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LAPD: Detectives have exhausted leads in Notorious B.I.G. murder case


As the FBI released hundreds of pages of investigative documents related to the unsolved slaying of rapper Notorious B.I.G., Los Angeles police said they have no new leads in the case.

Read the FBI's file on the case LAPD Capt. Kevin McClure, head of the department's Robbery Homicide Division, said Wednesday that the LAPD's investigation into the killing of the rapper, whose real name was Christopher Wallace, remains open, but that detectives have exhausted the leads they were pursuing.

"We have followed up on all of the leads we have at this time to the best of our ability. If anything new comes along we will certainly look at it," he said.

The FBI documents, released on the bureau's website, come from its probe into who killed the rapper, also known as Biggie Smalls, and whether any Los Angeles police officers were involved. The records include internal LAPD and FBI memos, witness statements and stakeout notes.

The New York rapper was gunned down outside the Petersen Automotive Museum in the Miracle Mile area on March 9, 1997, as he was leaving a music industry party.

The FBI's probe was closed in 2005 with few answers after investigators looked into various theories.

The FBI opened its probe after Wallace's family accused the city of covering up LAPD involvement in the rapper's slaying. The suit was dismissed last year.

The FBI was responding to unconfirmed allegations that police officers were present at the party Wallace attended before he was killed, talking on cellphones before the shooting. It was alleged by some sources that the professional nature of the slaying suggested it couldn't have been pulled off by a single gang member, but rather a larger group of people or officers.

Most of the allegations contained in the documents had been reported in news stories over the years. Because the FBI redacted the names and affiliations of many of the informants and witnesses cited in the documents, it is difficult to independently assess their credibility.

At the time of his death, Wallace was one of the biggest stars in rap music. His slaying shocked the hip-hop community, coming just months after the Las Vegas slaying of another marquee rapper, Los Angeles-based Tupac Shakur. Once friends, the rappers became rivals whose respective camps regularly traded violent barbs in song lyrics and in interviews. Shakur's slaying also remains unsolved.

Various theories have linked the two homicides. Some believe the two men were killed as part of a rivalry between East Coast and West Coast rappers, or between their two music labels at the time, Los Angeles-based Death Row and New York-based Bad Boy Entertainment.


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Photos: At top, Notorious B.I.G., who was shot to death in Los Angeles in 1997. At right, one of the recently released FBI files from the bureau's investigation of the slaying. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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The unseen hand that is responsible for Biggie's murder is also responsible for tupac's murder.

Gone, but never forgotten. In time, all things done in the dark, will come to light. Rest peacefully Christopher Wallace.

Sad about Notorious BIG and Tupac, but the two of them lead violent lives. As the Good Book says, he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.

Multiple witnesses seen the shooter, and the man driving. Both LAPD officers under Bernard Parks wing, now you people know why he puts up big rewards when children or a family member of the blood gang dies. Bernard Parks, needs to be fired and put in prison. He has blood in his hands. The problem is officers are terrified going after their own, this is a perfect example of the inability of LAPD to police itself, Christopher Wallace R.I.P., murdered by LAPD bloods working for Marion "Suge" Knight. I read all the documents, and that LAPD officer was found to have "Gecko" 9mm ammo when his home was searched. Put me in a jury pool. I see why the Wallace family members stopped speaking to LAPD and only the FBI.

Good, stop wasting taxpayer money trying to solve a gang murder carried out by gang members. Who cares? Let them keep at it, maybe they'll eventually solve the gang problem. If we can just figure out a way to include the mexican gangs as well......

Tupac was the only really talented one, Biggie was just a big fat money grubbing idiot. He probably would have died from a heart attack by now anyway.

Tupca's music is still legendary to listen to this day, Biggies music is just a reminder of how bad some rap had become during the 90s.

What a waste of tax payer money.....he is no special just like any former dope dealer and gangster

In the name of justice for all victims, the respect and safety of communities and to ensure that the LAPD name and reputation is cleared, the court would rule that,pursuant to.... without delays, an independent investigation that will lead to finding the ones responsible for such murders, be conducted. This investigation will be conducted by an independent team of seasoned fearless investigators. The team will carry out such task with the full cooperation, resources and support from the authorities, the imput and collaboration of all the parties,civilians, victims an any person who have been involved at different levels in the investigation process.

This team will be selected, in an out of the box process set up in consultation with international independent experts in investigation.

The number members of this team will be determined by the scoop of the investation. The members will possesss proven record of getting the work done, will have no links to authorities, or have a real or percived conflict of interest in the case. This work will be supervised by an independent team of citizens with knowledge expertise in investigation, who also will have no ties with the stablisment.

I would not be unhappy if they were to keep it up.

Upon review of the FBI documents in this case, the allegations and assertions involving LAPD makes me think back to the Rampart scandal. As a result I am sorry to say that my confidence and comfort levels with LAPD have again been shaken, in spite of Bill Bratton and Charlie Beck. This is a sad and serious situation. This is one of those things that just isn't going to go away, regardless of how much LAPD wants it to.

Some of yall are heartless, whether it was an inside job or not, never speak ill of the dead and respect one another in a timely fashion or you will soon be the butt of your own joke. RIP Christopher, either way you are far better off than all the people in the world continuing to harness the negative energy the mighty have learned to live without.

Unfortunately, both 2pac & Biggie deaths were senseless.
but lets all realize, we all will one day die, I've met B.I.G. on 2 occacions. once in times square @ a video shoot, & once in the studio in bklyn. The brother was very humble & funny. He made sure that everyone around him was well taken care of, even if he just met you. Thx! B.I.G. for all the memories.
I've also had the chance to meet Pac as well. again, he too was a giving brother (although my wife thinks he was bi-polar) both Biggie & 2 Pac were good people. two different men all together. the only thing they had in common is dreams of being the best. R.I.P "NOTORIOUS B.I.G" & 2Pac Shakur. I love pac's politcal views........let's not get it twisted , Pac is no joke. truth is truth.
Peace! Master Wise Mind - one life, one love, one mind...offical NY representive - Queens get the paper

Good, now let's stop wasting local police and FBI resources on this.

Bottom line is that another drug dealing street thug who some people think can sing is dead. He is dead because almost all drug dealing street thugs end up dead or in prison. There is and has never been no mystery to any of this.


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