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Dodger Stadium beating: 16 investigators sift through pile of tips to find Bryan Stow's assailants


The brutal beating of Bryan Stow in Dodger Stadium is being investigated by 16 detectives and officers working around the clock to examine a growing pile of information from witnesses and others, the lead investigator said Tuesday.

Det. P.J. Morris said that with the large reward and growing publicity surrounding the opening day beating that left the San Francisco Giants fan with brain damage and in a medically induced coma, investigators are now having to filter through dozens of tips.

“Detectives are working shift after shift," Morris said. "When one team goes off another one comes on.”

Morris said Tuesday that the identity of the two assailants who kicked and punched the father of two remained a mystery.

The suspects have been described by police only as Latinos from 18 to 25 years who had tattoos visible underneath their apparel. The LAPD is working to get more details on the suspects' appearance and Capt. Bill Murphy said the department may update the descriptions.

The pair may have been with a young boy. Morris said investigators did not know what type of vehicle they drove away in.

Although many people were milling around in the parking lot after the game, no one seems to know where the assailants fled.

Stow remained in critical but stable condition Tuesday. More than $60,000 was raised Monday during a fund-raising drive in the Dodger Stadium parkling lot to help the family with medical bills.

Anyone with information can reach detectives at (213) 847-4261.


Nearly $200,000 raised for Giants fan beaten at Dodgers opening game

-- Richard Winton

Photo: LAPD sketches of the suspects based on witness descriptions. The sketches were released last week and police are working to get more details on their appearance. Credit: LAPD

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Why I don't believe it, those to look like perfect gentlemen.

I am all for thorough investigations, but 16 detectives?! At this rate, we are spending about $10,000 each day of this investigation (not to mention missed opportunities to investigate other crimes).

I wonder if the LAPD allocates similar resources to lower profile (but equally apalling) instances of violent assault that take place every hour.

When detectives finally put those two thugs in jail they need to finish the job by investigating the level of Dodger Stadium security on March 31. You don't have to be much of a detective to see that Frank McCourt is hiding something including himself.

catch these two sorry sap sucking creeps.

The one thing I don't understand about this crime is how the perps jumped into a car and left. Wasn't this after a sold out game? How did they get out of the stadium parking lot in a car that fast? It looks like no one gave a crap.

I am glad that so much effort is being put into finding the two thugs that caused this trouble. Stuff like this has absolutely NO business in sports or anyplace else.

But by the way, there must have been many, many LA Dodgers fans who witnessed this horrible event. Where the hell were they? Aren't these people who walked by callously while a guy was being brutally beaten responsible for the consequences also? I hope that they, and none of their loved ones, ever have to endure the type of horrible event that they so shamefully walked away from. Shame on you, LA fans!!

I thought that there was a budget problem in lala land. Guess not!

Stow was attacked in an area of the parking lot where people go to hail taxis. That area can be less congested than the other lots.

I still say that the McCourts should be paying ALL of Stow's medical bills and pay to have his family here. This happened on property owned by the McCourts, and they should be held liable. As it is, the citizens are taking up the slack for this sorry loser of an owner, and he's only out the $25,000 IF they convict these two lowlifes!

I saw about sixty dudes that look exactly like the first guy today alone. All with shaved heads, tattoos, and a stupid look on their face.

It would be nice if they gave us more detail.. . like a description of the tattoos so we could narrow it down a bit.

"no one seems to know where the assailants fled."....

Plenty of "people" know. But honor among thieves prevents them from spilling the beans. 10 bux says when the police get close enough, these two will take long vacation south of the border.

message to the dectectives,check the streets i'll bet u will find these 2 gang bangers that did this,

It was alchohol's fault! It fueled the evilness in these two gentlemen!

i am sad that this has happen to someone but they really need to stop serving drinks at these games because i bet if they would of caught all of them in the fight im just guessing they all had been drinking im not defending what happen but we need to look closer at the facts of why most of the these fights start most of the time its with drinking and people being drunk because ive been to many dodger games as i am a dodger fan and almost got into fight because other people are drunk around me who want to act out.

