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Barry Bonds' defense rests without calling a single witness in perjury trial

Barry Bonds arrives at a federal courthouse for his perjury trial Wednesday in San Francisco.

Barry Bonds' defense rested Wednesday without calling a single witness in the federal perjury trial.

The trial, now in its third week, will go to a jury of eight women and four men following closing arguments Thursday.

U.S. District Court Judge Susan Illston dismissed one of five counts against the former San Francisco Giants slugger Wednesday and reversed an earlier tentative ruling that would have excluded all evidence that steroids cause testicles to shrink.

The count Illston dismissed was a statement Bonds made denying that his personal trainer had given him "anything" before the 2003 season. That denial referred to two steroids known as "the clear" and "the cream," which Bonds admitted using but said he thought they were flaxseed oil and arthritis cream.

Bonds, who holds the record for most career home runs, is charged with obstruction of justice and three counts of lying to a grand jury in 2003 when he denied knowingly using performance enhancement drugs.

If convicted, Bonds could be sent to prison or be confined to his home for several months.

Both Allen Ruby, Bonds' lead lawyer, and Cristina Arguedas will make the closing arguments for the defense, Ruby said.


Fourth ex-big leaguer testifies he got injections from Bonds' trainer

Former assistant testifies she saw Bonds' trainer inject him in stomach  

Judge in Bonds' perjury trial rejects transcript of secret recording of his orthopedic surgeon

--Maura Dolan in San Francisco

Photo: Barry Bonds arrives at the federal courthouse for his perjury trial Wednesday in San Francisco. Credit: Paul Sakuma / Associated Press

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In the radio, they said Barry Bonds was scum, but when they mentioned Mark McGuire they called him the best player in the times. If Barry Bonds has to suffer with all these trials than Mark McGuire should be on the same boat. Mark McGuire is as guilty has Barry Bonds. But, yet Mark McGuire is free.. Typical

Barry is a genius as he is a great baseball athlete. If you wait long enough, the steroids will be difficult to track-down in your body. Say nothing, do nothing. Let the state keep wasting tax payer money during a budget crisis. The next step is get rid of the politician who is driving this witch hunt.

Why are we wasting public money on this trial? I would like to see more prosecutions of bankers and others involved in financial crimes. Oh I forgot, these guys had their lobbyists change the laws so they didn't actually commit any crimes. Great system if your really rich.

How many taxpayer dollars were spent on this Hot Mess? Perjury is certainly a problem, but the reaction to Bonds' alleged crime is over the top.

He will be confined to his house for several months except for when he wants to go out and party or something else of pleasure for him. After all he is just a second rate oj and they don't want a riot up north.

Agreed, Mark McGuire is as guilty Bonds for steroid use. The difference is the distribution issue of steroids in Bonds case. Barry was a DEALER!

To all who insist on saying that because there are more important matters, crimes, and investigtions than Bonds' use of steroids and his sworn perjury to the courts, therefore he shouldn't be accused or tried at all: You're spouting self-centered nonsense! No matter what the issue, there is ALWAYS something more important than the trial-of-the-day, no matter what it's about. The fact that you think punishing a liar and a cheat is unimportant doesn't mean that the case should be halted as a waste of time and money. By that logic, trying ANY case about ANYTHING other than the one that YOU think is the most important issue in the country at any given moment is "meaningless" and a waste of time and money. Break the law, face the legal consequences. Sworn perjury in a federal investigation is against the law, no matter what the investigation is about. If this investigation and this trial is meaningless to you, then don't read about it, and quit whining about it.


Understand the reason for this Trial, not Trials, before you play the same old "race card". Bonds is on Trial for lying to the Grand Jury, not for using steroids. McGwire (see correct spelling), is not on Trial because he pleaded stupidity when he was questioned. Giambi is free and clear because he ADMITTED to using steroids like Bonds should have. Take a looks at the facts and reasons and you will see why he is in the position that he is in.

Just sayin...

papi and ps: You're both right about McQuire and Bonds both being guilty of using steroids. But you're both equally wrong about why Bonds is being tried and McGuire isn't: Bonds is NOT on trial for using steroids. He's on trial for obstruction of justice and sworn perjury in a federal investigation. McGuire didn't lie under oath, he refused to answer the questions that might have incriminated himself. That was his legal right. Bonds had the same rights and could have done the same, but he chose to commit perjury under oath instead of ivoking those rights. Perjury under oath in a federal investigation is a crime. Committing that perjury was also an obstruction of justice since he knowingly gave false statements that hindered the determination of the facts in the investigstion. McGuire did neither of those things, and he's not on trial. Bonds did both, and he's facing the legal consequences. It's that simple.

It seems counterintuitive that on the LA Times crime report section, Barry Bonds picture appears seveeral times while the two wanted suspects in the Giants case only appears once. Go figure?


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