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Giants fan critically beaten after Dodgers home opener

Don Mattingly

The Los Angeles Dodgers opening day was marred by violence when a San Francisco Giants fan was critically beaten in the stadium parking lot after the game.

Los Angeles police were searching Friday for two Dodgers fans responsible for assaulting and critically injuring a man wearing San Francisco Giants apparel following Thursday’s game.

"The man suffered a serious head injury during the assault after the game,'' said Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Sanford Rosenberg, watch commander at the Northeast Station.

Rosenberg said the victim was one of three Giants fans attacked in the parking lot around the end of the game by two unidentified men wearing Dodgers clothing.

The unprovoked attack occurred about 8:30 p.m. in Parking Lot 2 when two men in Dodgers clothing approached three victims in Giants apparel, police said.

The men then attacked the trio, kicking and punching them and shouting expletives about the Giants as they delivered the blows, Rosenberg said. The attack left one victim hospitalized in critical but stable condition, Rosenberg said.

The LAPD arrested at least two people for public intoxication in the parking lot compared to more than 130 on opening day last year.

Detectives ask anyone with information on the attack to call the LAPD's Northeast Station at (213) 485-2563.

Public intoxication has been an issue at Dodger home openers in the past, leading to police crackdowns. It's unclear if drinking was a factor in this case. The Dodgers beat the Giants 2-1.


Giants fan seriously beaten, 25 people arrested at Dodgers home opener

-- Richard Winton

Photo: Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly greets his coaches and reserve players during pregame introductions on Thursday evening at Dodger Stadium. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times / March 31, 2011)

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What's hilarious is that the majority of people coming down on all these thug Dodger scumbags refuse to recognize that these are the same types of slime that participate in the annual Lakers riots.

Here in Brazil, when things like these happen inside the stadium (parking lot included), the home or away team may be punished, depending on the case. This case would probably lead to the Dodgers having to play their next game with closed gates, i.e., no fans there.

It's not about team punishment, it's for the fans. This is to fans know that one's misbehaviour may prejudice other fans and the team.

Time to ban alcohol from sporting events since drinking adults can't behave themselves.

This a sad commentary on what the definition of a Dodger fan really is. As a Dodger fan of 54 years and once a part time employee with the Dodgers before FM, I am embarrassed for all Dodger fans. The media has painted these thugs as Dodger fans, in reality they are suspects in a crime who wore Dodger attire.
No different that the guy wearing a NY Yankee hat during a robbery, was that a Yankee fan?
It is unfortunate that these individuals cannot control their passion for the game and most likely their alcohol. They will be caught.
It makes you wonder with all the money spent on Dodger security supplemented by L.A.P.D. how safe it is to attend a game with such rivalry. Is it worth it? Ask the poor fan who went to the game with the best intentions and ended up in the ER.
Let's hope for a full recovery of this person and that his family never has to experience this again.

That's what happens when you let gangbangers into sporting events.


I'm a Dodger fan myself but I'm tired of defending Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers have some really devoted fans and then they have idiots like these two ignorant fools who think that representing their Dodger Pride requires violence. Isn't the win against the Giants on Opening Day enough?

I'd rather whoop their ass in a fair game.

why post a comment when you won't post it. In reading some of these posted my was ultra conservative...give me a break. My posting this morning was not posted.

This is the same thing seen at Raiders games. Drunk stupid Doyer fans. Its the L.A. mentality. I am amazed how stupid their fans get. I wont go to another game.

Time to eliminate all alcohol at sports events. Sorry, if you cannot go 3 or 4 hours without a beer, you have a problem. Children go to games and they should not be subjected to drunken fans (unfortunately, sometimes it is their own parents).

One of the several reasons I stopped taking my family to "Doyers" games years ago. It used to be a blast; no more, just a bunch of Raiders-esque thugs. If McCourt wants to attract law abiding families to the stadium again he needs to spend some serious money on security. Oh wait, he can't; he's got that divorce thing to worry about. Walter O'Malley is rolling over in his grave.

Clearly, this is a hate crime simply because the victims are San Francisco Giants fans. As a life-long Dodgers fan, this is abhorrent. I trust the LAPD will catch these criminals and our DA's office put them away, possibly in a Northern California prison full of GIANTS fans! And to the Giants fans posting that all Dodgers fans are thugs, etc., that's an insult to all of the great Dodgers fans who are respectable and courteous to visiting fans at Dodger Stadium.

Sad Sad Sad! So called Basketball fans are no worse than street hooligans. Not a drop of Sportsmanship to be seen!

Dodger management to totally to blame for this. There are way too many examples of violent fan behavior in the past at the stadium. For them not to account for fan safety in their own parking lot is totally inexcusable. They can harass people in full force before the game for drinking, but accept no responsibility after the game. The team as a whole needs to address and condemn this type of thuggish actions. Take a page from the soccer clubs in Europe that have to deal with constant hooligaism. Ban alcohol sales for the stadium. Ban all fans from attending the games. Force the team to forfiet wins as a result of the fans. I know this may seem harsh and extreme, but this the only way people will understand.

this is shameful. i am ashamed to be a dodger fan. i remmber when dodger stadium was a really friendly place to be. no more. i would wager that if Peter O was still in charge this wouldnt be happening.


I sincerely hope that this will be charged as a hate crime.

Im a Dodger Fan but to fight someone because there routing for another team that's pretty sad. My kid's all love different teams from dodgers,yankees and even the indians and I forgot even the reds. Same with football and basketball they have a right to be at any of those games to support there team. Grow up people it's only a game.

Unfortunately, low lives have rooting interests in sports. Many of them live in L.A. and may be the same ones that will trash the town if the Lakers or Dodgers win championships. Many of these losers have an unenvious social economic status and may be compelled to instill pain on others to feel good about themselves. Hope they get arrested. I too beleive an eye for an eye

What would've happened had the Dodgers lost? So very sad. Been a Dodger fan all my life, but will not attend another game until McCourt starts caring more about the team and fans than the almighty $$$....which will apparently never happen. GET SOME FRIGGIN SECURITY! Only hope is he'll have to sell the team. At least I can still listen to Vin's always cheery broadcast at home, close my eyes and remember the good old days. He still sounds good, and I can burn a Dodger Dog and eat peanuts at home for a tiny fraction of the cost of parking at Dodger Stadium...not to mention buying tickets. If I go to a BB game this season it'll be an Angel game!

why is it any post with the word "hispanic" in it is banned and not posted

It's amazing how idiotic some people can be. I am a Dodger fan, but come on people, there are limits. Beating a man because of the team he cheers for is just moronic. That's not team pride, that's stupidity. It's a shame people can't go to a baseball game and ejoy themselves without being harrassed by drunken, ignorant jacka$$'s. Maybe they should stop selling beer at Dodger Stadium??? That will keep these idiots from consuming ignorance by the cupfull.

It really sucks when Raider fans become Dodger fans.

Sue the Dodgers owner!!!!

Its a shame that California pro sporting events are now no more than Hispanic gang wars.. Dodgers, Giants, Raiders, Angels, Chargers, A's fan bases -- just like the state -- have been overrun by gangmembers.. People wear these team color's and logo's no longer to root for the team -- but to promote their gang affiliation.. It's the same from Sacramento to San Diego. No more families.. No more actual fans.. Just nortenos vs surenos vs border brothers vs whoever vs whatever.. Embarrassing. People getting shot, stabbed, critically beaten over a freakn sports game??? Next season of the show Gangland should have an episode called "California Sports Fans"..

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