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Family of injured Giants fan asks for civility, help catching suspects in Dodger Stadium beating [Updated]

Bryan Stow's family at a press conference Tuesday outside County-USC Medical Center.

The family of Giants fan Bryan Stow issued a call for civility among rival sports fans and asked people to help catch the two suspects.

At a news conference Tuesday outside County-USC Medical Center, where Stow remains in a coma due to a brain injury he sustained during a beating at the Dodger Stadium parking lot on opening day, the family thanked the public for their support and prayers. Stow is a father of two and a paramedic who made a road trip from Santa Cruz to attend the game.

"To know that people who have never met Bryan could care so much about him and his well-being has truly been overwhelming," said his cousin, John Stow, who wore a Giants hat and jersey as he spoke. "Though this has been a terrible tragedy done by cowardly people, it is reassuring to know that good people are speaking out and are appalled. We would like to use this as a rallying cry to stop unnecessary violence in our greatest pastime and all other sports, not only here but abroad."

He added: "This would be one of the greatest gifts you could give to us, especially Bryan. So I ask for one last thing on behalf of Bryan -- that we all enjoy a safe and competitive and exciting year of baseball and a successful Giants home-opening weekend at AT&T Park."

Stow's doctors also updated his condition, noting that even without sedation, he would be in a coma. They described his injuries as a severely fractured skull, which led to damage to the frontal lobe. Doctors removed the left side of his skull to allow his swollen brain to decompress.

[Corrected, 5:32 p.m.: A previous version of this post mischaracterized the injury to Stow's brain.]

"It's going to be a long recovery process," said Dr. Gabriel Zada, a neurologist who is treating Stow.

Bryan Stow's sister, Erin Collins, also thanked the people of Los Angeles for their support. "We know they weren't true Dodger fans," she said of the suspects.

Detectives also said they believe at least 100 people may have witnessed the attack. They and family members asked witnesses to come forward. Det. Jose Carrillo said he believes the two suspects may have assaulted three or four young men before beating Stow. The beating occurred in Parking Lot 2 at Dodger Stadium on Thursday night about 8:30 p.m. after the season opener while Stow was walking toward the taxi area.

The Los Angeles City Council voted Tuesday to offer a $50,000 reward for tips leading to the arrest of the suspects. The total reward is now $100,000.


Reward for information in Giants fan beating grows to $100,000

Suspects in Giants fan beating fled in car with 10-year-old boy

Rival cities and fans come together to denounce attack on Giants fan

-- Richard Winton at County-USC Medical Center

Photo: Relatives of Bryan Stow -- cousin John Stow, from left, uncle John Stow, mother Ann Stow and sister Bonnie Stow -- at a news conference Tuesday outside County-USC Medical Center. Credit: Fred Prouser / Reuters

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Now that the reward is higher, it'll be a matter of time these two idiots are caught.

Chances are that if these two rats are caught, our stupid mayor will tutor them, and their families will be on TV crying because their little angles are innocent.. enough, once caught these cowards should be put in prison for the rest of their lives.

These culprits have given themselves to debauchery and no longer capable of humanness. They are cursed forever!

These culprits have given themselves to debauchery and no longer capable of humanness. They are cursed forever!

What a heartbreaking story about the near killing of an innocent fan. My father was a lifelong Dodgers fan, from the days of the Brooklyn Bums (or whatever they called them then) to LA and those wonderful Vin Scully announcements. Attacking other fans was never a part of it, probably not even in the days of the worst Brooklyn slums. So this quasi gang violence is totally UNAMERICAN!
It's as though he was attacked by fanatics in another part of the world. No real Dodgers fan would stand for such a welcome to another team's fan.

The atmosphere at sporting events here is starting to resemble the atmosphere of soccer stadiums at the height of the European hooligan problems 10 to 20 years ago... especially in the cheap seats. Anyone who's ever taken their kid to a game and compared sitting in the pavilion vs. the dugout club can confirm it's a completely different vibe. It's sad because generally the fans in the pavilion and upper decks are some of the most raucous and valuable fans the Dodgers have; but unfortunately, a few individuals lacking self control and basic human intelligence ruin it for everyone and the cheap seats are usually the source of most of the problems (there are always exceptions). If they don't drastically beef up security, I'm afraid that stadiums are going to have to start implementing some of the same preventative measures that you see in some of the big soccer stadiums around the world... such as completely isolated and designated sections of the stadiums for visiting fans, including parking lots... as well as restricting or banning alcohol sales in the cheap seats. Also, ban these "fans" for life once they cross the line and get caught causing problems... start a "hooligan" database. While this won't stop all of the issues in the stadium, it will certainly help... it worked in Europe.

If I had witnessed this terrible beating and could identify Bryan’s attackers, I would be honored and thrilled to testify against them or turn them in, claim reward money I was entitled to, and turn it over to his Bryan’s family.

I hope his attackers are found, and charged with attempted murder. If found guilty, I hope they spend the rest of their lives in solitary - no cell phone, no computer, TV, radio or digital devices, no visitors, no mail. No printed media, let them spend their time thinking.

Well, this has even gotten to CNN, so hopefully the Dodger owners will now be compelled to put in more security so that this doesn't happen again. Also, if these perps aren't caught, it will be a perpetual stain on the organization and LA. Hopefully, someone will drop a dime on them and do the right thing. Having donation boxes at the games for people to help with this victim's medical expenses would be a good idea, and maybe give people pause to think about their own behavior while at the game.
"Can't we all just get along?" seems appropriate in this instance.

