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$50,000 reward offered in hit-and-run death of 92-year-old man

Los Angeles city officials offered a $50,000 reward Wednesday in the hit-and-run killing of a 92-year-old man who was walking in a marked crosswalk.

Jafar Amirshahidi was taking a walk Feb. 27 when he was struck crossing Reseda Boulevard at Victory Boulevard, police said.

The driver, in what police described as a dark-colored, four-door sedan, fled the scene.

Amirshahidi was taken to a hospital, where he later died.

His wife and son attended a news conference Wednesday for the announcement of the reward.

“We hope to take this person off the streets, because the way he hit my father … I feel that he’s really a killer,” said Cia Amir, 58. “My dad is gone, there’s not much that can be done about that now, but it can help the community."


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-- Ari B. Bloomekatz

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Marked or not, pedestrians have the right-of-way at intersections. I'm always amazed at how many licensed drivers don't realize this.

I wish So Cal cops would do more undercover stings at UNMARKED intersections!!!!

My prayers go out to this family who loss a man, FATHER< GRANDFATHER< HUSBAND, a man who lived to see many element in life at the age of 92- and when any person hits anyone age or race not being the subject of it, the tragedy of such crime "taking of a life" must be brought before justice?? PEOPLE , PLEASE whatever you may have seen or heard, get that information into the proper hands, authorities, lets help get this monster off the street and into the very cage this person belongs in, NO other family should have to grieve or have to face what this family is now going through. RIP

On 3-15-11 I was involved in a hit and run. I was on my bike, had the green light and the woman did not stop. We were waiting for the police to come and she took off when a white car appeared. It was on the corner of Verduo and Buena Vista in Burbank. Put me out of commision for several weeks and I am still having trouble. Couldn't afford medical care no insurance....... The camera caught the accident no plate # though. Had she had a bigger vehicle I would have been hurt worse or killed..... (I went on top of her hood to keep from being pulled under). Only time she stopped was whenI was on her hood.

My prayers to the lady and her family. I am sorry for their loss and pray they catch the individual and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. I remember who hit me and she better keep that in mind.... because had she not took off all I would have asked for was her to replace my bike...now I want justice.... what if it had been a child and not me...... a child would not have been as lucky.


yes, pedestrians have the right of way but COME on now, people have to learn how to use their head as well!! This is why a lot of them become road kill, because they jay walked in busy traffic!! You see soooo many jay walkers in South LA and it gets pretty annoying having to hit the brakes the min one person just decides to step into traffic and wishes you hit him so he can sue the panties right off of you!!. its sad this guy had to go out this way.

You're wrong on that Tommy... pedestrians should always use the pedestrian lane and not just cross the street whenever they want! Common sense, that's why there are only part of the street that are marked with pedestrian lane!

Seriously? An 11 yr old girl was also the victim of hit and run, and they know who it is....the difference in the cases, .....No reward. Whats wrong with this country?

What a cowardly act. Hopefully they catch this guy and bring a little peace to the victim's family.

its sad he is gone...but i noticed that drivers dont like to stop all all most of the time...especially car cross on yellow and so many cars do cross on red if they were close to the last crossing car

Maybe if people would stay off of their phones while they drive, not look at their GPS drive sober i.e. pay attention and follow the law then Los Angeles would be a much safer place. The problem is when you have a city with millions of people there are going to be tens if not hundreds of thousands of morons out there. That creates a dangerous environment for everyone. This is why every time I venture out onto the streets I pay 100% attention to my surroundings and what other people are doing. If you're yapping on your cell phone while driving, being distracted by a passenger then you will either become a victim or a suspect. Hang up your phone and pay attention or you will kill an innocent person. Id bet this is what happened here, that or the driver was drunk, or both. I feel sorry for the victims family, what a sad sad loss for them. Hopefully theyll catch the cowardly idiot who ended the life of an innocent person.

If I drove and walked everytime I had the right of way - I'd have died 20 yrs ago. It is not just cell phones and texting - people have always been distracted - talking to their friends in the seat next to them, husbands yelling at their wives, moms yelling at their kids, etc. You need to check and recheck before you are "right of way". I am sorry for the 92 yr old -but at that age, we just don't move like we used to. I missed a light today because this old timer with a cane started from the curb even though "don't walk" had been blinking for a few seconds, and suprise, suprise he was in the middlde of the intersection when the light turned red and the rest of us had to wait because he want though he knew he couldn't make it. It's like people - wake up! For the love of God, if an accident does happen, don't leave the person - HELP THEM!

