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Giants fan was attacked from behind, LAPD says

Click for photos from opening day
Authorities released new details Friday about the Giants fan who allegedly was severely beaten by two apparent Dodgers fans at the end of the Dodgers' opening day game.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the assailants, clad in Dodgers attire, began taunting the victim with expletives.  As the victim, 41, and his friends attempted to walk away from the assailants, the victim was hit from behind and fell to the ground, police said.

The two men then kicked and punched the victim as he lay on the ground.  The victim’s friends attempted to help him and they too were hit by the assailants.

"The man suffered a serious head injury during the assault after the game," said LAPD Sgt. Sanford Rosenberg, watch commander at the Northeast Division station.

The attack occurred about 8:30 p.m. Thursday in Parking Lot 2 when the two assailants approached three people wearing Giants apparel.

The incident was witnessed by several fans in the area, Rosenberg said. The assailants fled as people tried to assist the injured man, Rosenberg said.

Police said the incident was captured on a security video camera, and witnesses have provided details about the assailants, including a distinctive tattoo.

Because Dodgers opening day is known for its heavy drinking and rowdy crowds, the LAPD was out in full force to try to avoid a repeat of unruly behavior of past years.

"It was much quieter this year than previous years," said Capt. Dave Lindsay.

Opening day this year saw 72 people arrested, he said. Most of those arrests were related to intoxication or illegal consumption of alcohol, Lindsay said.

Many of those arrests were done by cite and release with a court date, he said. In addition to those arrests, 48 citations were issued for various offenses, including traffic infractions.

But the number of overall arrests was markedly down from last year’s opening day, when 132 arrests were made, police said.


2 men sought in Dodger Stadium beating of Giants fan

Giants fan seriously beaten, 25 people arrested at Dodgers' home opener

Photos: Scenes from the Dodgers' home opener

-- Richard Winton

Photo: Pregame warm-ups at Elysian Park on opening day.

Credit: Allen J. Schaben /Los Angeles Times

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I just love it when all gang members need to do now, is to put on a Dodgers or Lakers jersey, and they feel entitled to beat people up and to plunder. With the possibility of a NFL team, they could have a Hat Trick. Good thing they don't follow the NHL.

Get the punks and make examples of them! They ruin it for everyone and give us all a bad name. Losers with the same kind of mentality are planning retribution for Dodgers fans when they come north -- seems a shame. Maybe the days of being able to enjoy a game at the stadium are over (as many insist and for a number of reasons having to do with thugs who only wear the Dodgers colors), but we don't have to accept it with silence.

That's what you get when you allow a baseball venue in L.A. to turn into a soccer stadium in Bogota. Dodgers fans are the rowdiest crowd in baseball. It is not a family environment at all. I blame the ownership for allowing this disgusting environment to persist year after year at Dodger Stadium. Gang thugs should not be allowed into the game.

Worst, most vile fans in the country. It will be interesting to see how this behavior is ignored or swept under the rug when the national media does their ridiculous "Worst Fans" lists.

Its just a game...Don't forget that.....

"It was much quieter this year than previous years," said Capt. Dave Lindsay.

Um, except for that one guy almost getting murdered? In full view of everyone, and no one did anything about it? Yeah, that sounds "much quieter," thanks.


Again give us the description of these criminals??? It seems like you're hiding details! The details are those that will hurt Dodger tickets sales.... you know what I mean.

Get the gang and thug element out of this ballpark. I like diversity but I will fight against idiots of every nationality and race - white, black, asian, brown, indian, etc. It's not about your race, but how you present yourself as a gentleman.

I have a suggestion. Next time have security wear Giants gear and when the so called "Dodger Fans" act up, pounce on them with no mercy. Most of them probably have warrants against them anyway.

Another reason to go to Angel games. Different crowd demographic there. A little less armed, a little less indiscriminately violent.

One unfortunate part of living in LA is to have to drive all the way to Anaheim on so many summer days and nights just to watch a ballgame in a safe and friendly environment. I am 63 and have been a baseball fan since I was perhaps 3 or 4.
I have been to most ballparks in America and love baseball and its fans. There is no worse place to be to watch a baseball game, or for that matter just to be for any reason than Dodger Stadium. You couldn't deliberately round up a bigger bunch of ignorant morons than the ones who just show up at any given Dodger game.
Of course the Giant fan was attacked from behind. These kinds of people are always cowards as well. No one is going to change the demographics of our city or the culture at Dodger Stadium. So, in the context of that, the Dodger organization is just going to have to try to find a way to protect their fans from one another.

C'mon LAPD do your job, how many times must this happen before you realize the simple solution: post about 2o cops in SF wear, even have some act rude and loud, nothing wrong with that as my fellow dodger fans are certainly rude......draw these criminals out that this happens over and over shows the lack of simple, basic community oriented policing, all that dough only blocks away and you can't send some trainies over to chavez ravine a few times a year as undercover Giant fans......shame on you this is a liabilty that could have been prevented and shame on the Dodgers as well, I'm staying home this year and have sold my seats, might even becomne a Padres fan!

This is pathetic. It's just a game and some people take it way too seriously. Stuff like this pisses me off. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and his friends and family.

You forgot to add that the victim is a paramedic & the father of 2 children. Doder fans should be hanging their heads in shame today.......

What the Times isn't telling you is that the suspects are a pair of latino males. 18-24 years of age (according to the LAPD). Add the tats and the locale and you know they're gang bangers. Why won't the Times tell us this?

Of course he was attacked from behind.... That's what these cholo thugs do. They are cowards and run in groups... not unlike wolves. One on one, they do nothing. It's when they're under the influence and running in packs that they suddenly become "brave"....

One blogger speculated police kept the number of arrests down opening day to help the Dodgers with their public relations. Hard to believe this is true in spite of last years LA Times headline which read "Amid divorce, Frank McCourt gives more than $1 million worth of Dodger tickets to LAPD officers." In retrospect, these appearance of impropriety should probably be avoided. Hopefully arrests were down because crimes committed were down although 72 people arrested and 48 citations hardly seems down.

Same pattern year after year. It is unconscionable that this City and Dodger ownership cannot get there act together and provide adequate security. Dodger Stadium is not a family hang anymore. This City should be ashamed of itself!!

Wow Dodger stadium is turning into the Colosseum of the Raider Days. Pathetic, Stacy Classy Dodger fans!

this seems to happen a lot more at dodgers games than anywhere else in the majors. pretty sad dodger fans.


"Attacked from behind." Sounds like Dodger fans.

What a disgrace to the city these cowards are.
Way to perpetuate the stereotype that seems to fit sports teams in LA and the low class crowds they attract. Loser gang memberz that have nothing else to identify with.

Don't get caught slippin...

Dodger fans show their true colors jumping a Giants fan from behind! LA is a great big city of losers. It's just a game and you guys won! I've been to almost every Giants vs Dodgers game in SF the last 20+ years and have never seen a Giants fan act that badly. I'd bet those Dodger fans that beat that guy would have done that to any competitive fan but act that way just because it was opening day. I'm embarrassed to be a fellow Californian and a fellow baseball fan. GO GIANTS! 2010 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS.

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