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Beck releases new description of Dodger Stadium attackers [Updated]

Click for fuller descriptions. Credit: LAPD

As Los Angeles police and the Dodgers ramped up security efforts in the wake of the beating of a Giants fan on opening day, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck provided a fuller description and new police sketches of the two men suspected in the beating.

Thursday evening's game against the St. Louis Cardinals marks the first time since the assault that police presence at the stadium will be increased and security tightened.

Credit: Wanted poster courtesy of the LAPDBeck said he hoped a fuller description of the suspects would help detectives track down the men who beat Bryan Stow in the Dodger Stadium parking lot. Stow has been in a medically induced coma since the incident two weeks ago.

"We are getting calls but I haven't heard that aha moment yet," Beck told reporters.

A new wanted poster describes the first attacker as a stocky male Latino with a shaved head, mustache and goatee and possibly neck tattoos. He is described as 5 feet 6 inches tall to 5 feet 10 inches and weighing about 170 pounds. He has a mole on the left side of his cheek.

The second suspect is a Latino or white male, 6 feet 1 inches tall with short hair and hazel eyes and possibly tattoos on his shoulder

Witnesses said a young woman and a boy who appeared to be about 10 were in the company of the assailants.

Beck, flanked by team owner Frank McCourt and Dodgers security consultant William J.Bratton, said that the large LAPD presence at Thursday game is aimed at convincing fans that the stadium is safe.

"This is about a crisis of confidence," the police chief said. "Your perception of crime is as important as the reality."

McCourt said he intended to corral any unruly behavior to reinforce his belief that Dodger Stadium is a family place.

"This isn't an incident that should define the city," Beck added.

[Updated 6:41 p.m.:  The police presence before game time was obvious. Fans in cars with expired license plates were cited, and in the right-field bleachers -- a section noted for rowdy behavior -- police officers and Dodger personnel were providing an airport-like level of security.

Some fans seemed caught off-guard by the level of law enforcement in and around the stadium

"Did you see the police on horses?" Jesus Orozco, 27, said to his young brother Luis. Orozco said the police presence was a little overwhelming and that he is more concerned about ticket prices than violence.

 "It's expensive," he said.]


Dodgers cancel half-price alcohol promotion

16 investigators sift through pile of tips to find Bryan Stow's assailants

Giants and Dodgers fans set aside rivalry after attack, drop off donations

--Richard Winton

Credit: Sketches and wanted poster courtesy of the LAPD

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I keep wondering if the kid they were with knew of the attack; if so, he's going to brag to someone sooner or later.

Good! Let us hope this isn't just a dog and pony show for a week or so until the heat dies down, so to speak. Today was probably a bit extreme but if they had this kind of ramped up security on opening day, perhaps the heinous act of violence never would have occurred.

"This is about a crisis of confidence," the police chief said. "Your perception of crime is as important as the reality."

Next thing out of his mouth will be "Life is like a box of chocolates."

Take this man downtown for questioning.

"It's expensive," he said.

Yes, and I hope it gets even more expensive, to keep the lower-income criminals out of the park. Let Dodger Stadium be for civilized people again.

We have no confidence in Frank McCourt and our perception is he's a crook.

Does that answer your question Chief?

Boycott the Dodgers . . .

Until McCourt is gone.

Dodgers are a joke.

Seen the recent TV ad campaign? It appeals to the same style as the bangers were. Go get that revenue, Dodgers.

They did not survive Fox then McCourt.

They are a hollow shell.

Darn shame.

Latino's?? No way. Can't be.

Glad to see Chief Beck and LAPD having a police presence at Dodger Stadium. Will Villaraigosa be writing a character reference letter on behalf of assailants? Like he did for Fabian Nunez's loser son??? The assailants are THUGS and Fabian Nunez's son is a THUG too!

"stocky male Latino with a shaved head, mustache and goatee and possibly neck tattoos. He is described as 5 feet 6 inches tall to 5 feet 10 inches and weighing about 170 pounds." There are about 1,000,000 people in LA that look like that.

It's just a matter of time.

"He is described as 5 feet 6 inches tall to 5 feet 10 inches and weighing about 170 pounds"

Well that narrows it down to 70% of the Hispanic males in Cali.

How about the LAPD release the Surveillance video if they want want to catch these guys.

And was he Latino or Hispanic? they're not the same.

Just round up any Gang Banger case closed!

Get used to it Dodger fans. You brought this on to yourselves!

Frankly this is much new info. Where is the description of the car they left in???

"It's expensive"..... then stay home!!!!

TIC TOC TIC TOC TIC TOC Time is running out on these guys sweating it out in some hole. Whoever is living with them, don't let them keep you a hostage, turn them in and make good. Just DO IT.!!!

Just Responding to Jack... It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, pretty much all the criminals in the world are very rich (probably you are one of them) So, let' s start to support our team L.A. Dodgers and if you testify an act of crime, just be brave enough to cal the police !

Great to see LAPD helping make Dodger Stadium safe for ALL fans. I watched the ESPN report this afternoon & was pleased to see a huge LAPD bus/RV-type vehicle that was most likely a BOOKING FACILITY for those who might be arrested.

The ESPN reporter also said LAPD also planned to dress up undercover officers as Cardinal fans...a brilliant tactic that law enforcement in San Diego used VERY EFFECTIVELY whenever thuggish Raider fans would come to see them play the Chargers.

Too bad it took a serious injury like the one that the Giants fan suffered, but it will be great watching REAL Dodger fans retake the Stadium now that thugs will have to go incognito. Frank McCourt needs to follow through on the improved conditions the LAPD helps to usher in by stepping up HIS SECURITY STAFF as well.

Have you guys seen the size of the victim and his brother? I doubt this was a random act of violence, sounds like key parts are left out to demonize the attackers and show remorse for the victim. Who knows if the victim spurted out a racial slur or try to defend his ego with the wrong choice of words? Probably why fans didn't jump in and report anything. Just saying.. if i see a woman beater get pummeled.. I won't report if if later on the news outlets start reporting the man was a victim of a horrendous attack leaving out crucial information.

"This isn't an incident that should define the city," Beck added.

The unfortunate reality is that is does. This is the new L.A. This is the culture that has enveloped the city. This thug-erism. Its everywhere, in everything. From kids to adults, look around, closely. Just take a good look.

Put JOE ARPAIO in... this will never happen again

Well here we go in another Tincel-town spin fest. I am surprised that mister Velaregosa was not trying to get face time. hay are acting that they are more concerned about saving face the bringing this to a close. With the money that is being offered 95% of the thugs around this town would give up there family and 3/4 of the town. Oh yea this must be LA's finest at there best!!!!! so what is really going on here????????

I'm guessing these low lifes have shaved their stashes and goatees by now...

Attempt murder on the poster?

Isn't supposed to be Attempted Murder?

How sad the city can't even get that right...

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