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Dodger fans who cause trouble will be arrested, Police Chief Beck and Mayor Villaraigosa say


L.A. officials on Friday announced a new "zero tolerance" crackdown at Dodger Stadium, saying those who cause trouble can expect to be arrested.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said the Dodgers have agreed to create a computer crime tracking similar to the LAPD's Comstat, which has been successfully used to study crime patterns and develop crime-fighting strategies.

The Dodgers will also pay for more LAPD officers to be out in force at Dodger games, Beck said, saying the officers would be a "constant presence" at games. Season ticket holders who cause problems could have their tickets revoked, he said.

"If you come to intimidate, to antagonize either other fans or fans of another team, we’re going to do one of two things," Beck said. "You’re going to be thrown out of the stadium or you’re going to get to go to jail."

"This is a zero tolerance policy. If you’re coming to Dodger Stadium to cause problem, I advise you to stay home," Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said.
The comments come a week after a Giants fans suffered brain damage after he was beaten by two Dodger fans after opening day at Dodger Stadium. There is now a $150,000 reward in the case, and Villaraigosa urged the suspects to turn themselves in.

"What you did was wrong. It was despicable and senseless, unprovoked. But, make it a little better, by coming forward, by doing what will be looked at in hindsight as doing the civil, right thing when you’ve done wrong," he said.

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt said "we are going to redouble our efforts to make sure we fulfill our promise to the fans and all the citizens of the greater Los Angeles area. We are going to provide a safe, family friendly, fan friendly environment at Dodger stadium. I promise you that."

On Thursday, former Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton began to assemble a team of security experts to assess the situation at Dodger Stadium.

After coming under heated criticism for his muted response to an attack on opening day that left a Giants fan in a coma, McCourt on Wednesday hired Kroll Associates, the security consulting firm run by Bratton, to make recommendations on improving safety at the stadium.

Bratton, in an interview with The Times, said the team would be looking at a wide range of issues, including lighting in the parking lots, staffing levels of security personnel and the organization's policy on alcohol sales.

A recommendation to curb beer and liquor sales at games would cause a serious conundrum for McCourt, since they typically account for a large portion of profits at sporting venues.

Beck on Thursday announced a plan to significantly increase the number of police officers on patrol during games.


Dodgers hire former police chief Bratton

Giants fan sent text message saying he was "scared"

Reward for information about beating grows to $100,000

--Joel Rubin and Bill Shaikin

Photo: Suspects sought by the LAPD in the attack on Giants fan. Credit: LAPD

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Find those idiots!

I am glad the Dodgers are finally getting this going, but seriously..wasn't a Giants fan KILLED in 2003 at Dodger Stadium? Why wasn't this as big as Mr. Stow getting beaten?

Who's going to pay for the overtime? City of Los Angeles does not have the $$$$$$$

Giants Suck!

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt said today "...we are going to provide a safe, family friendly, fan friendly environment at Dodger stadium. I promise you that."

Frank McCourt continues to pat us on the back with one hand and pick our pocket with the other. This is the same hollow "promise" McCourt and Josh Rawitch have made repeatedly.

Isn't the definition of insanity "listening to the same lie over and over and expecting a different result."

Too little!
Too late!

They should sue the dodgers. Before the game several security making sure you dont drink in the parking lot. After the game NO security anywhere. Funny that this happens at Dodger Stadium where they DONT let you tailgate. Doesnt seem to happen at other stadiums where they ALLOW tailgating.(CHARGER, PADRES, ANGELS, UCLA, USC AND EVEN RAIDER GAMES) People want to bbq and enjoy the pregame. Now two idiots ruin it, mostly because they have not been caught. Alcohol has nothing to do with it or maybe its what they put in those $12 beers.

Too little , too late. Just like the team, the franchise itself is mediocre.

They look like any average Los Angeles resident.
Good luck finding them.

Giants fan killed in Dodger Stadium parking lot laid to rest

MONROVIA, Calif. -- A 25-year-old San Francisco Giants fan killed during a post-game dispute in the Dodger Stadium parking lot was laid to rest Saturday.

More than 600 mourners, including Harley-Davidson bikers and several Los Angeles Dodgers executives, said goodbye to Marc Antenorcruz, a sophomore at Mount San Antonio College, described as sensitive and caring.

"Marc, it's been over a week since God made the choice to call you," said his father, Alan. "The love we have for each other and for God will last forever. I will not say goodbye, but until we meet again.

"Salamat, ( Thank you, in the Philippine language of Tagalog) my son."

Antenorcruz was shot once in the upper body while heading for his car after a Sept. 19 Dodgers-Giants game. Police said the shooting followed an argument between the Covina man, two men and a woman, over the teams.

Police arrested South Gate resident Manuel Hernandez, 33, arresting him for investigation of murder. A second man, 19-year-old Pete Marron, whom police believe has fled to Northern California, was being sought for murder. Los Angeles City Council members issued a $25,000 reward for information leading to Marron's arrest.

At Live Oak Cemetery, a Giants flag sent by the team covered Antenorcruz's coffin. Antenorcruz, whose nicknames were "Mac," "Bug Eyes" and "Bozo," became a Giants fan while attending school in the Bay Area.

