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Dodgers hire former LAPD Chief William Bratton to review security after beating [Updated]


Six days after a Giants fan was severely beaten during the Dodgers' home opener, the team announced Wednesday it was hiring former Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton to review security measures.

"Bill Bratton is widely credited with spearheading modern community policing in America," Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt said in a statement.  "There is no one better to lead a top-to-bottom review of our current practices and make recommendations to be implemented now and into the future.”

            More on Bratton's hiring at the The Times Dodgers' blog

A Northern California paramedic was beaten by Dodgers fans in the stadium parking lot on Thursday after the game.

Minutes before San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow was beaten, he texted a relative to say that he feared for his safety, his cousin said Tuesday.

In the text message, he said he was "scared inside the stadium," his cousin John Stow said, adding: "He doesn't use that term loosely."

A short time later, after the game had ended, the 42-year-old paramedic and father of two walked out to look for a taxi and was attacked so brutally that he remains in a coma with a brain injury.

[Updated at 5:43 p.m.: Bratton is the chairman of Kroll, an international security firm that will oversee the report for the Dodgers. The Dodgers said in the statement that Kroll would begin to "assess policies and procedures related to security and fan services" immediately.

At a Tuesday news conference, County-USC doctors explained the severity of Stow's condition. They said he suffered a severely fractured skull and damage to the frontal lobe of his brain.

The left side of his skull has been removed to allow his swollen brain to decompress. And even without sedation, he probably would still be in a coma, said Dr. Gabriel Zada, his neurologist.

"It's going to be a long recovery process," Zada said.

There is now a $100,000 reward to find Stow's assailants.]


Bratton will advise Dodgers on security

-- Shelby Grad and Richard Winton

Photos: (top) Former LAPD Chief Bratton. Credit: Philip Scott Andrews / Associated Press

(bottom) Family photo of Stow and his children. Credit: Associated Press

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Talk with anyone who lives around Echo Park or Chavez Ravine and they'll tell you, on game days, the Dodgers' crowds have been out of control for years.

People have complained and complained and no one -- including the LAPD -- has done anything. How horrible that it has taken such a terrible tragedy to get the Dodgers to respond.

Didn't Bratton refuse to deport illegal gangbangers during his tenure? Now they have roots and have taken over most of L.A. County.

Chief Bratton needs to invent and deploy thug detectors.

Wow, go figure! Frank McCourt released his former V.P. of security who headed up the Los Angeles U.S. Secret Service/Homeland Security Office and now brings on Bratton. You let the best man go! Failed again!
You still haven't stepped up to the plate and increased the reward monies by the Dodgers.
Best of luck to Bratton, but he is not the silver bullet to this problem!

Maybe LA area 4th/5th grade teachers should pay special attention to what the kids are saying or which kid has stopped coming to school this week...the 10 year old in the car must be seriously burdened, and may hold the key to apprehending the attackers.

The Dodger's will not get any of my ticket money. I'm surprised this incident didn't happen sooner. There are lot's of brawls and rude and aggressive fans at the stadium ALL the time.

Its truly stupid. Bratton worked his hardest to enforce Special Order 40 keeping all those gang bangers on the street. But now all his buddies will have a place to hang out -- Dodger Stadium!! The Dodgers have been profiting off the sale of alcohol to drunks for years...charging more and more each season. Their ridiculous parking prices are an insult to any Los Angeles citizen. But Frank McCourt - rather than contacting the man beaten by the thugs on Thursday's Opening Day - rather than doing something constructive about this ridiculous joke - hired scum like Bratton to come in and "fix things"??? Sorry. Ain't a good fit.

I'm not one for profiling ANYONE but legit Dodger fans have seen this day coming for over 10 years!!! Who could imagine someone going to a baseball game to: 1) Get tanked up, 2)Act beligerent towards others 3)Use the sport of baseball to take out their frustrations. It's one thing for players to be harassed due to social ignorance (i.e., Jackie Robinson) it's another for people who claim to be fans act so hostile they kill the party!!!! Either way, they don't care, so it's up to legit Dodger fans to stand up to those who are ruining the tradition we treasure.

What is there to review? There should be more security, period. The money that will spent on Bratton should instead go the victim's family.

Wonder how much more money McCourt is going to have to borrow to hire Bratton.

