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Giants fan critically beaten after Dodgers home opener

Don Mattingly

The Los Angeles Dodgers opening day was marred by violence when a San Francisco Giants fan was critically beaten in the stadium parking lot after the game.

Los Angeles police were searching Friday for two Dodgers fans responsible for assaulting and critically injuring a man wearing San Francisco Giants apparel following Thursday’s game.

"The man suffered a serious head injury during the assault after the game,'' said Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Sanford Rosenberg, watch commander at the Northeast Station.

Rosenberg said the victim was one of three Giants fans attacked in the parking lot around the end of the game by two unidentified men wearing Dodgers clothing.

The unprovoked attack occurred about 8:30 p.m. in Parking Lot 2 when two men in Dodgers clothing approached three victims in Giants apparel, police said.

The men then attacked the trio, kicking and punching them and shouting expletives about the Giants as they delivered the blows, Rosenberg said. The attack left one victim hospitalized in critical but stable condition, Rosenberg said.

The LAPD arrested at least two people for public intoxication in the parking lot compared to more than 130 on opening day last year.

Detectives ask anyone with information on the attack to call the LAPD's Northeast Station at (213) 485-2563.

Public intoxication has been an issue at Dodger home openers in the past, leading to police crackdowns. It's unclear if drinking was a factor in this case. The Dodgers beat the Giants 2-1.


Giants fan seriously beaten, 25 people arrested at Dodgers home opener

-- Richard Winton

Photo: Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly greets his coaches and reserve players during pregame introductions on Thursday evening at Dodger Stadium. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times / March 31, 2011)

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Not surprising. The scum of L.A. loves the Dodgers and this happens every year.

With all the security that is suppose to be at the dodger games and knowing this is likely to happen you would think a security camera would have caught this and whoever is manning the camera moniters might have seen this.

This is why no matter win or lose the Dodgers will always be LOSERS !!

Not surprised. A bunch of thugs go to these games. I hope they find them and deport them.

Looks like the Dodgers are skimping on security. Probably less public intoxication since they are vigilant about people not drinking in the parking lot and not many fans can afford more than one or two of their $10 beers. It's pathetic that a fan should get beat up while on the Dodger's property. Security is more concerned about stopping unpermitted beers than they are about stopping violence. McCourt is a joke.

Get these low lifes, drag them to home plate, and have them pelted with trash like the garbage they are!

I've been a Dodgers fan all my life, and this is WRONG!

Dodger fans are all thugs.

Reason I don't bring my kids to Dodgers vs Padres games

They should do community service at the other stadium!

"Doyers" mentality. Probably too late but the owners should try to keep their team from becoming another "Raiders fan" type club. Who wants to take their family to a park with a bunch of thugs. Hope these thugs get heavy sentencing and are banned from the stadium for life.

If ever there was justification for "an eye for an eye" - this is it. These cowards should receive exactly what they gave to their victims, a public beating.

It always takes stupid people like these two to ruin a nice dodger day you will be caught. remember karma! If you know what that is.

Uneducated losers. Makes me embarrassed to be a Dodger fan. Public display of their IQ level. Those who comment supporting such actions are as dumb as the ghetto thugs who did this. They wonder why their lives are so bad. You choose the path you take.


Dirty scumbag Dodger fans, what else is there to expect……

Yes, they sound like very serious Dodgers fans. They must've been mourning the recent death of Duke Snider.

Look, I hate the Giants as much as the next guy, but this is beyond retarded. Totally gay.

I'm so tired of seeing things like this happen at sporting events. I think this very same thing happened last year or the year before. This is one reason I think twice about going to Dodger stadium. There are too many idiots that are just looking for trouble.
I know this is not a popular view but they should stop selling alcohol at games as I'm reasonably sure this contributes to the stupidity.

remember Denver Broncos fans ,how are we going to generate good business if we could not be responsible host , and we want NFL team ,.good shot LA fans.

And our society continues to degrade... Unfortunately this behavior starts at a young age on the school playground and is never addressed by parents or teachers. Then these thugs go on to raise the next generation. Wish the Giants fan a speedy recovery.

The Dodgers charge twenty bucks for parking but offer absolutely no security after games - this is why no one wants to go to Dodgers games - all the knuckleheads who wear Raiders' jerseys in the fall but on Dodgers' jersey's in the spring.

What's wrong with this picture? A Giants fan is critically beaten and put in the hospital, and the photo is of the manager fist bumping his players. Like right on, man. We beat somebody down! And to end the article with the score. Nice touch, Richard.

Does somebody need to be BEATEN DOWN to celebrate a win? Even if the Giants fan was talking smack, there's no excuse to beat somebody down so hard that they end up in the hospital. Really classy act, Dodger fan.

Doesn't surprise me. I have been at Padre/doger games in San Diego and doger fans made the experience unpleasant to say the least. Drunk and uncouth. Stay at home if you want to get drunk and act like idiots.

Dodger fans are bums and hoodlums, win or lose.

I like the Dodgers. But what about L.A., Dodger Stadium, Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider, Vin Scully, and Farmer John should provoke drunken turf war type violence after a game? They're my team, but man. Someone from the organization has to make a statement of serious apology and then back that up with some real security on the entire property, not just inside the building. As for the offenders, of course the Giants are the bitter rivals, BUT IT'S A GAME. If you want to fight, get in the cage!

This is shameful behavior. Giants fans have every right to enjoy a game without needing to worry about their safety. This is a disgrace to all Dodger fans and to the city of Los Angeles.

I am a Giants fan and I was at the game last night in a Giants hat and shirt. Dodgers fans are the worst fans in baseball. I have traveled to watch my team in various cities and I have to say last night was the worst experience. I did expect it, but it's still eye-opening to experience it first hand. Walking in to the stadium a Dodgers fan told his friends how he wanted to crack open my skull because I'm a Giants fan. Every Giants fan that walked to and from their seat had peanuts and beer thrown on them...all completely unprovoked. It's one thing to boo opposing fans, or yell a few things. But when it gets physical, and threatening all while unprovoked...well, that's going too far.


A Blemish on all of Los Angeles from a few thugs. I hope someone had the presence of mind to follow these fools and get a license plate number. A person wearing an opponents jersey should be treated with total courtesy. You don't invite someone into your house, then punch them in the face, do you? LA has a reputation of being a mean spirited town. Now we know why.

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