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Affairs, strip clubs, photos of Michael Jackson’s body should be off limits, Conrad Murray's defense says

Dr. Conrad Murray's legal team asked a judge Thursday to prohibit any mention of the physician's  extramarital affairs, out-of-wedlock children and fondness for strip clubs at his manslaughter trial next month in the death of Michael Jackson.

In papers filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the defense argued that such evidence was irrelevant to the question of Murray's guilt and would be used by prosecutors only "to inflame the passions of the jury."

"The prosecution's case involves the treatment and care of Michael Jackson provided by Dr. Murray. It is not about the existence and number of children Dr. Murray has, or about his personal sexual relationship with women," wrote defense lawyer Nareg Gourjian in the documents, which also sought to bar prosecutors from presenting evidence about lawsuits against Murray for failure to pay business debts and his home mortgage.

The defense also objected to the use of pictures of Jackson's dead body at the trial, saying the "graphic, gruesome and highly prejudicial" photos would appeal to jurors emotions and jeopardize Murray's right to a fair trial. Judge Michael Pastor has ordered a hearing on the requests for April 21.

The parties took another step toward selecting a jury Thursday with the finalization of a pool of about 170 prospective panelists. In the run-up to final jury selection May 4, prosecutors and defense attorneys will review 30-page questionnaires completed by the potential jurors.

A copy of the questionnaire was unsealed by the judge Thursday. Panelists were asked 117 questions about their background, life experience and opinions on the case and those connected to it. Among the questions:

  • Have you ever considered yourself a fan of Michael Jackson or the Jackson Family?
  • Did you ever watch "This Is It" (the documentary of Michael Jackson's concert tour prep)?
  • Do you have any positive or negative feelings or opinions about Conrad Murray or Michael Jackson?

The questionnaire also asked if panelists had ever used a laundry list of prescription drugs, including propofol, the surgical anesthetic blamed in Jackson's death.

Murray, 57, faces a maximum of four years in prison if convicted of involuntary manslaughter. He has pleaded not guilty.


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-- Harriet Ryan at Los Angeles County Superior Court

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Interesting, and yet the defense has no qualms about painting Michael Jackson in a bad light. I would say that IF Murray left Michael Jackson unattended on June 25 AT ANY TIME to visit with one of his "ladies" then this should be brought up. I hope the Judge and the Prosecution don't get sucked into this latest attempt by the defense to say "Oh, poor me". Murray needs to have the book thrown at him. He was negligent, plain and simple, and extremely unscrupulous in his medical practices and for that we lost a remarkably gifted man, his family lost a son, brother, father and his friends lost a mentor and confidante.

...and it's OK to dredge up any perceived negative aspect
of Jackson's life in an attempt to exonerate Murray?
Strikes me as arrogant double speak...Murray's financial
irresponsibility and personal morals appear to this non-
legal person to be directly related to his sacrificing sound
medical judgement for a hefty paycheck. It's quite disingenuous to say Murray's past behavior has no bearing
on his incompetent medical care of Jackson; then demand
any scrap of information about the victim. What? How about
this case be tried purely on the facts....what exactly
happened in that bedroom on June 25? How, why, when and
what exactly did Murray do and not do and why did his ONE
patient die?

Why would photos of his body be considered "gruesome"? Maybe sad, and upsetting, but that word leads to other questions. He was supposedly sleeping, under the propofol. How gruesome could that be?

I find it interesting that Murray's attorneys demanded Michael Jackson's personal medical and financial records in their attempt to prove that Michael - not Murray - was responsible for Michael's death. Yet, when it comes to their client, information that that would show Murray to be morally bankrupt, scurillous and seriously in debt are off limts and would only serve "to inflame" the jury. Who are these clowns? Who is on trial here? Michael Jackson or Conrad Murray? In addition, if pictures of Michael Jackson's corpse are "graphic" and "highly prejudicial", perhaps Murray should have thought of that before he fed his patient a cocktail of deadly drugs and then abandoned him to text and talk on his cell phone with his lady friends. This whole situation is disgraceful.

