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Family of injured Giants fan asks for civility, help catching suspects in Dodger Stadium beating [Updated]

Bryan Stow's family at a press conference Tuesday outside County-USC Medical Center.

The family of Giants fan Bryan Stow issued a call for civility among rival sports fans and asked people to help catch the two suspects.

At a news conference Tuesday outside County-USC Medical Center, where Stow remains in a coma due to a brain injury he sustained during a beating at the Dodger Stadium parking lot on opening day, the family thanked the public for their support and prayers. Stow is a father of two and a paramedic who made a road trip from Santa Cruz to attend the game.

"To know that people who have never met Bryan could care so much about him and his well-being has truly been overwhelming," said his cousin, John Stow, who wore a Giants hat and jersey as he spoke. "Though this has been a terrible tragedy done by cowardly people, it is reassuring to know that good people are speaking out and are appalled. We would like to use this as a rallying cry to stop unnecessary violence in our greatest pastime and all other sports, not only here but abroad."

He added: "This would be one of the greatest gifts you could give to us, especially Bryan. So I ask for one last thing on behalf of Bryan -- that we all enjoy a safe and competitive and exciting year of baseball and a successful Giants home-opening weekend at AT&T Park."

Stow's doctors also updated his condition, noting that even without sedation, he would be in a coma. They described his injuries as a severely fractured skull, which led to damage to the frontal lobe. Doctors removed the left side of his skull to allow his swollen brain to decompress.

[Corrected, 5:32 p.m.: A previous version of this post mischaracterized the injury to Stow's brain.]

"It's going to be a long recovery process," said Dr. Gabriel Zada, a neurologist who is treating Stow.

Bryan Stow's sister, Erin Collins, also thanked the people of Los Angeles for their support. "We know they weren't true Dodger fans," she said of the suspects.

Detectives also said they believe at least 100 people may have witnessed the attack. They and family members asked witnesses to come forward. Det. Jose Carrillo said he believes the two suspects may have assaulted three or four young men before beating Stow. The beating occurred in Parking Lot 2 at Dodger Stadium on Thursday night about 8:30 p.m. after the season opener while Stow was walking toward the taxi area.

The Los Angeles City Council voted Tuesday to offer a $50,000 reward for tips leading to the arrest of the suspects. The total reward is now $100,000.


Reward for information in Giants fan beating grows to $100,000

Suspects in Giants fan beating fled in car with 10-year-old boy

Rival cities and fans come together to denounce attack on Giants fan

-- Richard Winton at County-USC Medical Center

Photo: Relatives of Bryan Stow -- cousin John Stow, from left, uncle John Stow, mother Ann Stow and sister Bonnie Stow -- at a news conference Tuesday outside County-USC Medical Center. Credit: Fred Prouser / Reuters

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As a native Angleno, lifelong Dodger fan, American and human being, I am deeply saddened by this senseless violence that was undoubtedly gang related. I hope the Dodgers organization and LAPD prioritize security and law and order at Dodger Stadium. This should always be a safe place where people can go to relax and enjoy themselves- this includes GIANTS FANS! This crap has gone way too far, and somebody might die because of it. Put LAPD Officers undercover dressed like opposing teams fans. Start screening fans. No gangs in Dodger Stadium!

Civility in LA is a very rare day!

if you look like a gang banger, and act like a gang banger, you should not be allowed into that venue, disneyland does it. but then you wouldn't have much of a crowd anymore. i hope that family sues the pants off of the mccourts. security at the venue and surrounding area is a joke.

Saddened that thugs like these have tainted what was once a great family experience at Dodger Stadium. I'm embarrassed as a Dodger fan. Hope these criminals are caught!

My best wishes to the family of Mr. Stow. Their lives have been shattered by a bunch of low lives, simply because he cheered for the wrong team.

Civility needs to make a major comeback in the US. We are better than this and we need to act with courtesy and respect for our neighbors STARTING NOW, no matter what difference in opinion we may have.

I'm never taking my son to a Dodger's game. It's not worth the risk, especially if their management thinks this is trivial.

Aaron: You actually are on to something. It's quite a brilliant idea, let these low life mutts start it up with some undercover LAPD. What's strange is how that gang culture thinks in any way shape or forum that was a manly thing to do. It's the work of pure cowardice. I've known some bad guys, but they would never hurt a citizen.

