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Beaten Giants fan suffers seizures, back in medically induced coma

The San Francisco Giants fan severely beaten at the Dodgers' home opener suffered a seizure over the weekend, prompting doctors to put him back into a medically induced coma.

Bryan Stow, a Santa Clara paramedic, suffered a severely fractured skull and damage to the frontal lobe of his brain in the attack. The left side of his skull has been removed to allow his swollen brain to decompress.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported Stow's health setback, saying he remains in critical condition.

Minutes before the beating, Stow texted a relative to say that he feared for his safety, his cousin said. In the text message, he said he was "scared inside the stadium," his cousin, John Stow, said, adding: "He doesn't use that term loosely."

Los Angeles Police Department detectives say they believe that as many as 100 people may have witnessed the attack, which occurred about 8:30 p.m. March 31 in Parking Lot 2 at Dodger Stadium.


Beck releases new description of Dodger Stadium attackers

16 investigators sift through pile of tips to find Bryan Stow's assailants

Giants and Dodgers fans set aside rivalry after attack, drop off donations

-- Shelby Grad

Photo: Bryan Stow with his children. Credit: Stow family

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Okay Dodgers (the organization/owners, players and fans), step up to the plate. Take the next game at Dodger Stadium, and donate ALL proceeds, plus audience/player donations, to Bryan Stow. Then take the game after that, and donate ALL proceeds to the reward fund to find the vermin that perpetrated the crime.

As much as I hate to see people being so sue happy in the U.S. I hope Bryan Stow's family sues the Dodgers to the point of no return. This has been going on for years at that stadium, and nobody, the Dodger organization, the Mayor, or the LAPD, have ever stepped up to put a stop to keeping these thugs out. Hell, they shouldn't even be on the street. Most people, I'm talking about Dodger security and ticket takers, can see if someone is going to be trouble. Call it profiling or racism if you want, which it's not, it's just a fact because most of the thugs are of Mexican descent, but they are what they are, THUGS! Nothing positive for society. Wanting to fight over a jersey! or because someone likes a different team! Color!, Really! It's freakin' Baseball, not one of your rival gangs. Um, not the brightest people you want running around and representing the city.
Anyway, I just hope Bryan Stowe's family gets one hell of a lawyer and sues the hell out of the Dodgers organization. Unfortunately, sometimes that's what it takes to get things done when dealing with big corporations, and unfortunately Bryan and his family's life will probably never be the same again because of the two idiots that jump him, the Dodger organization, the politicians of LA, and LAPD.
What is LA becoming, another 3rd world country mentality? Letting thugs run the city? Nice going LA!

I'm a Giants fan. The Giants vs. Dodgers has always been a rivalry. I'm appalled at all the generalization for "Dodger Fans" on this blog, because the two that did this to Bryan weren't fans, they are cowardly punks!!! As for the 100 fans that "stood around and did nothing", unless you were there you don't know what happened. I couldn't personally stand by and watch a Dodger fan get his head kicked in without jumping in and stopping it, but I wasn't there and I doubt I'm the only human that feels this way. I have friends that are Dodger Fans and they would jump in to help also. It's a HUMAN thing, which these two cowardly scum lack!!!

Maybe he just happened to walk by a bad group of drunken punks at the wrong time. There's no excuse for it, it's hard to believe human emotion didn't kick in to help him.

There are punks EVERYWHERE you go... The Dodgers, the security and the City of LA are to blame for this. As a lot of fans write on here, this has been going on for years so obviously McCourt has turned a blind eye. Maybe now he'll listen to the plight of the "real" fans and turn this venue back to a once proud and respectable one.

Go Giants, Go Bryan!!!

@insp, you're such a genius full of all the classic Monday Morning QB talk. What do you know?. A transfer of partial blame to the victim is always in bad taste, in your case it seems to be some clinical mental issue you have. You can't predict or control everything. You don't know what you would have done. Finally, if fans from the Giants or Padres can't wear a stupid jersey into Dodger stadium without being in fear for their life what does that say about Dodger fans?.

It really is sad that one of LA's only professional sports teams has such a terrible reputation for rowdy drunken behavior that people are afraid to go anywhere Dodger Stadium. I guess I've been blessed living where I do. You NEVER EVER see this type of behavior at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison (Wis.Badgers) or at Lambeau Field. The Packers' waiting list to get season tickets is so long we've been told if we sign up our grandkids might get tickets 60 years from now. Any bad behavior and the Packer management will yank your season tickets - nobody wants to risk losing them. Badger fans can sometimes get rowdy, but it's all in fun, such as our "Jump Around" and we never fear for our personal safety. Fans from rival teams get friendly ribbing - even if they arrive at Lambeau Field wearing Chicago Bears jackets or at Camp Randall wearing Minnesota jerseys. That's how it should be.

I guess all the glamour of LA pales next to the fact you can't feel safe enough to bring your family to a sporting event without worry you'll get beaten up or worse. Give me boring Wisconsin any day!

I do wish people would quit blaming the politicians, the team owners, etc. and put the blame where it belongs - on the thugs who attend the games and act like animals. It's also a shame that everybody has to be so "politically correct" these days that common sense (i.e. profiling) is deemed racism.

Too bad. Maybe the Dodgers will have to leave LA just like the Rams and Raiders before them. Hopefully someone somewhere will get up the courage to do the right thing and turn these losers in.

Today I am saddened to be a Dodger fan if this is how fellow fans treat another human being because of a team he likes. SHAMEFUL!

I'm telling you the thugs are south of the border!

This whole incident should never of happened. The person or persons responsible should pay for their CRIME. However with that being said, this is not the fault of baseball, the dodgers or fans. The people who did this are thugs and criminals. They don't deserve to be called fans.

No matter what stadium in this country that you go to, when you are in opposition of the home team, you can expect being hassled. As a dodger fan going to "Candlestick" park years ago, I had beer poured on me. I was 16 at the time and I'm a girl. I had gotten a Dodger jacket for Christmas, a giant fan covered the back of it in mustard. I never got all the stains out of it. I had a hat ripped off my head, I had my car keyed and I was chased through the streets after a game by some giants fans that were drunk and trying to scare me. I haven't been back to San Francisco to see the Dodgers play in almost 20 years.

I did nothing to deserve any of the treatment that I got. All I did was cheer. Didn't swear or call anyone dirty names. Didn't threaten anyone or make a big scene. It wasn't the stadiums fault, or the players, or mine. Unfortunatly there are bad people who like to do bad things. I don't like it, I won't except it, but I know I can't change it.

This has been a long time coming. A fellow co-worker and her husband were threatened with physical harm by Dodger fans (thugs) while watching the game wearing the opposing team shirts. They sat quietly and watched the game while others seated in their area taunted them with physical harm. They were very scared. They even made a formal complaint to the Dodgers. But this isn't the only story I have heard from friends and co-workers. It's just not a safe place!!! And it's definitely not family friendly! What makes me so upset about this tragedy is that it could have been avoided! The Dodger franchise knew about these types of incidences and did nothing but offer sales on alcohol! It's all about money!!! They beefed up security because they don't want a lawsuit not because they care for the safety of their fans. I hope and pray that Mr. Stow survives this tragedy.

To follow up on my previous post about now maybe McCourt will listen to the true Dodger fans and turn this venue back into a proud and respectable one that it once was...

Thank you MLB!!! Does anyone think it's a coincidence? Again, I'm a Giants fan but want nothing more than for the Dodgers to remain who they are, a respected rival!!! Good luck true fans, I hope Selig gets the Ravine back to where a family can enjoy a good, hard fought baseball game.

Go Bryan!!!!

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