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Reward for information in Giants fan's beating grows to $100,000

LAPD sketch of two men wanted in connection with brutal beating at Dodger's home opener

The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday voted to offer a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects who attacked a Giants fan in the Dodger Stadium parking lot after Thursday's season opener.

That brings the total reward to $100,000 for information in connection to Thursday's brutal beating, which left 42-year-old Bryan Stow in critical condition.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich offered a $10,000 reward, the San Francisco Giants offered $10,000 and American Medical Response, the company where Stow works as a paramedic, offered $5,000. The Dodgers matched those previous rewards with a pledge of $25,000 on Monday.

Stow, a father of two from Santa Cruz, remained in a medically induced coma at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center on Tuesday, according to a spokewoman for the hospital.

Police said Stow was one of three Giants fans attacked after Thursday's game by two men dressed in Dodgers clothing. The men kicked and punched the victims, shouting expletives about the Giants as they delivered the blows, according to police. Police said the attack was unprovoked.

On Tuesday, Councilman Ed Reyes called the incident "a black eye" on the city. Reyes, whose district includes Dodger Stadium, said the incident was cause for the Dodgers to reassess their policies regarding alcohol sales and post-game security.

Councilman Dennis Zine, a former Los Angeles police officer who once worked at the notoriously rowdy L.A. Raiders games, suggested the Dodgers match the reward offered by the city.

"I hope the Dodgers will step forward and add to the reward," Zine said.


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-- Kate Linthicum at Los Angeles City Hall

Sketch: Police drawings of the beating suspects. Credit: Los Angeles Police Department via KTLA-TV.

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I would have turned them in for the $10k but now $100k!?!?!?!? I'm going to look for those guys myself LOL

Hope they find the maggots who did this, and I hope the police have due cause to shoot to kill when they find them.

That's it, keep it growing. Someone will come forward for that amount of cash.

McCourt & the Dodgers org. should up their amount. $25,000 is a drop in the bucket for them (just a few seats behind the dugout). Show some backbone and up the contribution to at least $75,000. It will do good for everyone involved - and help find this guy.

When they find them they can back over them with LAPD's Batcat.

Of course the Dodger Leadership is the last to step up, still have not and should have been the very first! Thanks Frank for being so pro-active. About 28 of my friends and I have decided against any further Dodger games until those responsible are found and severely punished. Thanks Frank!

The Dodgers should "pass the hat" around from the players to add to this reward. It should be no problem to pick up another $100K if that RAT, Frank McCourt won't do it himself.....

What led to this senseless beating?

You come into another person's territory and you talk trash.

And not expect to pay the consequences?

Let this be a lesson to anyone, not to mess with Dodger fans.

They are as bad as those in Boston.

The Dodgers should pony up now to show some goodwill for their failure to provide adequate security. Otherwise, the eventual cival settlement will be that much greater.

Dodgers really need to step forward and put some serious cash into reward...while they are at it, they should give some money to Stow's family...hope the perps responsible are caught...anyone that has info and doesn't rat them out is a coward.

We should not have to offer any money for someone to do the right thing and come forward. For that matter, someone should have stepped up when they attack was under way. I guess that is just the society we live in now. I do hate the knee jerk reaction to blame alcohol though. A thug is a thug, is a thug. Plenty of people drink beer during the game without beating a person half to death. The staduim already stops beer sales in the 7th inning. And for the love of God, please stop calling these low lifes "Dodger fans". True Dodger fans, and baseball fans in general do not wish to be associated with these animals.

Perhaps McCourt will donate a couple million dollars worth of full-priced, mid-week, nosebleed tickets to the reward fund (much like what the Dodgers did with LAPD last year)

$25K will buy two seats and two beers (domestic) in the loge level. With parking (read carefully, this contract limits our liability).

Hope they're caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law for their senseless attack!! What a turd!!!

how much to turn in the Dodgers for the beating they did on the Giants? or is this too soon?

I have a standing bet with any takers that nobody will turn these guys in for any amount of reward money. That's the kind of criminal culture that exists among the Dodger fanbase.

I would love to be proven wrong on this. I don't like being this cynical.

The Giants fan must've done something to set those guys off, no?

those drawings look like 90% of the dodger fan population. i'm a huge padres fan and have been to a few padres-dodgers games. after the games, it's not possible to walk out of the stadium without being yelled at, having expletives shouted at you, and having food/bottles thrown at you. the most classless city in america, and it will forever stay that way.

Hey, be gentle, even if contributing to the reward were the honorable thing to do, the McCourts can't afford it. They have to paint the Malibu beachfront laundry house!

"Of their two Malibu homes, she lived in one and used the other next door simply "to do her laundry"... Out of two houses in Holmby Hills, a wealthy Los Angeles suburb, one was used just for its swimming pool and the other "is just a shack she uses to store furniture"...


Maybe we should just ban baseball raves.

I agree with momof3. McCourt / Dodgers definitely need to up the ante. And add more security (people and cameras) and better lighting in the parking lots.

Where are the Dodgers' brass in spearheading the effort to find the perpetrators of this crime? The incident happens in the Dodger's backyard, for heaven sakes. For years, Dodger Stadium stands for family outings and synonymous with safety. Short of making this man whole again, how can the Dodgers' ownership not make a significant financial statement to lead the effort to help find the perpetrators. $25,000 is all you can cough up? Shame on you. Another reason I am not coming to the stadium this year.

I could really use 100k, heck even 10k... wish I was at the game or in the lot to witness and/or report these losers that cast a bad spell on dodger fans and the city of los angeles.

hopefully someone can come forward with help on this.

These guys look like the typical gangster in every neighborhood.
I hope they do find these cowards. I bet they are not even bragging about this because they would show disrespect to thier own gang.

Am I the only baseball fan who thinks this episode reminds me of the way it used to be at the Raider games at the Coliseum. I had to give up my season tickets because the vulgarity and aggression both inside and outside the stadium, before and after the games was uncontrollable. Same exact thing now is happening at Dodger Stadium and has been for years! The lightweight who owns them does nothing about it. Stand up, be a man and say loudly and clearly to all Angelinos and Dodger fans in particular...."I will NOT STAND FOR THIS" or watch your fan base continue to shrink as more of us keep heading to Anaheim. Instead of manning up and leading we get more blather from a guy hanging on with what little he has left. Sad day in LA

I've been going to Dodger games for over 40 years and it's starting to get scary. Not the fun family experience it once was for sure. A lot of these 'new' Dodger fans are starting to take on a Raiders fan mentality. I was there opening day and was a personal witness to at least 5 or 6 ejections near my seat location. And I have had season seats for over 30 years. People were vulgar and aggressive and downright mean to Giant fans. They have as much right to cheer for there team as anybody.

I know this might sound racist, but every single incident involved a hespanic looking gang banger. We all know the type. Shaved heads, tatoos, excessive drinking. They put on their Dodger jersey and they just go crazy. I'm positive that the Dodgers are not looking for these kind of fans, but every year there are more and more of them to deal with. I'm thinking of canceling my season tickets because even if you don't get attacked, you will always feel threatened just by their presence.

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