It's sad to hear about anyone getting hurt at what should an enjoyable event. But we are ALL forgetting this is not the first time this happens, in fact 2 years ago, a giants fan was stabbed multiple times, after opening day in the parking lot. And in 2003 another giants fan was shot and killed in the same parking lot. I have not been to Dodger stadium since they filed for divorce. But in the months leading up to that I honestly feared for my safety, with 'energy conservation' being a motivating factor the McCourts turned down the lights inside the stadium, and just about turned off all the lights in the parking lot. Great idea for a ballpark that sits, on top of a hill, high above the city lights.

I thank God everyday that I've left the cesspool that is Los Angeles. It was a once great city and now reduced to the lowest common denominator. The promised land is now turning into the wasted land...what has happened to the Dodgers organization is a microcosm of what's happened in the city. Maybe they can raze Dodger Stadium and give it back to the Hispanics they took it from in the 50's...

I think the sale of alcohol should be limited or banned altogether. It does not bring out the best in fan behavior. Alcohol sales should stop around the third inning.

As a Giants fan transplanted to LA, I want to thank the LA Dodger fans for their outpouring of support and kindness. Even posts on the Internet make a huge difference.

Aaron...I agree! Prayers to Bryan Stow's family and friends. I hope he will make a full recovery. These senseless attacks by coward gang bangers must stop. This kind of senseless violence in a place where our national pastime is celebrated is absolutely uncalled for and unnecessary.

Up to 100 people saw this assault, and no one intervened? Disgusting.


From wannabe gangstas?

From MMA Fans?

From Jersey Shore fans?

From Housewives of _____ fans?

From WWE fans?

From Charlie Sheen fans?

Sorry, I could go on and on but those with an IQ above 70 will see where this goes.

The two perps are animals. They're not even humans.

i hope they catch these punks and put them away for years.

McCourt better at least double that $100K reward money to loosen a few tongues. He has no problems charging $10 for beer to fuel that type of behavior. Can't he just this once do the right thing and stop pretending he has nothing to do with this problem? We have drunk fans falling off the ledges of Dodger Stadium onto innocent patrons below(LA Times 4/5/11) to which McCourt claims to have no involvement.
We have loudmouth drunk gangbangers challenging other patrons to fight. It's to the point that I won't bring my kids to a game.
Don't just sit there and spew platitudes Mr. McCourt. Do Something.

Civility towards others, but swift punishment for thugs. Attempted murder charges should be filed and maximum sentences imposed.

Aaron, yes good comment. Police should be undercover as opposing fans, enough of this senseless violence. I would even go as far as banning liquor or one drink per person. Dodgers, its just isn't right to profit off this drunken behavior. I want my kids to see Dodger stadium but the way it is now, forget about it. Dodgers, Enough is Enough.

How not suprising that the Times censors the letters to this article but not other. That is because they don't want to hear what the citizens of LA really think!

Dodger fans and the Dodgers will be the hated team of the majors this year, as fans across the country are in shock at what has become of a once classy team and organization!

Have the Dodgers or McCourt stepped up in any meaningful way to help this family with medical bills or anything? The attack happened on their property. Assuming this man survives he may not be able to support his family even after a long recovery.

For $100k, it is only a matter of time before someone rats them out.

Although I do not condone the actions of these thugs, it sounds like most the damage was caused when the victim fell to the ground head first. I don’t think the thugs intentionally meant to cause that much injury.

However, if you ever decide to fight, keep in mind that this might happen. If you knock someone out and they fall awkwardly you are still responsible.

One of my friends was arrested when he engaged in a bar fight and the other person died. He was hit in the head with a bottle and defended himself; however, because the other person died he was arrested.

He was released a week later when the autopsy revealed the person died on a heart attack triggered by a large amount of cocaine in his system.

Money talks. At $100K, these dirtbags will be caught soon.

Hard to believe some idiots would actually beat another human beat nearly to death for something as simple as cheering for another sports team. It's a sad display of humanity. The saddest part, besides the poor guy who got beaten, is that they are probably so stupid that they are proud of what they did. Hopefully that is what will get them caught.

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