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Dodgers might end half-off beer promotion amid security concerns, criticism

Bryan Stow, center

There are questions about the future of the Dodgers' planned half-off special on alcohol at midweek games after L.A. County Supervisor Michael Antonovich called on the team to cancel the promotion in the wake of the beating of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow.

The half-off deal was planned for six games in April, May, June and August.

Spokesman Josh Rawitch said the organization is examining whether to go forward with the promotion but has not made a decision.

Antonovich said the promotion should be halted for the sake of security. “They don't need to be offering alcoholic beverages at half price when they can't handle the crowd at full price,” he said.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck told The Times last week he believed beer and alcohol consumption has contributed to the problems at the stadium and said police officials were pushing the Dodgers to raise prices and stop sales earlier during games.

Stow, 42, was wearing Giants attire when he was attacked after the opening day game.

Sixteen LAPD officers and detectives are working to identify and arrest the assailants, and a $150,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the suspects.

Dodgers officials said they are reexamining the alcohol sales as part of a wider review of security and other measures at the stadium.

The Dodgers hired former LAPD Chief William J. Bratton and his security firm, Kroll Associates, to produce a plan to prevent violence in and around the stadium.

Bratton, in an interview with The Times, said a wide range of issues, including lighting in the parking lots, staffing levels of security personnel and the organization's policy on alcohol sales, would be scrutinized.

The LAPD plans to have many more officers present at games this week, with a zero-tolerance approach to misbehavior.

Antonovich said Tuesday that the plans to beef up security were “a day late and a dollar short.”


16 investigators sift through pile of tips to find Bryan Stow's assailants

-- Richard Winton

Photo: An image of Dodger Stadium beating victim Bryan Stow, center, is shown on the scoreboard before a baseball game between the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals in San Francisco on April 8. Credit: Beck Diefenbach / Reuters

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It never fails. Let's punish the majority of beer drinkers who are responsible instead of just going after the criminals.

Why is this even an issue? They should be banning booze from the property altogether. You want to drink, go to a bar.


Why does this have to kill my good time?? I love drinking beer at Dodger games and not once have I ever been involved in any sort of fight or any altercation. Hey, I hope this guy gets better - I hope he tap dances at Carnegie Hall! Just don't punish me for something I didn't do. DON"T KILL THE HALF PRICE BEER AT DODGERS GAMES!!!!

How is it that the two assailants have not run off at the mouth? With such a high reward amount, one would think even these guys' family and friends would be dropping dimes! Give it time-- somebody's bound to blab, and then JUSTICE.

It's interesting that councilman Michael Antonovich called on the team to cancel the 1/2 price beer promotion? It would appear he has concluded the unprovoked and sensless attack on a Giants fan was the result of beer drinking. "Two criminals conduct an act of violence against someone and 55,000 other fans pay the price." If the councilman is really serious against alcohol being served, why not suggest the Dodgers discontinue selling alcohol entirely. No, that would hurt revenue and cost the city money it receives from them. Get real, it's not the price of the beer that's the problem it's the beer itself!

Knock parking prices down 50%. Knock chocolate malt prices down 50%.

Bam. Two suggestions.

Then again, I'm shooting for less than 2.5 at Chavez Ravine as the final deciding factor in FMC taking a hike back to Boston, Mass, so ignore me, Dodgers.

Sell 3.2 beer!

It's sickening the way they push beer at sporting events and concerts. Going to either has become just a big excuse to get drunk. I go to lots of concerts and am always sitting next to some loud mouthed boozer who either screams every five seconds the name of a song they want the band to play or just yells "ahhhwoooooo" at the top of their lungs. Or they just talk non-stop to their buddy about the last 10times they saw the band. The days of going to a show to purely listen and respect the music are long gone.

The beating took place on a day when alcohol sales were full price so the association between the beating and the half price beer promotion are inconsistent. True they have problems but this seems like pointing the finger in the wrong direction. the Dodgers aren't the only team that has alcohol promotions.

how about a ban on all alcohol sells period when that little girl died at the rave the city and county governments went out of there way to try and ban raves where is that same public outcry instead government officials are to busy taking bribes and covering for the dodgers lack of concern for public safety if this was any other business or bar you can bet top dollar there liquor licence world be pulled different strokes for rich folks

Wow!!! A Giant fan is killed in 2003 and Mr. Stow is brutally attacked and NOW they think the alcohol sales are contributing to the problem. There are plenty of other stadiums that have similar promotions and no one is getting KILLED or put in a comma.

