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Giants fan in coma; $10,000 reward offered in search for men who beat him at Dodger Stadium

Police Reveal Sketches of Suspects in Giants Fan Beating

A $10,000 reward has been issued for information leading to the arrest of those who severely beat a Giants fan at the end of the Dodgers home opener Thursday.

The reward was offered by Supervisor Mike Antonovich and comes as the Los Angeles Police Department released sketches of the suspects.

The victim was identified as a Santa Cruz paramedic, the father of two. Bryan Stow, 42, hit his head on the pavement during the attack and is in a medically induced coma, family members told the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

"He's not doing too well," brother-in-law David Collins told the paper. "He's still unconscious, and they just decided to put him in a medically induced coma. They are hoping the brain swelling will go down, but it hasn't, and they are talking about removing one of his frontal lobes."

The Los Angeles Police Department released sketches of two suspects in the attack.

"The man suffered a serious head injury during the assault after the game,'' said LAPD Sgt. Sanford Rosenberg, watch commander at the Northeast Station.

Rosenberg said the victim was one of three Giants fans who were attacked in the parking lot by the two unidentified men wearing Dodgers clothing. The apparently unprovoked attack occurred about 8:30 p.m. in Parking Lot 2 when two assailants approached three victims in Giants apparel.

The two men attacked the three victims, kicking and punching them and shouting expletives about the Giants as they delivered the blows, Rosenberg said.

The incident was witnessed by several fans, he said. The assailants fled as people tried to assist the injured man, he said. Police said the incident was captured on security-camera video, and witnesses have provided details about the assailants, including a distinctive tattoo.

A Dodgers spokesman said the team was taking the incident seriously.

"It is extremely unfortunate that this incident took place on what was otherwise a great day at Dodger Stadium for tens of thousands of fans. We're committed to having the most fan- and family-friendly environment in baseball and will continue to make that a top priority," said Josh Rawitch, the Dodgers' vice president of communications. "We are cooperating fully with authorities during their investigation and we wish this fan a speedy recovery."


Simers: Dodgers can't ignore safety issue

-- Richard Winton and Shelby Grad

Image: LAPD

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"It is extremely unfortunate that this incident took place on what was otherwise a great day at Dodger Stadium for tens of thousands of fans. We're committed to having the most fan- and family-friendly environment in baseball and will continue to make that a top priority," said Josh Rawitch, the Dodgers' vice president of communications.

"Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?"

I heard there is a video? Wouldn't that help with identifying the perps?

And how about a description....and not just a sketch. Or is that not PC for the LATimes?

Frank McCourt doesn't give a rat's a$$ about Los Angeles, Angelinos, or even baseball. He's a *real estate developer*. He's into parking lots. He's a Bostonian. He's a Red Sox man; he's a Celtics man. He only wants your money. Period. So asking him to cough up for more security or reward money is like asking the Pope to kick in a few bucks for Planned Parenthood. But L.A. fans keep going down there, fighting the traffic, paying ridiculous prices for parking and concessions, listening to lowlifes cursing throughout the game, getting spilled on, spit at, roughed up, put in a coma, and maybe even killed. (And that's not to mention the carnage on the field for nine innings.) So why should he care? You cry and complain, but you keep coming back for more!

That's why it is imperative that you have a pepper spray or a stun gun handy in case something like this happens. Pepper sprays are not that expensive to buy and stun guns are not that expensive either, maybe $25-$40 bucks more than pepper sprays.

The Dodgers crowd of 20, 30 years ago didn't resemble anything like the Dodgers crowd of today. They were more civil. But now, the Dodgers have reached out to the young, male, gangbanger-type community. They really have. You look at the new crowd and they have tattoos from their neck down to their knees and they're fat and drink like crazy. And they get really foul and abusive and nasty. They have thick necks, shaven heads and they look like hardcore gang guys.

If it is such a distinctive Tatoo wouldn't you want to describe it?

Attn: Posted by: Sports Fan | April 03, 2011 at 11:36 AM

To be fair this is Dodgers. AEG has better video surveillance; and would've post $150,000 reward by now.

The Dodgers organization has been very slow to react to this. which I guess is not too surprising since have been doing their best to attract as low-lifes, gang banger and illegal alien fans to come to the games as possible during the McCourt era.

Pathetic. Just one more reason to never visit the west coast as you all continue to live up to your "thug and gangland" mentality. America will be a better place when California finally falls into the Pacific Ocean!!

My deepest sympathies and prayers to Paramedic Bryan Stow & his family. To the "Great" Dodger organization, cooperating with authorities and wishes for a speedy recovery is not enough! Step up and offer an award! It's the least you can do since it's obvious you will never provide adequate security.

This incident doesn't surprise me at all. I am a Giants fan and have been to games at Dodger stadium many times. I sit and watch the game and cheer for my team. While sitting there I have had food thrown at me and have been spit on. I stopped going to games there because I feared for my safety. They don't have enough security and the security they do have don't give a sh**. It disgusts me that the Dodger organization and players haven't said a word. What kind of example are they setting for America's past time.

Sports heroes are so many liars and cheats - there are some exceptions - in published accounts. They abuse their loved ones, abuse animals, cheat on their spouses, murder their wives, lie under oath, take illegal drugs. PATHETIC!! What does the public see that attracts them to these thugs and their thug bosses?

