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'Heavy' traffic gridlock expected with Obama visit to L.A. on Thursday


Officials are warning that President Obama's trip to Los Angeles on Thursday could result in major traffic gridlock.

The president will be traveling through the Westside and perhaps other areas of the city -- including during the Thursday afternoon rush hour.

Sources told The Times that while all details have not been released, much of the president's travels in L.A. will be done on surface streets. That would require a complex series of "hard closures" of streets as his motorcade passes by. Officials have posted temporary "No Parking" signs on some streets.

UCLA released a traffic advisory noting that the president would be at Sony Studios in Culver City, as well as at a Brentwood restaurant.

"Please expect heavy traffic on the Westside," the UCLA statement said.

Obama felt the sting of Angeleno road rage last summer when street closures for his motorcade stretched commutes that normally take 45 minutes to several hours. The Mid-City area, Westside and Hancock Park were particularly hard hit. In his next visit, Obama used a helicopter for portions of his trip, reducing gridlock.


Obama mines California donors

-- Andrew Blankstein

Photo: President Obama at Los Angeles International Airport during a trip to L.A. last fall. Officials are warning that Obama's trip to Los Angeles on Thursday could result in traffic gridlock. Credit: Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times

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I didn't give him a dime and he still killed my commute the last time he came. Why can't he have his fundraisers at the airport?

I support, admire, & respect President Obama, who doesn't deserve the ugly comments made here. I HATE the normal traffic on the Westside, which I am daily right in the middle of, and tomorrow will be horrendous, but making this an opportunity to attack our President is unfair and unjust. As for his being ABLE to lower gas prices, etc. - are you for real? He's not Harry Potter, with a magic wand to wave and cure the country's ills. You want to be angry with anyone, try friggin' Congress - specifically REPUBLICANS, who don't give a rat's ass about gas prices, Social Security, the poor, the middle class, teachers, etc. Our problems are not President Obama's fault. He's not perfect by any means, but come on - it's not up to him. He's one man, and he can't do much without Congress - and the Republicans have barred his attempts every step of the way. Talk about gridlock. Republicans are the traffic tie-up in this country. As for "playing golf," etc - puhleeze. Bush was the biggest do-nothing (except start a war) "leader" ever. And Reagan? Nice man who started the economic problems we still suffer from today. Quit ragging on our current President and bring a snack to munch on while you sit in your damned car. It's one day.

How come the same media that were blaming Bush the last time gasoline prices exceeded $4 per gallon aren't blaming Obama now that prices are that high again?

Why won't they hold Obama accountable for ANYTHING bad that happens on his watch?

Obama go home.
We have enough problems in this city and this state.
We don't need you to add to the mess with a traffic nightmare.

Please, keep him. I see the unemployed will be out in force, cheering this fool.

worthless with globs of audacity

echo what Dave H. and Bill Jablonski said.

this President has no common sense and can't even get from point A to point B without a terrible fiasco delaying everyone west of Vermont for several hours. it's a microcosm of his entire administration.

This is for a fundraiser. The economic cost to us local residents from getting tied up in a massive traffic jam will be much greater than any political money that he raises. Really dumb planning. I thought he learned from last time he jammed up the freeways here for a fundraiser, and the ensuing anger, but apparently his campaign learned nothing.

Just stay away. Or drive around in a 85 Dodge. Seriously. Wouldn't somebody who is trying to avoid becoming the target of a gun-wielding psycho WANT to be inconspicuous???

If you don't like gridlock, you probably shouldn't be living in L.A. to start with.

Obama's still campaigning? I guess he has to keep telling us he's the "one".

I wonder what slogans he'll use for this campaign. These are used already...

"Winning the Future"
"Yes We Can"
“Change” versus “More of the Same”
"Vote for Change"
"Change We Can Believe In"
"Our Time for Change"
"It's about Time. It's about Change"
"Stand for Change"
"Organize for Change"
“We are the change we’ve been looking for. Change can’t happen without you.”

I'm as big an Obama supporter as there is, but this situation tomorrow is stunning to me only because we had the exact same situation with major gridlock several months ago, and I remember our police chief saying that if the situation ever arose again with a Presidential visit or motorcade, it would be handled differently to prevent all the traffic tie-up that occurred then.

Yet here we are again a few months later, same thing happening. Somebody in L.A. needs to get half a clue.

Great! Another reminder how much of a 3rd world transit system we have. Heck. I bet 3rd world nations have better transit service than we got here.

Use the friggin' helicopter and don't clog our already sucky traffic. (or even better, why do you need such a huge motorcade / hard street closures / etc. ? I'm OK with Secret Service keeping the president safe... but this is just too much.

what is wrong with you MORONS..every President ever elected has done the same thing..so why is THIS President different..When the President comes to town there WILL BE TRAFFIC...so he has come to LA twice in the last 700 Days...and you guys are crying...you as some spoiled as PUNKS...no wonder why the EAST coast dominates ...

The President is everywhere except Washington. You would think that after Standard and Poors downgraded our financial future, no plan on immigration, huge reckless spending, and a bloody mess in Libya, he would want to address what is going on in his backyard. Oh, I am sorry...it was Bush's fault. Leaders take accountablity for their actions.

This is sad - he and his staff learned nothing from the other time.

These comments are a good reminder about what kind of people won't support President Obama's agenda:

1. People who are not smart enough to adjust their commute so as not to coincide with the President's traffic related issues...even after readying about it online.

2. People who can't adjust their commute because they are not smart enough to have a job which provides them the autonomy to set their own schedule.

3. People who are not smart enough to realize that the President doesn't control how the Secret Service protects him and what the Secret Service demands be done to accommodate the President's visit.

Next thing you know the same folks will be complaining about his birth certificate. Ugh.

I can't help wonder if most of these comments are from the same person or perhaps group of people with too much time on their hands.
We've had traffic stopped for OJ and lots of other stupidities!

This is the president of your country, I hope that stops traffic!

I seem to recall this happened with Dubya too. A LOT. People, quit blaming the man--blame your Department of Transportation for narrow bottlenecks at freeway interchanges, extended carpool lanes, and general all-around douchbaggery drivers. Besides, given the holiday coming up traffic's been much better this week. If anything it'll just boost it back to normal levels tomorrow, not anything extreme.

Happy to see the president not being green wasting fuel on our time and dime while he begins campaigning for reelection. No wonder we need to borrow more money from the Chinese....where is he going to get the cash to fly all over the states spreading his spend more money and acquire more debt message.

Thursday rush hour, the worst of the week already!! Nice timing!!


Why can't I find any information online as to what streets are closed so I can find the best and easiest route home?

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