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Giants fan sent text message saying he was 'scared' before the beating [Updated]

Minutes before San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow was beaten in the Dodger Stadium parking lot, he texted a relative to say that he feared for his safety, his cousin said Tuesday.

In the text message, he said he was "scared inside the stadium," his cousin John Stow said, adding, "He doesn't use that term loosely." A short time later, when the game ended, the 42-year-old paramedic and father of two walked out to look for a taxi and was attacked so brutally that he remains in a coma with a brain injury.

His doctors said Bryan Stow suffered a severely fractured skull and damage to the frontal lobe of his brain.

[Corrrected, 5:26 p.m.: A previous version of this post mischaracterized the nature of the damage to Stow's brain.]

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who has denounced the attack, said it occurred "completely without any provocation." The victim was "hit from behind," he said, and "beat senselessly."

The City Council voted Tuesday to offer a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the assailants, bringing the total reward to $100,000.

Los Angeles Police Department detectives said they believed that as many as 100 people may have witnessed the attack, which occurred in Parking Lot 2 at Dodger Stadium about 8:30 p.m. Thursday. Det. Jose Carrillo said he believed the two assailants may have attacked three or four other men before beating Stow.

Police are asking anyone with information to report tips to LA Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (8477), texting the letters TIPLA plus your tip to CRIMES (274637), or using the website.


Reward for information in Giants fan beating grows to $100,000

Suspects in Giants fan beating fled in car with 10-year-old boy

Rival cities and fans come together to denounce attack on Giants fan

-- Richard Winton

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The Constitution does not guarantee us police protection. It is a shame that the law makers in California do not trust their own law abiding constituents to carry concealed weapons for self defense making THEM culpable in attacks like this tragedy. Colt semi-automatic .45, don't leave home without it....or incase you live in California,simply just don't leave home at all..........

Man, hope this guy recovers...sounds like the Dodgers have a serious problem with their whole culture and game experience...they need to crack down big time on fans that create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation...oh, and anyone not ratting out perps is a huge coward...

Yeah! let's get AEG's football stadium to get more morons to beat up on others. But AEG will make their money, no matter, while more tax-payer funded LAPD increases their presence.

Unfortunately people are becoming ever more angry and frustrated and sporting events seem to be a place whare so called fans become take out their anger with violence. I hate to not be able to take my kids to games but it is becoming more and more prevalent that fan violence is now part of the games. You only have to look at what happens at soccer games around the world to see where we are going. I think I would rather take them to the beach or a movie.

Death penalty.

When will the Dodgers make changes to the atmosphere in the stadium?

The city needs to absolutely throw the book at these two guys when they catch them. Life in prison without the possibility of parole, 23 hours in solitary, and feed them the same meal every day for the rest of their worthless lives. These two thugs are animals, not humans, and they don't belong in free society.

i really hope that someone comes forward to put this trash behind bars. I say trash because that is exactly what those people are. Sports are about competition between two teams. It is great to be passionate about your team, but there isn't anything wrong with someone else having passion for their team either. Hearing some Dodger fans on the news the day after the attack saying that visiting fans should expect hazing if they're coming to a game made me ashamed. They were hispanic as am I, but I also have common sense and to say words like that in an interview for your community television news was a disgrace. I'm ashamed to be the same race as them because it just takes one person to disgrace an entire race.
I hope this man recovers fully and that these thugs find their place behind bars.

I'm praying for Mr. Stow and his family. I pray that the individuals involved are apprehended soon. As for Dodger Blue, I'm extremely disappointed by the manner in which they have handled this matter, and by the mere $10,000 reward offered for the assailants. How long will it take for Dodger Blue to step forward and take the lead to start a fund to cover Mr. Stow's medical needs and future expenses for him and his two children?

I will never go to a Dodger Game on home turf. I didn't need a millisecond to know what type of people attacked the victim. I could have given the same accurate description as eye witnesses gave and that is why I have never been to Dodger Stadium and will never go. It attracts the worse kind of brown trash bottom feeders that inhabit Los Angeles. The victim was expecting civility and good sportsmanship as is the norm where he is from. So sad he did not know how filthy Dodger Stadium has become.

