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Dodgers lacking full-time security chief since December; how should Bratton fix problems?


Talk back LAThe Los Angeles Dodgers opened their season without a full-time security chief for the first time since 2005 –- and the position has been left vacant for four months.

Times staff writer Bill Shaikin reported that the Dodgers do plan to fill the job after dismissing Ray Maytorena, a former Secret Service agent, last December. Maytorena was one of at least 22 front-office employees to leave the organization over the last two off-seasons. His duties were consolidated under Francine Hughes, vice president of stadium operations. Hughes previously worked 15 years in commercial real estate.

Dodgers spokesman Josh Rawitch said Shahram Ariane, Maytorena's predecessor, had been hired back on an interim basis to run security.

Ariane said Wednesday that he is "consulting" for the Dodgers and has done so "for the past couple of weeks." However, he remains in his full-time job as director of campus safety at the Claremont Colleges. He said his work for the Dodgers would be short-term.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers announced that they have hired former Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton to develop a "security blueprint" for Dodger Stadium and the surrounding parking lots. The Dodgers retained Bratton amid pressure from civic leaders to upgrade ballpark security because of a parking lot attack last week that left a San Francisco Giants fan critically injured.

What do you think of security at Dodger Stadium? What should Bratton do to fix problems? And do you agree that security and safety are problems? Tell us below.


Dodgers hire former police chief Bratton

Giants fan sent text message saying he was "scared"

Reward for information about beating grows to $100,000

Photo: Dodgers fan Eric Amend holds a sign expressing his thoughts during a prayer vigil for Bryan Stow outside the USC Medical Center on Wednesday. Stow, a father of two, was brutally beaten in the parking lot of Dodgers Stadium following the season opener against the Giants. Credit: Mariah Tauger/ Los Angeles Times

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The fact that people laugh about having to "text" to get security and that they are constantly seen running from one side of the park to the other is no laughing matter. Going as a visiting fan isn't fun either. I know better than to wear my team's colors and gear and then what fun is that? I don't go there. Period. It's not safe. Down right scary at points.

Simple... no more beer sales & no alcohol while tail-gating. Duh.

Bring back the uniformed LAPD officers. This program was very effective and was changing the culture at Dodger Stadium. The thugs do not respect the security guards but they fear getting arrested by the LAPD. As I understand, the Dodgers decided they were paying too much to the city for LAPD officers and decided to go with security on the cheap. This is the result.

Another PR ploy. The Dodgers havent paid attention to security for a long time. over the last several years people have been shot, stabbed and beaten. its thug city. Too many punks with an emphisis on beer sales.

I just don't go any more.

There is a thug element in the fan base at the stadium that reminds me of the old days at the Coliseum with the Raiders, but back then there seemed to be adequate security and the chuckle heads only seemed to fight with each other in the end zones.

As I don't have the money to sit with the chosen ones in Chavez Ravine, I don't like it these days.

and I always have to wonder how these knumbskulls afford the tickets in the first place, when we are hard pressed to find the $400.00 to take the family out to watch the grasss grow?

Cutting alcohol sales would be a major win here. College games get fine by without it and other teams don't have to because their fans are more respectful.

Also interesting, do the Dodgers still plan on offering half priced beer this year? Seems that they still are with the logo in the link included below:

I knew McCourt was cheap, I just didn't know HOW cheap! The Dodgers had better open up their check book because they are now going to be paying through their nose to clean up this latest mess they made.

Sea World has towers in the parking lots manded by security guards along with security driving around in golf carts. I agree, these gang thugs don't fear security so have LAPD man the towers and ride arond the lot on bikes. Bring on the K9's too.

The Dodgers number 1 concern is not their security or fan safety. They should contract with LAPD like the Angels do with Anaheim police. Car thefts and violent crimes are expected at Dodgers stadium. The LAPD needs to have a sub station at the stadium and a squad of uniformed officers patroling inside the stadium and in the parking lot.

OBVIOUSLY, security is a problem. Even the way they marketed the team in TV commercials last year had a quasi-gang vibe that turned me off. I've had enough. For the first time in my half- century of living in Los Angeles and loving the Dodgers I am finally beyond disgusted. I don't know how the City of L.A. is going to live this down. I want McCourt GONE. I want an entirely new face and feel to this team and this stadium. Hearing about the problems that residents of neighborhoods around Dodger Stadium are suffering also made me sick. The McCourt era has got to end. The sooner the better.