While I agree about 16 detectives on this case is a high number -consider the potential for 50,000 plus witnesses. I suspect this is a case where a lot of leads are coming intothe the p.d. This incident is not just a reflection of the Dodgers, Dodger stadium, but the entire Los Angeles region and tourist dollars.

I spent $300.00 going to opening night. I live here in L.A. Every year when the Giants come to town I spend money to see my team play here in L.A. I will NOT return to Dodger stadium until Frank McCourt steps up and pays this man's medical bills. If Stow has long term brain damage and needs long term care, a few hundred thousand dollars will last a maybe one year.

I will spend my money to Anaheim and San Diego when the Giants play those venues.

These two guys are gonna be caught, no matter what ! And once these guys are caught they will be made an example of and given a real nice, long sentence !

This is a sign of the times..Dodger stadium used to be a famill friendly environment. I was a season ticket holder for years and held Stadium club membership. It was a classy place where men were required to wear Jackets and people had class and etiquete. Now it looks like a jail break at the once private club, not to mention the crowd. I will never return to Dodger Stadium, it has become home to low life gang bangers. So long Dodgers!!

I was at the game and what I saw was tons of security before the game, but none afterward. I was able to buy a bootleg t-shirt at the bottom of the stairway in right field. No security anywhere. I also noticed groups of Dodger fans not just booing Giants fans, but actually chasing them down in the parking lot before the game, surrounding them and giving them Hell. I didn't see any of the (seemingly) thousands of LAPD officers doing anything to help them.

LA has to do this to put on a good show, but that's all it is- a show. It's not news to the LAPD that gangs were causing trouble at Dodgers Stadium and they chose not to do anything until some poor guy got his head bashed in.

I bet these guys will never be caught and are likely already south of the border waiting for all of this to blow over. And I bet those 16 investigators also know that. All for show, nothing more.

@ Jake- I agree with you, maybe these two guys are getting protection, after all they are minorities! LA is becoming a sanctuary city and the mecca is Dodger Stadium!

I'm so sad that a fan was beaten sooo very very very bad! I'm glad that the police are working over time to find him and when they do i hope they hurt him!!

I absolutely agree that the Dodgers should pay Bryan Stow's medical bills and money to his family for pain and suffering. This happened on Dodger property and, if someone was beaten in a restaurant or bar, I believe the owners of those establishments would be liable.

And, it's nice that so many people went to Dodger Stadium on Monday and contributed money, but this wouldn't be necessary if the Dodgers did the right thing and paid his bills.

Finally, nice PR move, Dodgers. This tragic event event happens and, within several days, we hear through the media that the Dodgers are taking "huge steps to heighten security," and that Former LAPD Chief Bill Bratton will be heading the new security effort. Why did it take this senseless beating to realize that your security needed improvement? Maybe cut the beer sales off earlier in the game?

At the press event to announce this great plan, McCourt was flanked by current Police Chief Beck and the mayor. Seems more like an expensive PR effort to stop the bad press before it hurts any Dodger profits. Maybe some of that money that is going to your top PR firm to manage the bad publicity from this event could be sent to the Stow family.

I have read reports that this crime might have been witnessed by at least 100 people leaving the parking lot, but what is bothersome is that none of these people stepped up to at LEAST yell at them to stop the beating.

While I agree it is a sad situation and should have never happened, why do people think that McCourts should pay his medical expenses? If this had happened in a public park would you be saying that the city should pay his bills? If you go to a public facility, you are responsible for yourself and your property and it shouldn't be the responsiblity of the property owner unless they are the perpetrators.

I agree. I see MANY people that look like the first drawing EVERY day.

This is awful I hope the people pay for what they did to this guy who helps others in there time of need! It is a certin kind of "Trashy People" who would act like this!
I saw this trashy type during my job at Staples center in 2000 during and after the Lakers game! They chased us back into Staples center after the Parade then went and flipped a food truck!

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