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Glendale wants to be more friendly to cyclists, pedestrians

Ljsfl0nc The Glendale City Council approved a long-awaited plan that officials hope will make the city more friendly to cyclists and pedestrians.

The “Safe and Healthy Streets Plan” incorporates more than two years of community outreach and development funded by a $305,000 county grant awarded to the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition in 2008.

Recommendations include: establishing citywide walks and bicycle ride events, a distribution program for bike lights and helmets in lieu of issuing citations, enlarging sidewalks and partnering with local schools to provide bicycle education.

The document focuses on five main areas — education, encouragement, enforcement, engineering and evaluation — in which Glendale can improve to the point that more residents may take to walking and biking. It also incorporates potential funding sources and implementation strategies.

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-- Melanie Hicken, Glendale News-Press / Times Community News

Photo credit: Aaron Favila / Associated Press

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Good to hear that Glendale wants to be friendly to cyclists. Its citizens, as far as cyclists are concerned, are some of the worst in the city. Some of them seem to revel in being aggressive toward cyclists.

By the way, the writer of this article should correctly spell "cyclists," not cylists.

most of those programs are lame -- except the actual bike lanes and preventing the cops for ticketing people of course (that's a tax on cycling).

what's a cylist? anyway....i was born and raised in glendale....don't live there anymore but my parents do. i CRINGE whenever i go to visit them. i HATE driving through glendale with all the aggressive drivers in their BMWs, bentleys and other luxury sedans. it gets me sick....

Finally, I biked to work about 3 years ago, then the gas was just starting to up to $3.00 a gallon, I biked from the Eagle Rock/Glassell Park are to Glendale Adventist and I did this religiously for about 2 years rain or shine. I lost about 30 pounds, gained more $ in my pocket, saved on $ on car repairs, however, the encounters I had with cars was unreal!

Good to see that more and more cities are doing something for the cyclists. I myself commute with my bike 3 times/week and I fill up gas once every two weeks while before I had to fill-up once a week. Luckily East of 57 Fwy roads are really bike-friendly with less cars and bike lanes and such.

As long as cyclists/riders also follow the road rules and safety precautions and with more cities become bike friendly, I can see biking become major way of transportation for mass in the future.

If the city wants to make itself more cyclist friendly, they should give the cyclists body armor to protect them from the terrible drivers.

That's a good start,maybe long overdue?Hope they do that "ride" like CicLAvia.Used to live in glendale;but I currently worked along brand blvd.Yeah,I noticed some drivers recklessness towards cyclists and I just shake my head in disgust.

My friends and I hate driving in Glendale and feel nervous about even crossing a crosswalk there. The local drivers are very rude and have no considerations for anyone in their way.

As always, make cyclists ashere to traffic laws. In every city in SoCal you see cyclists gliding through stop signs regardless of traffic. Try Monrovia (Mountain Ave) on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

They can start by getting rid of the jerk cops giving out stupid tickets first.

Living in Glendale for the last 39 years, I've seen some improvements. but over-all Glendale needs to deal with the traffic in the area of chevy chase dr- which has become a race track of sorts, chevy chase dr and adams, there are people who still refuse toread the NO TURN ON RED signs, and drivers in that same area are still refusing to wait for Pedestrians to cross the street, drivers are in a big hurry..

Glendale see's a dollar and they all jump on it!

I'm so mad that they added bike lanes in Burbank to Verdugo St. between Olive and Hollywood way. They took a four lane road, and turned it into a two lane road that is now so congested it can take twice as long to get through. And guess what... I've seen only a handfull of cyclists since they've done it.

Does it make sense to inconvenience thousands so a couple of cyclists can have their own lane?

Lets add one to the 405 next, and event the 10 freeway, that would be brilliant.

This is actually quite funny. Glendale has always been known as the kill a pedestrian capital of the world. On Central and Brand, people blow through places where crosswalks are and they finally got smart and put flashing little lights on the ground to let drivers know where the crosswalks were and now you can push a button to make the light at the cross walk red so people can cross safely. If it wasn't for the abundance of young people who's parents give them high powered cars that they race up and down the street, Glendale might be more pedestrian and bike friendly. I don't go near Glenoaks after dark because the straight-a-way is perfect for young kids to drag race.

Glendale is the WORST place to be a pedestrian, nevermind a cyclist. I hate having to cross major streets in Glendale because motorists would rather drive you over, horns blaring, than wait the 10 seconds it takes you to cross a street. Forget about walk lights even in major intersections. Drivers will squeeze through if they can come within a foot of you rather than wait for you to cross. I ride my bike through many areas in LA county but I wouldn't dare ride in Glendale.

Before Glendale can be made bike-friendly, something needs to be done by aggressive and distracted drivers.

If they learn to stay in the bike lane, ride with traffic direction and not against it, and not ride their bikes in the road, they would be safer.

Huh? I thought we had a budget crisis?

Start by cracking down on the idiots that race their tinted window BMWs, Lexus and Benz's up and down crowded Glenoaks Blvd.
It's barely safe for people in cars let alone people on foot or on bikes!

The city better issue body armor to the cyclists so they stand a chance against the crazy drivers in Glendale.

You have to be insane to consider riding your bike in Glendale. There is no respect for drivers, pedestrians, etc. I see cars driving 50+miles an hour though school zones. I've seen drivers swerve around old age pedestrians who have the right of way. I've seen a few baby carriages almost get hit. The police have done very little about this. I agree with all the posters, the people of Glendale could be considered some of the worst in all of California. It's a miserable city. I'm often asking myself.. what's the rush..you're in Glendale what could you possible be late for. I would really love to see a poll of the citizens of Glendale, to see the deeper insights into how they feel as a community. I lived on the Glendale border for years, and I thank my lucky stars I moved far away from this horrible, aggressive, negative, violent, unfriendly community.

Glendale is neither bike nor pedestrian friendly. I see numerous violations against pedestrians daily. This afternoon, FIVE cars crossed a marked crosswalk when there was an elderly woman in the middle of it. This was on Broadway and Everest. I had to wait for a bus so I watched for a while. Over and over again, cars would ignore a person in the crosswalk and pass through while the person was still crossing.

And where are the cops? Except for the few stings each year when an undercover agent dresses like a pimp or a giant rabbit, the cops are not around.

Go ahead and build your bike lanes in Glendale. I am not planning on using them until you do something about the idiot drivers.


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