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GOP official apologizes for email picturing Obama as a chimpanzee but refuses to resign

An Orange County Republican Party official who sent an email that included President Obama's face superimposed on that of a chimpanzee with the words "Now you know why — No birth certificate!" issued an apology Wednesday but said she will not resign.

At a news conference, Marilyn Davenport, an elected member of the party's central committee, said it was "unwise" to send the email and didn't realize how much it would offend people. When pressed by a reporter, she said the apology was to anyone who was offended as well as to President Obama himself.

But she said she will not step down from her party position, as some officials have requested. She said she's heard from many Orange County Republicans to stay put.

"Out of respect for my constituents, I will remain in office," she said at the news conference, which was broadcast live on KTLA News.

County GOP Chairman Scott Baugh has called for Davenport to resign. 

Baugh said he received the email Friday afternoon and quickly responded with an email telling Davenport it was "dripping with racism and is in very poor taste." He said the issue should be referred to the Orange County GOP's ethics committee.

At the news conference, Davenport said she “offended the black people” and that "I humbly receive your rebuke.''


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Photo: With her husband, Dick Davenport, right, at her side, Orange County GOP Central Committee member Marilyn Davenport at her Fullerton home Wednesday. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

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She's quoted as having said ....

"Out of respect for my constitutents, I will remain in office,"

That's about the most profound insult to her constituents that I can imagine.

Marilyn Davenport consistantly demonstrates ...
by her actions and comments... a lack of sensitivity
and understanding regarding this particular matter.

Any political party that would support Marilyn
continuing in her current role...becomes tainted.
This is a blatant display of unacceptable judgement of a person who has violated the trust of those who elected her.
Just like the Orange County Assemblyman who immediately
resigned because of his inappropriate comments brought
to the public attention....so should Marilyn resign immediately. She can work "behind the scenes"...
if she feels so committed...

This woman couldn't be more out of touch if she tried.

Marilyn, I can assure you, decent people of ALL races and backgrounds were offended. That makes you the most offensive type of person. One who clearly doesn't get it.

Then I will sue her bones out...Sothern California is a shameless one...birther Davenport,then you will expect a lawsuit..

She "offended the black people"! That term in itself confirms her bigotry, as well as that of her party. By the way Ms. Davenport you offended a lot more than the "black people" You offended the President of the United States, who should be treated with respect regardless as to whether you agree with his policies or not. You offended those of us who deplore your outright bigotry and hatred of anyone who is different from yourself and you are an embarassment to your own kind! I am not suprised your constituents support you, they are cut out of the same filthy cloth!

I am a proud racist. Brown Power!

Another classy Republican flushed out of our sewers. What else would you expect?

Maybe this woman should move to Mississippi where she will be warmly welcomed...

FOX News should hire Davenport...She would right at home with Sara Palin and the others.............

Well, if Mr. Burgh should can her NOW. Don't wait & speak in CLEAR & CERTAIN terms, this type of action is no tolerated.

Dean Grose, Marilyn Davenport, Orly Taitz, Deborah Pauly, and Ed Royce. The O.C. sure knows how to grow them.

Okay-- the County GOP Chair needs to "man up" and pull a DONALD and say: You're fired!

She should resign, she is an embarassment

i don't agree with what she did, but she has more gonads than any american politician; of either party!

It's amazing how Anglo-saxon americans can post something racist online or on a billboard and then say they did not mean to offend anybody..What a crock!! I truly believe that whatever racist remark or material a person sends via email or text is only telling the other party what that person really feels inside. Its a shame that in 2011 racism still exsist by ignorant people who are truly afraid of change.. Lets be honest here for a second.. we are all illegal immigrants to this country, but yet you have this one particular race that has a history of believing they are superior to the other, which time after time have been proven wrong..I say to the GOP official who sent that lack of taste photo of our president, please don't apologize for what you truly fear.. As for me.. I say I have heard enough apologies from racist people out there.. if you don't have something positive and good to say..then please close your mouth and live in peace..nobody wants to hear that trash..Evolve..Unlearn...

Our apologies to the Ape -
that is the real shame.
The ape deserved a lot better than to be compared to a failure.
The ape has a superior intelligence and a kinder manner.
That is the only reason to apologize - to the ape.

it's over with, let it go.

Oh, so she knows she "offended the black people."

Republican bigots are so damned stupid it actually reaches into funny.

Got news for you, Marilyn, you self-professed "good Christian lady," you offended a lot more than "the black people." And about the only thing that matches the ignorance and intolerance of your email, is the moronic, offensive so-called apology wherein you made things worse.

Would she even understand if we simply blamed this on, "the old people?"

News Flash to Ms. Davenport: You haven't “offended the black people.” You have offended all decent people everywhere. The fact you "didn't realize how much it would offend people" says a lot about you. The fact you're confident you belong in a leadership position in the Republican Party says a lot about them. I guess you would know what kind of people belong in that bunch.

Just another example of why no Republican should be elected to any public office in 2012. They still don't get it.

Glad to know that she thinks she offended 'the black people' instead of 'the chimpanzees'. African Americans deserve more than being called 'the black people'. I guess she's a member of 'the stupid people'.



Alas, Mrs. Davenport is quite typical of many members of the CA GOP's local organizing central committees: extreme in their politics, religion and outright bigotry (against minorities, gays, persons of different faiths). In short, Tea Party dumb-dumbs.

Keep it up, Marilyn; you and your so-called constituents (probably what? 2000 local voters who received a slate-mailer?) will help every Democrat on the ballot next year.

Nothing quite like a circular firing squad.

i like les mis :)

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