Tommy you'll be surprise of how many IDIOTS are walking the streets, school kids dont have respect of lights, i know this man was old, i mean 92 im sure he didnt stepped out into the street whiles its busy im sure the driver is at fault, was on the phone or texting while driving. But keep in mind some pedestrian are idiot, as well as some drivers.
both have to be vigilant, hearts to goes out to family.

hope you find the loser who did this.

My heart goes out to the family.
I myself was a victim of hit and run by a monster blue Chevy truck.
The driver is a reckless hit and run driver who destroyed my pickup and almost killed me on April 15, 2009 on Valley Circle near Lake Manor DR. It was a shame that the police did not investigate the incident claiming that they don't have much info to go on.

Pedestrians DO have the right of way.... *** even if it's illegal to cross outside of a crosswalk***! Vehicles HAVE TO give pedestrians the right of way no matter where the ped is walking. The latter can get cited for jaywalking, but he STILL has the right of way.

Whattya gonna do, run him over and argue that he wasn't in the crosswalk, so it was ok?

Really too bad that a guy lives for 92 years only to be cut down by some moron who doesn't have the human decency to stop.

Look, people, EACH party is responsible. No matter who has the right of way, drivers should be mindful of pedestrians, pedestrians should be mindful of drivers, and both parties should never take for granted that the other party sees them.

It sure is messed up that the guy made it to 92 and had to go that way. I mean, if you've survived this life for 92 years, you deserve to go due to natural causes.

Too many vehicles on our roads, we need more public transportation and bicycles, than fuel driven private vehicles, traffic congestion, and young and older people
are more sucepable to being injure and or killed by running
vehicles on our roads....It's a real jungle out there!

As I understand the law, pedestrians do not always have right of way!!!!!!

To claim a pedestrian can walk out in front of traffic, at any time, even when cars have a green light....is preposterous and simply not, I repeat not true.

Huh, that's the "Welcome to LA Homes" love tap.
Tragic to happen to a 92 year-old.
The culprit will burn for this.
Bless to the family.

this is a horrible trajedy but the police need to do more when it comes up to hit and run acidents. I was struck by a hit and run driver in 2oo4 in an intersection. I had the green & he broadsided me, he ran & I chased him long enough to get his License #. I called the regular police phone number. It took them 45 minutes to get to me and then they waited a month to investigate it. By then he had fixed his car and denied it. I was lucky I wasn't serioulsy injured.
Then last year I was hit by a guy that turned into me from a parked position and struck me almost head on, he tried to run but couldn't because of the damage to his vehicle. I dialed 911 this time and the fire dept and police came.
I was injured in my back and neck the airbags deployed and injured me too. I had a watness that saw this guy try to run. The officer took a report and impounded the guys vehicle that hit me. He was unlicensed and did not have insurance. The officer didn't arrest him or even cite him.
This is why people hit and run so much. The police need to do more to those who have no regard for the life and well beiong of others. For all this guy that hit me knew I could have had a baby on board and beeen seriouly injured or killed.

I'm disturbed by this act of senseless violence against the pedestrian but time and again I see pedestrians who simply cross seemingly when they feel like it making a disastrous assumption that I or other drivers are going to automatically stop in time for them to cross the street.

I knew there would be some morons who didn't comprehend that pedestrains always have the right-of-way at intersections. Amazing that they are probably licensed drivers. When we stop issuing licenses to idiots like them, we will all be better off.

The only reason there are not marked crosswalks at every intersection is money. It doesn't change the fact that peds have the right-of-way. They expect drivers to have some common sense! (since one foolish poster chose to use that phrase)

They are probably the same fools who can't wait until they complete the drive to their destination to reply to that phone call or text! LOL!!

Here you go, Kurim. Since you have obviously never read a DMV handbook. I can't believe you were dumb enough to try and claim I was wrong.

"Respect the right-of-way of pedestrians. Always stop for any pedestrian crossing at corners or other crosswalks, even if the crosswalk is in the middle of the block, at corners with or without traffic lights, whether or not the crosswalks are marked by painted lines."



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