I think it would be a goodwill gesture on the part of Dodgers fans, the Dodger organization and the Giants organization if they would help Bryan as he battles for his life. He spends his time saving lives and now this has to happen. He came to support his team and both teams should feel some obligation to support him. And Dodger fans should show they are good people.

I just emailed the Dodgers from their website link at the bottom of their page.

I also hope many of you will as well! Lets send a message that this activity and response by the Dodgers thus far isn't cutting it!

They Need to step up and put up some reward money!

The Face Book page created for him is: "Our Prayers are with Bryan Stow".

It saddens me that a baseball rivalry has come to this, however I don't believe that the actions of these two individuals should reflect upon every Dodger fan or for that matter the atmosphere of the stadium in general. This situation is unfortunate, but could have happened in any sports stadium. It just so happened that it was at dodger stadium, but judging the Dodgers based on this one incident is unjust. I will not be ashamed to be a Dodger fan just because of two dumb individuals. I will always be a Dodger fan and no judgement upon my team on a incident that happened in the parking lot of the stadium will change that.

Its a changing culture in Los Angeles. Was fun and great years ago. Even in basketball you have this thug gangbanger gang member vibe not only to Mexican males but women too, home girls, with their little mini-gangbanger babies.

Its cultural, gang banger culture is passed on and on. Its not going away and if anything its increased.

But no one will say anything about it because of civil liberties and a politically correct society we live in. And the youth/pop culture in large, regardless if they follow this type of sub(human)culture or not in terms of adapting that culture's ways, supports these types.

You support it when you glorify gang bangers like Snoop and gangsta rap. When Kobe talks all thug or a b-baller looks like a thug.

This should have never happened. It makes ALL of Los Angeles look incredibly bad on top of making itself already look bad by allowing these people to exist.

You can catch these losers but the culture that breeds them is still there. There are many others just like them, it starts with the people that breed these types. But will they change from within? Never... its all part of "brown pride". Ese.

The last time I went to a Dodgers game I had been given tickets for the left field pavillion...I didn't know it was a prison or an asylum.

I watched 5 arrests in 4 innings and heard enough expletives to last a decade. It too was a Giants game. After a balloon made from a condom bounced off my 5 year old son's head we left in the 6th inning.

Did I mention Barry Bonds was playing...this was the last I went to a game. This kills me because I want to support the team. My now 10 year old son loves the Dodgers, but given the scumbag, Raiders cum Dodgers fan base that support this team and keep the McCourts in luxury, I am having a difficult time rooting for the Dodgers.

Lastly, at the same game, the parking lot was littered with empty beer bottles. Where is the security?! AND how can this assault happen in this parking lot with all the cameras and cops and guards. Like I said, there were 5 arrests in 4 innings for drunk slobs and such in the left field pavillion, but the LAPD can't keep someone from being nearly beaten to death for wearing a Giants jersey?

It is a pain in the butt, but I drive to Anaheim from Northridge for Angels games. The OC Angels fans are SOOO much friendlier. I even wore my Orioles hat to the last Angels-Orioles game without so much as a boo from fans nearby.

I will NEVER go to another Dodgers game. The LAPD and the McCourts need to step up for the sake of all true Dodger fans. The rest of us (that used to support the Dodgers) don't care what happens with the team or the legion of gang-banging human waste that support the team today. In the meantime, I wish the Raiders and the Dodgers the worst. LA County Parole and Probation should work overtime in the Ravine.

Dodgers: Increase security
one hundred fold, or us fans boycott the 2011 season!

I am calling Mike Antonovich's office to offer a donation to up the reward. I am a die hard Dodger fan who goes to the games and do not feel threatened by fans from the other team.
This is the United States of America, the greatest country in the world. What happened to our freedom to enjoy a game without violence. Los Angeles is a melting pot that has people that have settled here from all over the country and the world, they should feel safe and welcome. Shame on you violent idiots.

One more reason I DON'T watch Sports. If you have to attend sports events with animals like this it's not worth the trouble or expense. Could you imagine, attacking another person just becasue he or she doesn't root for YOUR team? What kind of Godless Heathen watch these games, and what are they teaching their children God forbid they have any. For hockey to football I find no reason to watch, root or support in any way an event that contributs or encorrages this type of behavior.
I work hard for my money and don't think that giving it to a Multi-Millionaires, that plays a Schoolboy Game while being paid an outragious amount of money and put NO product on the shelf, is worth my time.
Spend your money on your family,,,it's a much better return and it helps raise a better person and makes for a better future then this garbage.

I am disgusted and hope Stow recovers. The Dodgers should fire their Director of Security. The Stow family should sue for as much as they can get. As an aside though, I attended a Dodgers / Giants game in SF and wore no blue to give myself away. Why wave a red flag in front of a bull?

I like the sound of 50k per head dead or alive a lot better.
Can't wait for the lawsuits to roll in against the Dodgers and the city.
And LA's low life wants a football franchise.
I hope the NFL keeps it's distance.
Too many good City's can use the boost and prestige.

I'm a gaint fan and this would never happen in are Stadium. I really think if they had a great day and over 10,000 fans they should increase the reward & spend some $$ on Los Angeles Police officers to be on duty. The Dodger are a Disgrace to baseball... To the gaints fan & his family my prayers go out to you.

Can somebody explain to me why gang bangers have chosen BASEBALL games as their meeting place? Football is fast and violent. Baseball is slow and boring. How do they get all amped about watching a baseball game.

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