This is about being reactive rather than proactive to a given problem and McCourt knows it!!! This problem has existed for a while at Dodger Stadium, however because McCourt is getting embarrassed by the Giants front office he is trying to play catch up. Good luck with that…

MIGHT end?

It's good that the Dodgers are taking this seriously by hiring a security consultant to produce a plan to reduce violence. However I don't think that half off prices on beer is the root of the problem, though in their defense it can't hurt.

Beer isn't the problem. People are. Heck. Let's ban soda and sweets because caffeine and sugar highs causes people to act hyper(see Dan White/Harvey Milk and "twinkie defense")

Is this really a beer/drinking issue?

I thought it was just a thug issue.

Some people come to games with an agenda.

A few people got in a fight that was fueled by alcohol.

Mean while, 20 thousand other people drank alcohol that day at the game and enjoyed the friendly rivalry between SF and LA ball clubs with friends and family.

Alcohol nor the victim being a Giants fan were the reason this crime happend, they were inciting factors, but this person was im sure, like most other crimes of this sort looking for trouble.

I'm willing to be the drunk people that are causing the vast majority of problems aren't getting drunk in the stadium, they're arriving drunk or drinking in their cars in the parking lot. With the cost of beer so high it would be prohibitively expenses to purchase that much alcohol at the stadium.

IMO, raising the price of beer at the stadium isn't addressing the fundamental issue of inadequate security that has tolerated this type of behavior for years. I think the answer is much more along the lines of "behave poorly and you're out of here". Once the message is delivered that inappropriate actions will not be tolerated you'll see a dramatic decline in that type of behavior.

As for banning alcohol sales? Forget it unless you want to drive down attendance even further. When I go to a ball game I like to have my Dodger Dog and a beer - and so do many others. I'm not the problem, so don't punish me!

Oh please, the problem is not the beer, the problem is the alcoholics. Kick them out and DON'T LET THEM BACK IN, get a system whereby you keep troublemakers out of the stadium even for other games. I, for one, would appreciate cheaper beer.

Geez, maybe people should be over 21 to attend baseball games at Dodger Stadium.

Whether or not alcohol is contributing to the out of control behavior, denigrating verbal assaults and fights displayed at Dodger games, sober "fans" can be just as unruly. And many call abusive and verbal assaults on others at Dodger Stadium just having fun in the good? spirit of baseball. So, where are the boundaries lines drawn?

I think I should take my grandkids somewhere else where people are more expected to control their behavior/mouths and where there are better safety preventions and enforcements in place.

Sad that there can be so many selfish self-serving adult agendas that make Dodger Stadium an inappropriate environment that forces kids and civil people out of attending and enjoying a pro baseball game the should they should be able to enjoy. Wow, that's LA Pro Ball? What a shame.

It is unnecessary to stop the beer promotion.

I happened to be at Dodger Stadium on opening day and it is not suprising to me that something like this happened. I have never seen Dodger Stadium with so few ushers, so little security and so many obnoxious low lifes in all the times I have been there..and I have been there probably at least 100 times. Alcohol was not the problem...allowing people to get out of control was the problem. I can honestly say that where I was sitting, and the tickets were not cheap, I was scared that there was going to be a brawl. Dodgers need to take a lesson from Magic Mountain who lost a ton of business because of the low life's that used to infest it. Beef up security and have no tolerance for those who make it less than a good time for the family.

Why I will tell you why because there are folks that don't know how to act so we need to treat you all like little babies to protect the public!

Raising prices is dumb. Alcohol is already way more expensive than in Anaheim, and Anaheim never has problems.

Its about a responsible drinking culture, which means selling beer one at a time, stopping at the 7th inning, and not selling to people who are intoxicated.

Limit beer to say two per adult (those that are seen providing beer to others are to be expelled), after a couple beers some folks start to think they are Superman, also do not allow admission to those that show signs of being under the influence.

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