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Giants fan in coma; $10,000 reward offered in search for men who beat him at Dodger Stadium

Police Reveal Sketches of Suspects in Giants Fan Beating

A $10,000 reward has been issued for information leading to the arrest of those who severely beat a Giants fan at the end of the Dodgers home opener Thursday.

The reward was offered by Supervisor Mike Antonovich and comes as the Los Angeles Police Department released sketches of the suspects.

The victim was identified as a Santa Cruz paramedic, the father of two. Bryan Stow, 42, hit his head on the pavement during the attack and is in a medically induced coma, family members told the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

"He's not doing too well," brother-in-law David Collins told the paper. "He's still unconscious, and they just decided to put him in a medically induced coma. They are hoping the brain swelling will go down, but it hasn't, and they are talking about removing one of his frontal lobes."

The Los Angeles Police Department released sketches of two suspects in the attack.

"The man suffered a serious head injury during the assault after the game,'' said LAPD Sgt. Sanford Rosenberg, watch commander at the Northeast Station.

Rosenberg said the victim was one of three Giants fans who were attacked in the parking lot by the two unidentified men wearing Dodgers clothing. The apparently unprovoked attack occurred about 8:30 p.m. in Parking Lot 2 when two assailants approached three victims in Giants apparel.

The two men attacked the three victims, kicking and punching them and shouting expletives about the Giants as they delivered the blows, Rosenberg said.

The incident was witnessed by several fans, he said. The assailants fled as people tried to assist the injured man, he said. Police said the incident was captured on security-camera video, and witnesses have provided details about the assailants, including a distinctive tattoo.

A Dodgers spokesman said the team was taking the incident seriously.

"It is extremely unfortunate that this incident took place on what was otherwise a great day at Dodger Stadium for tens of thousands of fans. We're committed to having the most fan- and family-friendly environment in baseball and will continue to make that a top priority," said Josh Rawitch, the Dodgers' vice president of communications. "We are cooperating fully with authorities during their investigation and we wish this fan a speedy recovery."


Simers: Dodgers can't ignore safety issue

-- Richard Winton and Shelby Grad

Image: LAPD

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I have been going to Dodger games for years. Year after year I see a growing number of gang-bangers, homies, and "Raider Nation" riff-raff. The whole obnoxious baggy jeans, shaved head, white t-shirts, tatoo's all over their neck and face crowd.

I too am a father who enjoys bringing his kids to the game. I used to go quite often, but found that if I bought in the "cheap seats" I was surrounded by this type of patron. So, I started buying better seats and that helped although not so much anymore. So, now I'm down to maybe 2-3 games a year, instead of 10. I wouldn't even consider season tickets. I know many families who refuse to even go.

Josh Rawitch, the Dodgers' vice president of communications, said there were tens of thousands of fans. Why aren't the Dodgers giving just a dollar back for each of those fans to increase the reward so that these animals are caught and put away forever?

where are the dodgers executives??? "It is extremely unfortunate that this incident took place on what was otherwise a great day at Dodger Stadium for tens of thousands of fans"

GIve me a break, after this, I will ever take my kids to a dodgers game. THis is a very serious matter and I am surprised that Ned C and others have not addressed the issue more specifically to put fans at ease that security is being stepped up. Lastly, little empathy is being showed for the injured father of two in the Dodgers statements thus far. PATHETIC.


This country is a disgrace.

A nearly identical event happened opening day 2009. The Dodger organization should have accepted the fact that many of their fans (not all, of course) are thugs and prone to this behavior and should have installed a massive security presence after the game. They did not, and they should be held liable for millions upon millions of dollars to this family.

Regardless, many of you Dodger fans should hang your head in shame. The first game of the season and one of you beat a man into a coma, the second game none of you even show up.

$10,000...not enough.........

"A Dodgers spokesman said the team was taking the incident seriously."

You're a moron if you give this team one penny. Yeah, they REALLY care about you and your child.