This would happen with or without alcohol sales! Alcohol is not the issue. The problem is idiots that attend games looking for a fight. This is called hooliganism in the UK with the soccer thugs.

One option is a segregated parking area that is fenced with a fenced walkway to the stadium. Away fans can then buy tickets in a specified area of the stadium that has no interaction with Dodgers fans.

At soccer fixtures (where trouble has occured in the past) in the UK/Europe they keep the home fans in the ground for 30mins post game and let the away fans leave with an escort taking them directly to their cars or nearby public transport.

I know this may seem over the top ... but it has greatly reduced violence.

What's even more pathetic is that they have KIDS working as security around the neighborhood, I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but around Solano Canyon they have teenagers, who are in some sort of explorers program, working as parking enforcement and security. REALLY?

Bratton is pure public relations. Frank McCourt must (1) IMMEDIATELY halt alcohol sales and (2) IMMEDIATELY hire a significant number of uniformed LAPD officers to work security. To do any less would be reckless and negligent. These stop gap remedies can be adjusted in 2012 after a meaningful security plan is in place. Frank McCourt will not do this voluntarily. It will take intervention by an outside agency forcing McCourt to do the right thing. Sadly...reckless behavior extends beyond the stands and the parking lot into the owner's suite. Lets hope there is someone out there who will step up and do the right thing. For Bryan Stow. For the kids.

Let me give Chief Bratton a heads ups up! The problem is not the same as the English football league of other American sports venues. The main problem at Dodger Stadium is Latino gangs and their conduct during and after the game!
I know I'm not being politically correct but that's the truth!

Maytorena was doing a fine Job, note the number of arrests made opening day 2010, I believe it was in excess of 150, opening day 2011 3 or 4, he was fighting for more money for Uniformed LAPD as well as prosecution by LA City Attorneys office, all met with a loud NO by MCCheap who would rather pay his 2 sons 200 and 400 k to go to school and strip the Dodger charity of 400k a year to pay his flunky Sunkin . What a disgrace to the Dodgers and MLB. This Owner belongs in Shackles

Let me give Chief Bratton a heads up! The problem is not the same as the English football league of other American sports venues. The main problem at Dodger Stadium is Latino gangs and their conduct during and after the game!
I know I'm not being politically correct but that's the truth!

It's hard to keep people from consuming alcohol outside of the stadium. If you ban it during tailgating, their just get drunk somewhere else and then go into the stadium. I say

1. Ban all alcohol sales inside the stadium, including all the concession stands.

2. And since security is supposed to be checking all incoming packages, coolers, etc., have anyone showing signs of intoxication blow into a portable breathalizer. If your over the limit, you don't get in.

Problem solved, and the true fans of the game can enjoy a peaceful experience with their children again.

As I Giants fan who has attended a number of games at Dodger Stadium I can tell you it isn't much fun having to constantly look over your shoulder. I have stopped going in the last couple of years.

The last time I went I was being harassed by some young thugs and when I contacted security they basically told me that as long as I was wearing my Giants gear that I should expect it. They did nothing to the punks harassing me.

It is simply ridiculous and if it does not get better even Dodger fans will stop going to the stadium.

The previous Director of Security Ray Maytorena, who himself was fired last December, was single-handedly responsible for completely eliminating the LAPD uniformed officers from the entire stadium concourses. Now is when the chickens come home to roost.

The previous Director of Security Ray Maytorena, who himself was fired last December, was single-handedly responsible for completely eliminating the LAPD uniformed officers from the entire stadium concourses. Now is when the chickens come home to roost.

Kick booty and take names, that's how!

Too much emphasis put on the beer sales. It's more the quality and character of the person(s) involved. I think the vast majority of the fans, no matter how much beer they may have consumed, will not be guilty of these actions.
There is a low-life category of persons that are easily identified in the majority of cases, and law enforcement for the most part do know how to pick this element out. Their dress and demeanor make them easy to find, period!

I don't know what the answer to security is, but, I for one, have not enjoyed attending a Dodger game for years. I gave up. It's too disturbing and distracting to see the way people treat each other inside that stadium during a game.

Major League Baseball should step in and oversee security at all baseball parks to ensure they are safe enviroments for fans. McCourt cannot afford to own the Dodger's, let alone invest in making improvements to the atmoshere at the stadium. He is squeezing every dime he can out of this team. It is my belief McCourt probably never played baseball as a kid and doesn't even like baseball in general.

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