formal commitment from McCourt to pay what could quickly become a six-figure cost, depending on how big the response and how many games it lasts.   Discussions with McCourt and his staff to reach an agreement are ongoing, Villaraigosa said.

The mayor and Beck said they had told McCourt they disagree with the team’s policy of not allowing off-duty police officers to carry their weapons into the stadium.

With much being made about McCourt’s decision Wednesday to hire Beck’s predecessor William Bratton to assess security measures at the stadium, Beck made clear that Bratton would have no say over how LAPD officers are deployed during games.  He said the pair had spoken by phone several times since Bratton was brought on board to discuss the issue.

-- Joel Rubin at LAPD headquarters


Dodgers hire former police chief Bratton

Giants fan sent text message saying he was "scared"

Reward for information about beating grows to $100,000

Photo: Dodgers fan Eric Amend holds a sign expressing his thoughts during a prayer vigil for Bryan Stow outside the USC Medical Center on Wednesday. Stow, a father of two, was brutally beaten in the parking lot of Dodgers Stadium following the season opener against the Giants. Credit: Mariah Tauger/ Los Angeles Times; LAPD sketch of the suspects. (KTLA News).


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This is a good start, but the stadium needs to end alcohol sales at once, and the police should set up DUI checkpoints around the perimeter.

While I agree that the Dodgers organization should do what they can to increase security at the stadium to prevent another such tragedy, I also think it is a sad commentary on the type of behavior displayed by many people in today's society. Have we gotten to the point where we should just expect to encounter criminal behavior every time we leave the house?

The underlying problem is that there is a growing number of people who cannot go out into public without causing problems. They go to sporting events looking for trouble and do what they can to find it. They cannot simply enjoy a day at the ballpark while acting like civil human beings and allow others to do the same. What has happened in their lives/families for them to grow into the type of people who behave like this toward others?

I hope they catch the brutal monsters who did this and throw them in the slammer. They are not Dodgers fans, they are stinking creeps.

The LAPD should be allowed to carry weapons into the stadium. It is a life safety issue and McCourt should have nothing to say about it. If he continues to object, they should do it anyway.

Why are taxpayers footing the bill for a private business? Shouldn't the Dodgers organization be taxed with paying for security in their own parking lot? Should we expect to have More LAPD officers posted around the proposed downtown football stadium as well??

Savages pure and simple.

Btw...do you know what LAPD calls Dodger fans???? Job security....

I know it will never happen but just ban the sale of alcohol at games. You don't need to be drunk to watch baseball. Hockey maybe, but not baseball.

I really hope they catch these idiots responsible for such a senseless beating. They need to go to jail for a long time. We know that there are more people that know who these two morons are, please think about turning them in because this horrible act cannot go without a consequence. As a life long Dodger fan it makes me wonder if I still want to be a Dodger Fan and be associated in anyway with these idiot cholos that make life at Dodger Stadium horrible. If anything thats why I cant stand the Raiders because of all the stupid cholos that associate themselves with the team. Well hopefully someone can make a difference and turn these guys in to the proper authorities.

As a Giant fan, I have never felt safe wearing a Giant's cap to the game.
I have been intimidated before at D.Stadium by Dodger fans.
This will do nothing to stop the LA Raider/Dodger fan base from
being abusive. This is not some isolated incident and should have been
dealt with earlier.
I mean someone got stabbed at a Giant game and a jury let the assailant off!
The same thing will happen in this case if they ever catch they guys. They'll say
the injured man's head assaulted the other guy's boot.

I heard yesterday McCourt is planning a fund raiser for the victim to cover his medical bills when the Dodgers get back from their road trip. Apparently he expects Dodger fans to flip the bill for this, and then quote "Turns out he hasn’t had a full-time head of stadium security for four months". Its like having car insurance Frank if it lapses YOU still have to pay for the damages. As for Bratton he may or may not make a difference but for Bryon Stow's family it's a little to late....Pay the bill your self Frank

If the LAPD can't find Biggie's perps and it was done on lighted Wilshire/Fairfax what makes anyone thing they're gonna catch two dirtbag gangbangers around Dodger stadium.

Another vote for DUI checkpoints.

The Dodger's had enough security to arrest 132 Dodger fans
on opening day last year, for GASP! Tailgating!

LAPD and LA Times, what about other victims of violent crime and people who might become victims? They're as important as baseball fans. Victims of homicide too, a worse crime than maiming. People who do nothing to provoke the attack, who are randomly assaulted. What about police security at isolated ATMs and public transit stops, parks other than sports arenas, convenience stores and banks. This was a senseless crime that qualifies for police and media attention, but what about all the other people needing police protection in L.A.

I for one agree with this security measure! Sometimes I go to see my parents in San Francisco California from Reno Nevada and wear my Los Angeles Dodgers Blue outfit to show my loyalty and fan support for the team! Hopefully this sends a message to people not to do this type of behavior in the future at Dodger Stadium! What I am worried about is when I go to A T & T Park in San Francsico wearing Dodgers Colors where the Giants fans want retribution for this incident! Hopefully fans from San Francisco and Los Angeles can co-exist peacefully without incident in the future!!!

What's amazing to me is that lots of people in "the community" know exactly who these 2 guys are, but they won't even give an anonymous tip.

curious to see, why my comment the other day wasn't posted.

I think this is great. I like Chief Beck, he really seems to care and have a good understanding of this city.

I hope the McCourts are going to pay for the increased LAPD presence at the stadium, but I'm sure they won't. So we'll have a decreased police presence where it's needed elsewhere in the city, all because of the McCourts' negligence and greed. Personally, I think the just ought to shut down the Dodgers as a hazard to public health and safety until viable new ownership takes over. The McCourts are despicable and have ruined one of Los Angeles's civic treasures.

Stop alcohol sales at the top of the 6th inning. Throw people out of the games if they dont act right. Arrest people when they break the law.

Why am I as tax payer footing the bill for stadium security? As opposed to Mr. McCourt, I'm not earning a dime from that stadium to finance my 10 mansions, and I do pay my taxes and have in each of the past 10 years. Why are multi-millionaires constantly getting free rides on the back of hard workers contributing to society?

To Diogenese who wrote, "The LAPD should be allowed to carry weapons into the stadium. It is a life safety issue and McCourt should have nothing to say about it. If he continues to object, they should do it anyway."

I don't disagree with you. Officers should be allowed to carry their weapons when they are on duty! Beck and the mayor want to let off-duty cops bring their weapons in. Seriously? These guys aren't there to work. They want to relax and have a few drinks, and they should be allowed to do that without worrying about gun safety. The possibilities for a disaster are huge!

Couldn't they come up with better descriptions of the suspects? These sketches pretty much represent 80% of the fan base that attend the Dodger games.

is it really worth it to keep the dodgers in town?bad owners, bad players, bad fans, excessive security at tax payers expense.............think about it.

I am glad to hear Chief Beck make the statement he is making regarding a different sea of blue, L.A.P.D blue!
The Dodgers need to increase lighting in parking lot post game and up fit light standards with cameras to monitor and record incidents which will also enable enforcement to react swiftly to any criminal act and defuse the situation.
Frank should pay for these services ensuring his loyal Dodger fan base and other fans who come to see their favorite team wearing what ever team attire they please have a safe and great baseball experience.
What I did notice on the Dodger web site they removed the "Fan code of conduct", hopefully they are fine tuning this as well.
I hope and pray that Mr, Stow fully recovers and with god's speed he will be at the ballpark again.

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