The problem is that similar incidents across the state result in manslaughter deals. Will Cooley prosecute for murder? Unlikely. And with his ex-rival, Kamala Harris-"I never saw a felon I didn't like"-as Attorney General, I doubt we'll see any justice, even if the criminals are caught.

"Otherwise A Great Day " is the quote from the stadium !!!! Sue the Mc Courts
back to Boston or better yet , make leave the ballpark early and walk the parking lot without security just like we have too ,,this is Americas pastime not raider nation thease DRUNKS have NO place here do you here me Chief BECK ????

We are so blessed by our cultural and ethnic diversity.

Someone needs to take a look at post-game security at Dodger Stadium. The McCourts have cut back on security to save money. It's a free for all trying to get out of the stadium. Disgraceful.

Someone needs to take a look at post-game security at Dodger Stadium. The McCourts have cut back on security to save money. It's a free for all trying to get out of the stadium. Disgraceful.

Someone needs to take a look at post-game security at Dodger Stadium. The McCourts have cut back on security to save money. It's a free for all trying to get out of the stadium. Disgraceful.

I don't want the Dodgers any more.

This is so shameful that LA should be banned from Major League baseball for ten years.

No more Dodgers -- because Dodgers fans are evil.

No more Dodgers! Dodgers fans are evil.

"It is a sad commentary, when a person is severely beaten just for being a baseball fan, wearing the jersey colors of the visiting team." Was it because the Giants are the World Champion's or was it because these poor excuses for human beings decided that they were the fashion police?

Why isn't the Dodgers organization offerring the award!!!??? The current owners don't know the meaning of class and doing the right thing. The O'Malleys would have made the offer. But then again, under the O'Malleys the climate of violence at Dodger Stadium would not have been allowed to take root.

I hope these two perpetrators are caught and rot in jail for a long time then burn in hell!!

My thoughts and prayers are with this baseball fan and his family. The men who performed this terrible act claim to be Dodgers fans but anyone who would do a thing like this and justify it with sports are not fans, but indeed are troubled individuals. I am sure that the Dodgers organization are ashamed of these supposed fans and I hope they are caught and made an example of for Major League Baseball and all of professional sports. As a New York Yankee fan my biggest and deepest rivalry is of course with the Red Sox, however I can say without hesitation that I would never carry out actions even remotely similar to what these men did to a rival fan because of a sports rivalry.

I hope that Bryan Stow has a quick recovery and the Dodgers invite him and his family to throw out a First Pitch to raise more awareness concerning this matter.

Hey how about some of the Dodger/Giant players put up some additional reward money to as an incentive to catch these thugs.

The Dodgers share responsibility. This continues to happen. On duty Los Angeles Police officers are discouraged or even prohibited from entering the stadium without a call. Note to public. Only on duty police officers will confront and address problematic gangsters and confrontational drunks. The off duty ones are discouraged from taking action because they are paid by the Dodgers. The next assignment depends on their ability to avoid conflict and confrontation. The Dodgers and AEG (Staples Center) frown on uniformed police because they feel it detracts from their family-like atmosphere. They have no family atmosphere.

Until operational mgrs replace security directors, who in most cases, couldn't pass the selection tests to become police, with individuals who are serious about cracking down on this violence, we all run the risk of becoming like the paramedic who is now fighting for his life. COME ON TIMES THERE IS A STORY HERE. LOOK INTO IT.

Dodger Stadium has this nonsense EVERY year. You want to curb violence? Stop allowing these savages to drink as much beer as they can possibly consume!

I hope this fan's family sues the HELL out of the Dodgers.

I hope these guys are caught and have the book thrown at them. They they can have the same thing done to them in prison.

This is what can happen when you cater to the lowest common demonenator. If I was related to the victim I would seriously consider a lawsuit and against the Dodgers, City of Los Angeles, and Frank & Jamie McBankrupt, because they are indirectly responsible for creating a climate where thugs rule.

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