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Dodger Stadium alcohol sales, security staffing, lighting will be reviewed, ex-police chief Bratton says


Former Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton began to assemble a team of security experts to assess the situation at Dodger Stadium.

After coming under heated criticism for his muted response to an attack on opening day that left a Giants fan in a coma, Dodgers owner Frank McCourt on Wednesday hired Kroll Associates, the security consulting firm run by Bratton, to make recommendations on improving safety at the stadium.

Bratton, in an interview with The Times, said the team would be looking at a wide range of issues, including lighting in the parking lots, staffing levels of security personnel and the organization's policy on alcohol sales.

A recommendation to curb beer and liquor sales at games would cause a serious conundrum for McCourt, since they typically account for a large portion of profits at sporting venues.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck on Thursday announced a plan to significantly increase the number of police officers on patrol during games.

"You are going to see a sea of blue. And it's not going to be Dodger blue. It's going to be LAPD blue," Beck said of the beefed-up police presence planned for the team's next home game Thursday.

The chief said that "at the absolute minimum" he would double the 30 to 40 uniformed officers who typically are deployed at games. Beck declined to provide specific numbers, saying his staff was still working to determine how many officers were needed to provide more comprehensive coverage inside and outside the stadium. Along with the higher number of uniformed officers, Beck emphasized that undercover officers would be deployed as well.


Dodgers hire former police chief Bratton

Giants fan sent text message saying he was "scared"

Reward for information about beating grows to $100,000

--Joel Rubin

Photo: Suspects sought by the LAPD in the attack on Giants fan. Credit: LAPD

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Random incidents will always occur. But to dampen the rowdiness of young males... The solution is SIMPLE. Raise the drinking age at Dodger Stadium to 25. Most gang bangers and thugs are much younger. In addition, permanently ban anyone found in violation, and too, anyone who purchases alcohol for anyone under 25.

Don't admit gang-bangers instead. Oh wait, too common sense and un-PC...

People SHOULD be safe before a game or after a game, inside or outside. At Angels Stadium, in Orange County, families feel safe there. The problems at Dodger Stadium have nothing to do with security, and have everything to do with morality.

The problem isn't beer. Cities nationwide sell beer at the ballgame every day without ugly incidents such as this. The problem is the little slice of hell we call home here on the southwest coast of the US : Los Angeles. "As California goes, so goes the nation?" I hope to God not.

Prozac!... Hey, get your prozac!!!... Considering the pugnatious, hateful, violent and racist attitudes of so many of L.A.s finest fans at this stadium, selling alcohol is beyond naieve, it is just greedy, irresponsible and negligent and inviting more violence which will cost more people their health and lives. If losing money is the big concern, [greed always reduced a human life to a price tag, doesn't it?], maybe they should just sell prozac instead, along with the peanuts and bon bons. Seriously, though, whether one is a business person or a gang banger, it all boils down to getting what we want regardless of the cost to everyone else.

@Dodger Fan with an IDEA
"All fans at all stadiums should have an option to text from their phones for example to 51555 and write their seat number and section if they feel the need for security?"
They do, its: 323-363-4377. I've had it saved in my phone since last season. We got a 27 game pack in Lower Reserve and were surrounded by some shady characters who clearly wanted to pick a fight with anyone regardless of which team anyone was rooting for.
Maybe they need to advertise this more clearly. Although it's almost always on the small screen below the big one at the game.

The Dodger organization has not just learned of these issues theyve been cutting costs at the fans expense (security)knowingly. this poor victims attack has focused a spotlight on the corporate greed of the Dodger organization and while ignorance is bliss they cannot play the ignorance card no longer. The public outcry has forced their hand.. it took something so tragic for the dodgers to take security into account but it should have been priority one. I find it all hypocritical.. from the Mayor to the Mccourts..when you care you take a proactive stance..his efforts are reactive and is therefore disingenuous.
I found the news conference telling.. Chief Beck "will deploy" they are bamboozingly all of us.. Mccourt will not be footing the bill, we will..Personally, I will be protesting the Corporate Greed represented by current dodger org..and will not shed a penny to it any longer. Everyone should send a message and do the same.. stay home and reject the corporate greed. Mccourt will only go so far with offering monetary support for the vicitim.. He knows that the civil liability suit is right around the corner (rightfully so) and plenty of witness's who will attest to the lack of security. Greed came back to bite him. I have no doubt he will pay $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for it....not to mention the loss in fan base..

