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Giants fan critically beaten after Dodgers home opener

Don Mattingly

The Los Angeles Dodgers opening day was marred by violence when a San Francisco Giants fan was critically beaten in the stadium parking lot after the game.

Los Angeles police were searching Friday for two Dodgers fans responsible for assaulting and critically injuring a man wearing San Francisco Giants apparel following Thursday’s game.

"The man suffered a serious head injury during the assault after the game,'' said Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Sanford Rosenberg, watch commander at the Northeast Station.

Rosenberg said the victim was one of three Giants fans attacked in the parking lot around the end of the game by two unidentified men wearing Dodgers clothing.

The unprovoked attack occurred about 8:30 p.m. in Parking Lot 2 when two men in Dodgers clothing approached three victims in Giants apparel, police said.

The men then attacked the trio, kicking and punching them and shouting expletives about the Giants as they delivered the blows, Rosenberg said. The attack left one victim hospitalized in critical but stable condition, Rosenberg said.

The LAPD arrested at least two people for public intoxication in the parking lot compared to more than 130 on opening day last year.

Detectives ask anyone with information on the attack to call the LAPD's Northeast Station at (213) 485-2563.

Public intoxication has been an issue at Dodger home openers in the past, leading to police crackdowns. It's unclear if drinking was a factor in this case. The Dodgers beat the Giants 2-1.


Giants fan seriously beaten, 25 people arrested at Dodgers home opener

-- Richard Winton

Photo: Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly greets his coaches and reserve players during pregame introductions on Thursday evening at Dodger Stadium. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times / March 31, 2011)

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First I like to say sorry for the Giant fan, I truly hope for a fast and speedy recovery out of the Hospital.
Second, I am a long time Dodger Fan, Love Baseball, grew up going to games with a radio to hear Vin Scully give the play by play, yeah, those that know, know what I am talking about. I lived in LA all my life until 10 years when I moved up near the Bay Area (SF Giant Country), you think those fans up there gave me a break, no way, I couldn’t wear my Dodger cap or root for my team with out getting abused! I am in no way a smack talker either, I love the game and I applaud good plays regardless of who make’s them. I was told more than once that if the Giants still played at the old candlestick park that I would not last a minute! Maybe because I am a fit healthy man and not a smack talker saved me a few times from ending up in fight. Giants fans are Thugs too!

This happens everywhere, unfortunately.
Between the Laker Game and this incident, that's why I enjoy games in Hi-Def at home. I found the comments (by people not drinking) more offensive. This is why the problem continues. Stereotypes, like; "they should catch these guys and deport them", "we know this comes from "South of the border", "street thugs" "gang bangers" etc...That type of ignorance continues to allow the hatred toward people different than you by the guy next door. I've been at Yankee stadium and have witnessed similar behavior and beatings of Met fans. A bloody mess that I regret having my young children subjected to. It wasn't stereotypical street thugs that were responsible. And it wasn't Yankee fans. It's a small minority of hateful people that create big problems. I see them at Citi Field disguised as Met fans as well. Look beyond the cap and look at the individual and the behavior. Hateful remarks toward groups of people just make me wonder if this person was drunk, would be the person inflicting the hate in physical form.

Sorry to say it, folks...but Dodger Stadium 2011 = LA Coliseum with Raiders occupancy, 1994. Deja vu all over again. We all know why, don't we:?

What next? Pulling guys out of their cars and burning it? Oh yeah, they did that already after the Lakers won.

What has become acceptable behavior in Los Angeles after victories is an embarrassment to the whole city, most of all, the law enforcement.

I thought you were suppose to be happy after your team won. What do you do after your team loses a game they were expected to win?

Seems to me the Dodgers' Ownership should be liable for inadequate security at the stadium. Their solution? Ask for eyewitnesses to voluntarily come forward to rat on some gang bangers. I'm sure there will be people lining up to report this. Good Luck.

While I do not condone violence, the Giants fans knew the type of environment they were going into. Wearing enemy colors to the home stadium is a bad idea.

Treat them as the hoolygans in soccer, ban them, fine them even fine the Dodgers as an organization and you'll see how they will improve over security, all is money, but get to the roots, get the organization. Shame on them.

Even better, lets boycot all dodgers games, let them feel financial pain, one way or another..

Men are so competitive and you get that testosterone going and alcohol equals trouble even at a childs ball game men want to fight. It's not that serious!!! I hope he's okay.

This happens EVERY single year. At what point does McCourt/Dodgers/LA get sued in a wrongful death case for not providing enough security?
When I see Dodger or Padres fans in SF they of course get the trash talk or maybe peanuts thrown on them but I've never heard of them being hospitalized in gang style assaults. Somebody will inevitably be killed someday for wearing another teams jersey.