Twenty Harley-Davidson bikers escorted the funeral procession from the church. Antenorcruz's mother, Char, who rides a Harley, said her son had just bought his first car, a Mustang, but wanted to buy a motorcycle next.

A Pink Floyd song, "Wish You Were Here," was sung during the funeral, honoring a request Antenorcruz made years ago, said his mother.

This story is from ESPN.com's automated news wire. Wire index

@Jazz....did you NOT read the article??????

The Dodgers will also pay for more LAPD officers to be out in force at Dodger games, Beck said, saying the officers would be a "constant presence" at games. Season ticket holders who cause problems could have their tickets revoked, he said.

Play it safe. Ride the train to Angels Stadium for $7 round trip...


Thanks for screwing it up for the rest of us jealous fellas, save that crap for the playoffs when it really counts!!

WOW LAPD is finally doing something? This Anarchy at the Ravine has been going on without ANY LAPD presence whatsoever. Check out the YouTUBE videos of guys acting the fool, fights, getting kicked out. Remember when FRANKIE McCourt gave all the LAPD free tickets? Perhaps instead of a PR move, he could offer discounted tickets to ALL Law Enforcement Officers with ID, who could at the least, be GREAT WITNESSES and or stop the MADNESS. This group of Beer swilling Fools, has had a swagger at Chavez Ravine, without abatement. Remember they killed a guy a few years back at CHAVEZ RAVINE. Remember the STEELERS fan who got the Carne Asada kicked out of him at the LA RAIDERS game, back in the day? The RAIDERS did SOMETHING IMMEDIATELY, look it up CHARLIE & FRANKIE, INCREASE beer prices,DECREASE the alcohol content,DECREASE the CUP SIZES, and END beer sales earlier. IT WORKED BABY!

I went to a Washington Nationals game this week, and guess what, NO F BOMBS, and fans that were there to watch a game. Frankie has ignored the obvious, and beer sales make him KASH so he can live the lifestyle that we have all read about, and shook our collective heads. Chavez Ravine, has fallen to Urban Decayal, and it looks like it is terminal. I go to sporting events all over the USA, and Chavez Ravine has turned into a cesspool of humanity. I love LA, but hate what it has turned into. CHIEF BECK, too little, too late, I hope your Herculian efforts can do something, but stand by. LA VIDA LOCA has been out of control. GO DOYERS. 91381

Gee, all it took was the uproar that resounded all over the City over the ambushing and near fatal beating of an innocent man to make the Mayor (who hasn't said a whole lot on this matter as a matter of fact), and the Police Chief actually take some kind of action. A lot too late for the fan though. . .

aint that a kick to the head?

so basically, the police have not being doing their jobs.

i guess i shouldn't be surprised, this is a city after all where you can break the law with impunity.

that's what "sanctuary city" policy means.

if you reward bad behaviour, you get more bad behaviour. what a surprise.

At least SOMEONE is taking this seriously. Too bad it isn't the Dodger organization, but at least the cops are on it.

Dodgers need to ban alcohol sales for the entire season. Or at until someone gives up the attackers.

"You’re going to be thrown out of the stadium or you’re going to get to go to jail."

Why not BOTH???????? Oh that's right...no room at the inn.

Who care about overtime pay. "JAZZ" I know, and I know everyone else will agree, the public safety is far more valuable and important. More people going to the game creates more $$$ that benefits the city, public transportation and the stadium.

I'm Latino. Disgusted by this whole thing, but it was coming. When the McCourts took over and started milking our beloved team they didn't care how they did it.

They started aggressively advertising in Latino 96.3, a station known as the "Latino hood station", instead of advertising like they used to in the family oriented, and long time staple of Los Angeles KLVE for example. They seemed to direct their advertisement to the kind of trash who commited that crime opening day.

The McCourts ushered in Snoop Dogg as a personality, ok, nothing wrong with that as a stand alone. But along with advertising to Latinos in the wrong direction, we got in the past few years hundreds and hundreds of hood rats who saw the invitation with gleaming lights. And as long as the McCourts' couffers were being filled, who cares!

It sickens me, there's bad apples in every community, evey race; but it seems Frank was the "Pied Piper" leading them to Dodger Stadium, and the whole Latino community is deamonized for it. One more thing, last week the Dodgers launched ......"the Doyer Dog", another stupid mistake which brings down the classy organization it once was. I'm Hispanic, and I hate the idea because it is wrong in so many ways.

Let's get rid of the McCourts, that's the start of the long term solution.
I check the news and papers every day to see if they've caught the criminals, I hope they catch them soon and charge them with attempted murder plus more. My heart goes out to the family and children of Mr. Stow.

Go Dodgers!

Stewart your comment is insensitive @ best.
Chief Beck if you and lil Tony put this much effort along with the needed resources into tackling the gang problem all over the City, you could help make Los Angeles a great place to live again. When these idiots learn their behavior and attitudes won't be tolerated anywhere, special attention won't have to be given to any particular venue.

Hmmm... sounds awfully familiar. Take a look at this article regarding the beating at Angel's stadium 2 years ago.


The article said it - alcohol sales account for most of the profits in organized sports. Doing the "right thing" would involved addressing that issue. But, because we're addicted to money, it'll never happen.

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