Having grown up in Los Angeles, I have watched Dodger Stadium deteriorate since the O'Mally days. McCourt should worry more about the fans that put the dollar into his pocket instead of his divorce. The majority of LA fans are respectful, but it only takes a few to degrade the rest. If the fans would stop going to the games and hurt McCourt where it hurts, things would change in a hurry. Chief Bratton will make strong recommendations which should be complied with to ensure the safety of all fans both during the game and in the parking areas.

The issue isn't drinking, it is the ghetto (all races) people who go to the games and act all "tough" LA isn't the safest city face it. I grew up there and you can look at someone wrong and be worried they may beat you up. gang members are part of the fan base for the dodgers.

The issue isn't drinking, it is the ghetto (all races) people who go to the games and act all "tough" LA isn't the safest city face it. I grew up there and you can look at someone wrong and be worried they may beat you up. gang members are part of the fan base for the dodgers.

The problem is cheap ticket prices!!! thats it....the prices increases the trash disapperas!!

There's a growing number of lowbrow, riff raff that are infecting Dodger Stadium, and they’re not limited to the cheap seats anymore. I've witnessed these classless, crude goons, both men and women, encouraging their own kids to partake in the harassing of anyone in an opposing team's colors. It's a socially and culturally-retarded mob mentality.

Let's also blame the Dodgers for allowing its once respected team colors to be associated with gangster and wannabe weekend gangsters alike. Congratulations, Dodgers, you're now the new L.A. Raiders of baseball!

Go Doyers!

If the zapato fits...

I couldn't agree more w/ Douglas. The Dodgers haven't had a competitive team since '88, and that was a one in a million at best. Since then it's just beer, beach balls, the freaking wave, Mannyville or what ever the hell they called it, "My stupid Town", and life guard stands at the "beach." It's everything you want in a baseball game, except BASEBALL.
Haven't been to night game in years. The parking lot is darker than a coal miners you know what. If I was a mugger, that's where I have my business address.

its a damn shame!!! I have been attended games since the mid 70's it was never a threat then to go to a game or have to worry about being jumped in the parking lot. Most of your fans there are not thier for the enjoyment of the game but to drink and get drunk and shout out profanity!! I was opening day and had a couple sitting behind me with two young children. the of them were drinking and later the woman got sick and threw up. at which point they left. I wonder who drove home?? like I said its a shame that two knuckleheads felt they needed to beat someone up because they had on a different colr jersey. When they catch these two thugs, they put them on display in front of the fans at both Dodger stadium and Pac bell park!! I can only imagine that Walter O'malley is turning in his grave.

The obvious solution to curbing alcohol sales would be to increase its prices. The result would satisfy the goal of less consumption while likely proving to be only a marginal hit to alcohol revenues.

What was Stow's BAC?

To the Dodgers: Give us Friday nights without Beer and see what fun baseball can be again!

Start denying entry of all people LOOKING like gang bangers, ACTING like gang bangers, DRESSING like gang bangers, TALKING like gang bangers, FLASHING signs like gang bangers to ALL events held in California. This would stop all the violence and crime.

If they start to ban alcohol from the stadium they need to continue with all the other stadium's and all other sports event... aint happening.
if they are so afraid of the alcohol consumption then they need to ban it everywhere!

It doesn't matter what Stow's BAC was...

Stop ALL alcohol sales and raise minimum prices to $85 a ticket to compensate.
Price out the trash and cut off the drunks.
Then maybe the focus will be on the game...What a concept.

How is that Sanctuary City thing treating you LA??

Securities need to start profiling. If you look like a thug, you are OUT!!! Refund their money and kick them out.

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