...Cardinals fan here. I've been to a bunch of games at the Ravine (my daughter, bless her heart works there and is a HUGE Dodgers fan) dressed in red from head to toe and I've NEVER had a negative experience--aside from the usual raspberries from the Blue Crew which is to be expected. I was planning on bringing my grandson on his birthday to Dodger Stadium to see the Cards v. Dodgers, but after reading this...I really don't want to take the chance. I'd rather not have his first baseball experience be a life threatening one...

LA Anaheim Angels all the way, glad we do not do this. Agree, the Dodgers are becoming like the Raiders.

McCourt must go. You can't bring your family to Dodger Stadium anymore. Bring back O'Malley.

Stop the McCourts.


The Dodgers are turingin into the Raiders, I stopped attending Radires games in LA (back int the day) because of the criminal element that attended the games. This looks like they are starting to move in that direction, thats too bad. A few bad apples.....

"Critically beaten"? Because he had Giants colors on? If that isn't gang mentality, I don't know what is. Giants-Dodgers doesn't need any more intensity than where it already is. This does not bode well for Dodger fans at AT&T Park.

In the past 4 years I have witnessed two Dodger fans sitting in front of me smoking pot, tail-gating all the time (even though it is not allowed), constant swearing, at least 3 fights a night in the stands within my view - all of this in view of my granddaughter. I've been coming to Dodger Stadium since the week it opened. It is the most beautiful park in the big leagues. But I gave up my season tickets because the experience has gone from excitement and fun to trying to shield my granddaughter from the fans around her. I regret to say it but I think my infant grandsons will not be getting their first baseball experience at Dodger Stadium.
I'm begging the Dodger organization to step up and do something about this.

My heart goes out to the Giants fan who is critical condition. I believe drinking had a huge part to do with the fight after the game, Dodger stadium needs to beef up security, especially during rival games. People will run their mouth and this is what happens fights and violence, we see it all the time on TV all the time, and then we are shocked when it happens in our backyard. I hope the people who attacked the Giants fans are caught and held accountable for their actions. I will continue to go to Dodger games and cheer for the home team.

There are still a few of these lowlife "fans" that still frequent Dodger Stadium.
I was at a game with my daughter last year in SF and it was obvious we were from So Cal, but I did not ever feel threatened or intimidated.
But just fill these idiots up with alcohol and watch their childlike bully mentality take over.
It's kind of like the gangs that fight over territory...who in their right mind would ever want to live, let alone fight for the places they live?

Bring back the Raiders so these thug fans can have somewhere else to go instead of Dodger games.

My eighty-five year old grandfather has been a Dodger fan since before they moved to Los Angeles and he is completely disgusted by this type of "fan". He thinks they're an embarrassment to the true Dodger fans who love the team and the tradition behind what it means to be a Dodger fan.

These idiots take all of the fun out of going to a game. I won't even take our family to a game anymore. It's just not worth it to deal with people like this, and that makes me sad. Going to baseball games used to be a family-friendly activity and now it's not. Why should the kids in our family be subjected to loud, drunk, obnoxious thugs who have no respect for anyone or anything?

P.S. Is it really worth it to beat someone up just because they're a fan of the other team? If you answer "yes", then you're an idiot and should stay at home permanently. A real Dodger fan would never behave like that.

This why I stopped going to Dodger games, as a Cubs fan I took alot of verbal abuse from some Dodger fans, rooting for you team is great but cussing and fighting with fans of other teams is totally out of line, I think Dodger Stadium should stop the sale of alcohol period or at least after the 4th inning, not the 7th.

Of course alcohol had a factor in this. And i'm sure those guys are gangsters'(cholos). Listen everyone out there, "If you go to a Dodger game expect the unexpected" Beer+gangsters=VIOLENCE

Most Dodger fans are very nice. The only ones who get in the news are the small percentage of thugs. You see both Dodger Security and the LAPD before the game to check for tail gating, but you never see them after the game when they are really needed after the thugs have consumed too much beer. They should have wrist bands with a limit of two beers purchased to help with this issue. I will pray for the SF fan to recover.

I'm a Dodger fan, and despise our rivals the giants but it's just a game people, violence is never the answer but to judge a team, it's fans, or a city by the reprehensible actions of a few is in and of it's self ignorant, and to bring racism and bigotry into a discussion like this is ridiculous less we forget the tragic stabbing incident that occurred last year at a local anaheim game. Baseball is our American past time lets not ruin it for the next generation

It is very unfortunate that two deranged individuals had to ruin the debut of Don Mattingly as coach of the Dodgers. There is no place for this kind of behavior at any sporting event and the law needs to come down hard on these criminals. On a more favorable note arrests on opening day were down dramatically from last year. Perhaps the games are getting safer to attend thanks to a concerted effort between stadium officials and law enforcement.

Last year my buddies and I got pelted with James Loney Bobble Heads as we were walking to our car after the Giants won on the error by Don Mattingly of walking back to the mound twice. Luckily a couple security guards came to intervene as the thugs were about to charge at us. Unfortunately, I'm not attending any of these season opener games because of this incident, it's not safe there.

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