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Grim Sleeper case: 8 more women could be victims of serial killer, LAPD says


Los Angeles police detectives are investigating the possibility that eight additional women were victims of the man accused of being the Grim Sleeper serial killer.

Lonnie Franklin Jr. already has been indicted in 10 slayings of women in South Los Angeles stretching over more than two decades.  He has been in custody awaiting trial since his arrest in July.

In a statement previewing a news conference scheduled for Tuesday, LAPD detectives said they were turning to the public for help finding eight more women, all of whom are known to have had some connection with Franklin.

Six of the women are reported missing persons, one is the victim of an unsolved slaying, and one is unidentified. 

Photos: Identities of mystery women sought

Although police have eyed four of the women as possible victims for some time, the other four are additions to the investigation.

Detectives are expected to display photographs of the six missing women, along with their names and last known location.  Three of them were connected to the case by strong circumstantial evidence recovered at Franklin’s residence, police said.  The three other missing women are thought to have had several things in common with others whom police have confirmed as likely victims. Each had frequented Franklin’s neighborhood before her disappearance.

The women were reported missing as far back as 1982, and the most recent in 2006.
The identity of a seventh woman remains unknown.  Her photo was  among a cache of photos of scores of women found at Franklin's residence.  Although they still don't know her identity, detectives said they had uncovered evidence at Franklin's residence indicating that she had a direct connection to him. Police did not elaborate on the evidence.

Detectives believe that the eighth woman, who was killed in 1988, may have been a victim of Franklin because her killing has similarities to the others Franklin is accused of committing.

Police also displayed once again 56 photos from the cache recovered at Franklin's residence. Detectives are still working to identify the women in the photos in an attempt to eliminate them or include them as possible victims.


Grim Sleeper suspect arraigned on grand jury indictment in killings of 10 women

Grim Sleeper may not have been sleeping, say LAPD officials probing serial killings

Same type of DNA search used in Grim Sleeper case leads to arrest of Santa Cruz sex offender

-- Joel Rubin and Richard Winton

Photo: Suspect Lonnie Franklin Jr. in court last year. Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times

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Learn more about the Grim Sleeper's known victims on The Times interactive Homicide Report.

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I know this comment will get censored by the LA Times, but you wonder why this guy is still breathing air and hasn't been hung by police?

Why wasn't all this investigative police work being conducted when these women were being murdered. Not one lead by the police to apprehend this guy until now. They have him on 10 counts and they are stonewalling to attached as many closed case files as possible on him. Bring this monster to trial and let the justice system hand down the punishment he deserves!

This is a sickening reminder of the sexism that is rampant in the US. The police didn't find this guy any earlier because nobody (but the families) cared if these women were missing. The police just didn't care. Many of them were prostitutes and drug users, so they weren't "worth" defending or protecting.

Because the Police are Officers, not Executioners.

It's not true that the police did nothing or that no one cared about these women's disappearance until recently. Yes, believe it or not, cops treat every homicide with the same diligence regardless of who or what the victim was. They are human beings too, and they want to solve crimes and arrest murderers.

Often cases involving prostitutes, street people or those living on the fringes go unsolved for long periods of time because there simply isn't enough evidence to lead to an arrest, or even a suspect. When these women were being murdered there was no DNA testing, no known motive, and no evidence connecting any of them to the same killer.

Cops are not perfect by any stretch, but mostly they are dedicated, underrated, overworked professionals who want justice the same as us.

This comment probably won't be posted by Los Angeles Times but most other news outlets have the Giants fan beating as a headlining story.

Why is this old Grim Sleeper case being dug out and called to our attention as the most pressing news of the minute?

Enietra Washington, the only known survivior of the so-called Grim Sleeper, who was shot and raped in November 1988 stated that her attacker had pockmarks on his face, and the police sketch based on her eye witness description shows a man with clearly visible pockmarks on both cheeks. Lonnie Franklin does not have pockmarks on his face, not in his post-arrest photos and not in any of the the photos (private or mugshots) published since his arrest last July.

Franklin is a criminal but is he the Grim Sleeper? Or was he framed because the LAPD and City Hall were desperate to close the case? Stranger things have happened.

And how convenient that then-Attorney General Jerry Brown shows up at the post-arrest press conference while campaigning for Governor. It was disgusting to see the chief of police, the mayor, City Councilman Parks and Brown at that press conference, bathing in the spotlight, pretending to suddenly care about the victims and their families.

Even if it's a quick trial its not like he is going to be executed right away...he will live another 20 years while he waits to be executed because this broke ass state of ours is to scared to start offing all these people on death row, instead we let them sit there taking up resources while us the Tax payers pay for stay in our prisons.

I think it's amazing that they were able to piece all this together and catch this guy. It speaks to the diligence of the police detectives and the obvious complexity of solving these crimes.


This SERIAL KILLER got away with what he did for so long
because he did this in the DARKNESS and very QUIETLY!!!
Teach your children to stay home at night the streets are very
very DANGEROUS!!! If they dont STAY HOME this is what
is out there in the DARKNESS and its not the POLICE FAULT
or ANYONES FAULT and even the ones out at night can be

The only people asleep in this case was the police. THE ENTIRE TIME he was killing they couldn't be bothered to investigate because the victims were of the wrong ethnicity.

I know we have a right to trial by jury, but really, why isn't this guy dead yet? His home was filled with bodies! It will probably be years and several appeals before his sentence is carried out.


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