The DODGERS must finance the medical for this poor man. AND pay for lost income, and pain and suffering endured by the family. Why have the DODGERS not stepped up? WHEN will they?

question: Why are there STILL dodger fans?

I read in one article that drunken Dodger fans were harrassing Little League players who had come to the game to cheer on the Giants. Apparently, there were threats of violence, name calling and intimidation going on. What a wonderful atmosphere to bring your children to (NOT!)

Dodger Stadium has known about this problem for a very long time, but they make a huge profit from the sale of alcoholic beverages during the game. That means the safety of those who patronize the stadium comes secondary to profits.

Until Dodger Statium takes the problem of drunken fans seriously, no one is safe there. Hence, I will not be taking my family there any time soon.

When is Dodger's owner Frank McCourt gonna step up, do the right thing, and announce the Dodger organization is offering a massive reward for the apprehension of these cretans? Something like $500,000 sounds honorable. Why the heck hasn't McCourt already done this, hmm?

Why have the cops not released a good sketch of the suspects for the media to publish??!!

In a case like this, publicity is vital.

Fmily/friends of the psychopaths who did this will not tell on them, so it will most likely be up to the public to help out. But we can't help without a sketch!

This makes me sick. Close the stadium until they find these suspects. 72 other Dodger fans were arrested that same night... What does this tell you about this place. Speaking as a life long baseball fan, I have been to that stadium a few times and every time there is a fight with these fans. I suggest staying away from this place.

I am sickened by this... I am a Dodger fan from birth, but it's really hard to be one now. To even be associated with people who would do this makes me sick. I am a Laker season ticket holder and after what I saw after Game 7 outside of Staples center has made me loose the desire to attend even one game so far this year. Why do people have to act like dumb kids.

Unfortunately this kind of behavior is nothing new at Dodger stadium, although this is certainly the most vicious and cruel form yet. The last Dodger game I went to solidified the fact that there are some outspoken and out of line fans who ruin the experience for everyone. It was a Giants game last year, and a group of men yelling expletives and throwing cups and food at a single man wearing orange had to be removed from the stadium. Low class people without any sense or decency...

What a disgusting situation. If you know the people responsible, turn the scum in.

No gangs in Dodger Stadium? The stadium would be empty. By the way, death to all gangsters. Those maggots are a bunch of wimps. Can't stand on their own two feet. Only time they'll act tough, is when they know 100 of their other fellow maggots stand up for them.

This is exactly why I oppose an NFL team in Los Angeles. We already have numerous people who only know thing: thuggery and hysteria. Sports Fandom is for the bottom feeders of society. Where else can you get a bunch of people to spend tons of money, emotion, and time on something in which they derive absolutely zero monetary benefit or achieve anything of consequence?

Sports culture is for posers who trot around in a jersey in which they did nothing to earn, looking like they haven't exercised in 5 years. Even the professional players are not loyal to the team: they bail out as soon as a better contract comes along. Only the sports suckers continue to waste time and money on something with no returns.

Even the Las Vegas gambling addict is smarter than a sports fan. The gambler is at least statistically bound to get back some of his money now and then.

We are praying for your recovery Bryan!

Totally agree.

It is one thing to give somebody a hard time, maybe even going so far as to toss a beer on a particularly obnoxious invading fan. Good natured ribbings and tauntings are part of the game we all cherish.

When thugs and idiots use the teams fan base as an excuse to commit crimes and violent acts it is unforgivable. These thugs need to be turned in, prosecuted and banned from all sporting events for the rest of their lives. They should not be allowed to watch their own children play organized sports should they not be locked up for the rest of their pathetic lives.

Willing to bet they have poor education and criminal pasts. People with low self esteem and no skills often result to violence and crime as a way of life.

The worst of LA has been demonstrated by two punks. I was born in LA and I grew up as a fan of the regional sports teams. Hopefully, these two cowards will be caught and spend many long years behind bars.

I've been a Dodger fan my whole entire life but to hear something tragic happening is very disheartening. I may dislike the Giants but either way Mr. Stow does not deserve this. I think they need to beef up security especially after Dodgers/Giants games and limit alcohol sales. I have attended Dodgers, Clippers, Lakers, Sparks, Chivas USA and Galaxy games and if I wanted a drink, I will never have more than one drink and gulp it before the national anthem so its out of my system before getting behind the wheel on the drive home. I wish Mr. Stow a speedy recovery and good luck to my Dodgers on our quest for the 2011 World Series !!!

Were those 100 people intimidated? I have been to Dodger stadium so many times and I wonder if I would intervene for fear of reprisals. Someone needs to come forward. These creeps need to be put away for a long time! Unfortunately, they probably made it to Mexico. I feel the stadium should be held somewhat responsible. This kind of thing has happened before and they need to have better security.

Start screening fans, BWA HA HA HA! Now they are gangsters cause they had shaved heads! This happens in Europe too, Africa and Brazil. It's call team rivalry, some go too far and think they own the team. No kids in the stadium either, or old people.. see my drift?

I have been a life long Dodger fan and the news of the attack Bryan Stow a Giants fan simply showing support for his team disgusted me. I like many bleed Dodger blue but there is never any excuse for violence of this magnitude anywhere. I know by the looks of this that these thugs more than likely gang members and for sure criminals have done this type of cowardly act before or worse. I truly hope that the lady and young boy they left with turn these two animals in before they hurt or end up killing someone else. My prayers go out to you and your family Bryan.

Life Long Dodger Fan

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