Every civilization is only one generation away from barbarism. I think we have arived.

hmm somethings fishy about this whole story. The victim has been portrayed in the media as just a guy walking to his car, but he was "in the stadium" and had the foresight to text message people saying he was scared? Then went out by himself to look for a taxi? Did he provoke a fight with these people while he was watching the game? Something tells me we aren't getting the whole story.

What is most disappointing in this is how few people are coming forward. That says more about socal than the beating itself.

Hey, I'm a Dodgers' fan and I'm scared inside the stadium. It looks like a casting call for Southland.

"L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who has denounced the attack, said it occurred "completely without any provocation." The victim was "hit from behind," he said, and "beat senselessly."

Is he a story teller or will Antonio actually say anything about the culture that breeds these types of people? Because relaying what happened doesn't find those thugs nor does it fix anything.

Sad day for all of MLB! Best wishes to Bryan from Toronto.

the perpetrators should be beaten and dumped in shallow graves.

the Dodgers should put some effort behind this - The DOGERS, the team should put up a few million dollars to find these inhumane "fans" -

@ Upset

You are so right....There is more booing going on than actual cheering at Dodger Stadium. If you listen to the chants, "Giants Suck" is louder than anything that is pro-Dodgers. Mic this anger with gang mentality and low-life people and the atmosphere becomes terrible to enjoy a baseball game.

RE: Drew | April 05, 2011 at 07:12 PM
Great job at blaming the victim! As widely reported, Mr Stow was walking together with two other friends. The two cowards attacked him from the back, Mr Stow's only 'provocation' was that he wore Giants attire. It is disgusting that anyone would try to find a rationale for a brutal attack done by worthless dirt bags.

I attended my last Dodger game this past Saturday with my son as I had bought the tickets before this incident. I found a stadium in decay, with outrageous prices not only for parking but for food, drinks, etc. While the crowd in my area was a good mix of Dodger and Giants fans there were some 'seat hoppers' who obviously did not have seats in that area and kept jumping around to any available seat. Security was non-existent.

McCourt has used this team as his personal piggy bank and has now drained it dry. Until this team is sold to someone with a bit of city and team pride and the 'garbage' is cleaned out from the stadium, I'll watch the games from home.

So, so sad. This is no longer a family venue, more like every man for themself. I was at the game the next day and it didn't appear that security was beefed up at all. While I was in the stands I am pretty sure I was surrounded by convicted felons. Thugs, tattoos and gang signs were everywhere. And they were all drinking like crazy. I'm watching the rest of the season from home, it's not worth the risk.

last went to Dodger stadium 10 years ago - vulgar, drunken, and threatening behaviour was way over the top that long ago - can't imagine what it's like nowadays - go to the minors and have a nice experience for way less cost

This is a message to all the "gangbangers" at Dodger stadium..you guys are a bunch of little coward punks!! You go to a family environment and pick on decent people in groups where you out number them or outsize them. All gang members are cowards and will never be real men! Go join your stupid groups where you all shave your heads, put on ugly stupid tattoos and dress like cartoonish clowns but stay away from normal society. You are all LOSERS!!

CHARLES BRONSON would serve some well deserved justice, kill off all gang members one by one

you would think that with the price of ticket admission and parking that the dodger organization would make an investment in high tech security. Were there no cameras that could have captured the incident? Markets, Banks, Department stores, Gas Stations, have video cameras on their premises for security purposes.the security of its fans should be a commodity da organization would want to ensure it provides to its fans....afterall, the stadium is filled with seats... who fills them? I pay premium prices for my seat, I enjoy the sport so does my mother who is 75.. but increasingly the stadium has been attracting more gang members than baseball fans. I sat in the pavillion section and vowed i wouldnver do it again.. soda drinks were being tossed at people, hostilities and cursing not having anything to do with game were constant..i will be saving my money and hope the dodgers lose money until they invest in their fans safety. putting on my LA baseball cap has new meaning.. it isnt the same.. its now a bitter sweet feeling. im bitter about the greed that in essence allowed us all to be vulnerable to this form of attack. but my deepest regret is that it happened at all. I feel bad for this young giants fan and pray for his recovery. i hope they find the garbage responsible for this senseless act and put them in a cage with the animals. sick!

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