You mean to tell me that hanging out at a strip club all evening before going to work an all night shift administering propofol doesn't have any relevance to the poor quality of medical care murray provided? (if you could even call it medical care) say what? don't tell me these defense attorneys said this with a straight face.

They don't want the pictures of MJ's dead body shown because he had huge bruises all over his ribcage as well as cracked ribs from the CPR performed on his body. CPR was done so hard his ribs cracked.

what will it be next Murray the film footage disappears it was erased befor ethe police even got there, Michael did not and could not and would not kill himself the judge is right to say you are deep sea fishing, you have to either face this judge or the Judge Lord God, now or later you will still face what you did Thy shall not kill ... you are trying to cover the fact Michael had defence wounds swellen of his face blood in his nose bruises in place where it shows he was fighting for his life... why should you not want to show the photos it seem to me you are trying to hide the facts the fact you chatted on your wife had lovers and children show your charcter in every legal case there is a charcter profile on a person standing trial what is it with these attorney's How are they getting PAID ??????just a year ago you was screaming you was broke ???? my qiuestion what amount of money was you paid to kill Michael Jackson and who promised you that you would be a free man..... Michael was loved by millions of people you never know which one will walk up to you and it wont be for your autograph SIR ..... tell the truth ... be free of the lie you are so holding cause you never know who might walk into the court room and expose your lies and the people that hired you will be exposed to ... you killed him he did not deserve to die he had millions of reason to live ... he was loved Michael never drank he wasnt even a drug addict when he died there was nothing in his system to say he was an addict an addict would have drugs up the y zoo he did not i repeat DID NOT what he was given that early morning KILLED HIM and you sir gave it to him there is NO way a person can give themself diporvan no way this drug was told to MIchael by you and the others anyone that has ever been under knows the feeling of it effects he would have never been rested with this drug ....... NEVER the feeling is horrible ..... Murray you will be exposed .... Michael told more then one person he was going to be killed and like i said you never know what kind of surprises you will get walking into the court room here is your time to come CLEAN ..... dont worry about what they will do to you for telling the truth worry about Capitol Murder charges and you never seeing freedom again and waiting on death row for your number to be call if you tell the truth now they will work a deal out with you and protect you ...... tell the TRUTH NOW before it is to late ...........

I am a huge Michael Joeseph Jackson fan, an frankly I find that all of this information is very, very, very confusting. For one, why would Michael, kill himself if he just brought three wonderful children into this world, whom you could see he loved them more than the waking world. Two, he adored life and everything about it trying to "heal the world" everyday, while his health was killing him. Three, the doctor or so called doctor was "living" with him, and don't you think that if a doctor was living with you even if it were on the other side of a huge mansion, that he could hear him fall, or slip, or gasp in what was to be a "asma attack" or "heart attack" and not call for emergency services right away?
It all seems to be a tad bit "fishy" and let me tell you, letting Dr. Murray go and do his work while awaiting the trial date seems even more "fishy" for they already knew that this "Dr." was handing out leathel meds to one patient, don't you think that he would do it again, and again, and again. I swear, Michael is innocent of not just one thing but it seems that people, ones who have no business getting into his business are the ones that are pointing the finger. I mean who cares if he had his face done? Did anybody say anything when people when out and got Bo tox injections? No.... Did any body care when people got a face lift? No.... But oh my goodness when Britnay spears decided to change he name and become the "bad girl" that she is today? Noooooooo but whenever Michael wanted to do anything the media was right there to cause trouble. Make his life more misrable.... I am sure that if you were a person who was in the spotlight as much as he was, all he wanted was peace..... That one thing that he was denied, he finally has..... And I hope that he is happy wherever he might be, but his soul will forever be free of all pain forever more. And we, the people, are the ones in pain now. We lost a true friend whom we never ever really knew...... Love to you Michael, and all of your Family to.


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