Let them spend on real, meaningful security what they're going to give Bratton's firm for this PR stunt and they will have solved the problem.

Of course, no amount of security can guarantee that remorseless animals and morons won't do what they're otherwise inclined to do.

This is such a humiliating episode for Los Angeles and Southern California, but McCourt finding a way to put some cash in the pocket of his pal for a PR stunt is not the way to go.

It is a good PR move, but a review does not mean they will do anything.

The driving force to this is that the Dodgers and the McCourts are eventually going to have to make a large pay-out to compensate Bryan Stow.

Since the only purpose of the Dodgers any more is lining the pockets of the McCourts I think we can count on them balancing any costs for fan safety against future payouts they might incur.

McCourt could have saved a million or more dollars and just looked and listened to everyone around him....not that he would have or will in the future. It's real simple. Professional security, high presence prior to, during and particularly after the games. Limit alcohol sales during the game and remove problems prior to them actually becoming problems. However when a team owner has a credit rating of 320 and literally cannot pay his monthly bills or any other team expenses....well what do you expect. I mean the Owner of the Detroit Tigers has a better standing in the League than McCourt has...heck I would be surprised if McCourt could actually get a credit card with his current credit report. The Owners in this league should be held as accountable for this problem as the Dodgers, the League approved this Deadbeat as an owner.

It's not a beer drinking problem, it's a gang mentality problem.
The gangs have made Dodger Stadium their turf, and people are now staying away until they see changes mad!

Those 2 losers who did this to him need to be brought to justice...as a Dodger fan all my life, this sickens me. People like that do ever deserve to call themselves dodger fans! If cursing was allowed in these post mine would be filled with the amount of hatred I feel towards the two idiots who did this to this poor guy!

No one should ever feel endangered at a ball game!

Honestly, with all due respect I personally think it is a waste of money that can be used more wisely. The Dodgers took away uniformed LAPD officers from the park and hired off duty officers with security shirts... The problem is they need to bring back uniformed LAPD Officers to secure the park.. The money they are paying the ex-Police Chief to review the Dodgers current security practices and make recommendations is money being wasted. The money should go straight to beefing up security... I really think it doesn't take a "Rocket Scientist" to resolve this issue....... Wake Up!!!! Hire more Officers..

Interesting, the security review was initiated only after someone was savagely beaten. I wish Mr. Bratton well in his new role, and I hope he can lead the way back to safety, order and civility in the stadium and parking lots.

What's being done to catch these gangster thugs???

My heart goes out to the victim (who turns out to be an everyday hero) his wife and his two precious children.

I do not know how much they paid this guy to review their security, but I am guessing that would be monies better spent on Bryan Stow and his medical bills. As a lifelong Dodger fan I am appalled and saddened by the fact that McCord does not step up and pay all of his medical expenses, along with that I would like to see the organization step up to the plate and create a fund to put his kids through college. Local fund raising will only buy you so many days in a hospital with the rates they are these days. I will renounce my Dodger fan ship if this does not happen, and then I will call for a boycott of all Dodger games.

I have been to a Dodgers game before, I've also been to countless European football games (I'm from Scotland, Glasgow actually - so certainly not a timid one), but I can tell you that I have never seen as many crowd fights in one night as at the Dodger Stadium. It was mental.

I now live in Toronto and am a big Jays fan, but would never even consider going to a Jays game in LA. I've been to Yankee stadium with my Jays gear on and got a fair bit of stick, but nothing malicious or violent. Would never consider the same in LA, which is a shame because its a fantastic setting for baseball on a warm summer night in my opinion.

I would hate to be a dodger fan when the dodgers go there. Bratton made his promtoions off the backs of others.. He doesnt know what he's doing. Ask the regular patrol cop, they will give the best advice..

Dodgers are just trying to alleviate their liability. So when this happens again, their say we hired a security guy to review our issues and they did this and that.

It's a joke

Mark, head of secret serivce is not a big deal. You know what those guys do, nothing. no field experience in dealing with gangsters and the real criminal element. Now I see why the problem got out of control..

I have had several dealings in my profession with the secret service, they have no idea how to serve warrants, field tactics and so on.

so mark, yes getting rid of the Government Crony was a good idea. He was very out of touch with real crime


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