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Hundreds protest anti-Muslim remarks by Villa Park councilwoman

Orange County's smallest city was still reeling Wednesday from a demonstration at Villa Park City Hall, where hundreds gathered outside a city council meeting to protest anti-Muslim remarks made by Councilwoman Deborah Pauly.

“Pauly, Pauly, Pauly has got to go,” chanted those who could not get into the packed council chambers Tuesday night.

They were upset about comments Pauly made last month outside the Yorba Linda Community Center during a Muslim charity event. Pauly, vice chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County, had joined a protest there, referring to the activities being held inside as “unadulterated evil.”

“As a matter of fact, I know quite a few Marines who will be very happy to help these terrorists to an early meeting in paradise,” she said.

Yorba Linda resident Khaled Fouad, who attended the city council meeting Tuesday, said his mother’s car was vandalized after Pauly’s remarks. Someone placed a page from the Koran on the dashboard and wrote the letter “F” on it, he said.

“I just want to tell her that her actions and words encouraged violence,” Fouad said of Pauly. “She has influence on people and she needs to be careful of what she encourages people to do.”

Pauly’s speech went viral on YouTube, with thousands of views.

Newport Beach resident Eric Oatman, 24, said he attended Tuesday's rally because he wanted to support Muslims and denounce ignorance and racism in Orange County.

Pauly supporters also gathered outside City Hall. Although they were few, their voices were heard.

“Where’s your war medal? Go back home!” yelled an anti-Muslim protestor.

A few young Muslim men and women broke out in song in response, intoning the national anthem and “God Bless America.”


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-- Mona Shadia, Daily Pilot / Times Community News

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Dig deeper. Just who were they protesting that was at this Islamic fundraiser??
Imam Siraj Wahhaj and Amir Abdel Malik Ali is who! Look up what things they say and encourage and you will see why these folks were protesting.

“I just want to tell her that her actions and words encouraged violence,” Fouad said of Pauly. WOOHOO, now that's a good one. Talk about extreme hypocrisy and playing the victim. Unbelievable.

Yes, lets keep talking about this story, more people will become informed of just who these Muslims were supporting! Please do!

very sad that people who should be leaders instead are no better than those they condem.

I don't think she's the one who needs to go.



Sounds like Mrs Pauly ready to take it to the next level "Can we say Congress woman"

Where's the issue with what she said?


Are Muslims second class citizen?
If not than why such elected politicians take short cut in raising their anti-Islam and and anti-Muslim slogans in public meetings and public platforms? Why America is being hate in the Muslim world? America is not a religious democracy; here all citizens have equal rights, all religious have equal respect, but still why only Muslims are being targeted for their religious identity?
Yes, few Muslims have been mis-guided and confused, but that type of radicalism is visible in almost all the religions. Rather than targeting the culprit, American politicians are wrongly blaming Islam and Muslims for their own selfish purposes and it must be stopped.

Good for her. I don't want them living by me either. I know I am supposed to be politically correct but this goes far beyond that.Why is it always ok if it is called a religion but not if you are the mob or a cartel? Think about it.

Everyone is entitled to express their points of view in America, it's referred to as freedom of speech. I have yet to see a pro-american Muslim demonstration against Al-Quaeda by those who are expressing anger at Pauly's choice of words. Though she doesn't represent my personal views she has the legal right to express her own opinions. Those of the Muslim faith also have the right to protest. This is America!!!

The ignorance and ironic comments if racists never ceases to amaze me. This guy (in the video) lauds the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which guarantee the right to free exercise of religion, and in the same breath denounces Muslims. Dude - you are in serious need of a civics lesson. or perhaps you should at least read the Bill of Rights before talking about it.

I don't know who this buffoon Pauly and her cronies are, besides a disgrace to our society. Ignorance and fear - oh wait, they'r Republicans. Definitely not Christians (Another disgrace if they call them selves that)

I hope she does not forget that daily, thousands of Muslim soldiers fighting for us and with us pray - and when they're done with prayer they fight and work by our side.

Her new name: "Pathetic Paula". Shame on you. By the way P.P., I know a few Marines who'd find you an intolerant and ignorant disgrace.

God Bless your mess - F

Pauly's statements were despicable, unnecessary, and unfortunately all-too-common. Who really cares what she thinks about world affairs; that is not her job. She should apologize to the citizens of the city who pay her salary, or resign. Enough already.

How about "President Pauly"! Anyone calling terrorists on the carpet for their actions is accused of hate speech. That's actually an admission that these people- those who disagree with Pauly - embrace violence. They are saying that anyone who is critical of their violence is violent. These people are nuts. This is still America and guess what....we still get to speak the truth about you.

I have a great idea..... If you don't like what's being said leave.

Scoring political points by vilifying a minority group is, sadly, an American tradition (or a human tradition, I suppose) that all are duty-bound to fight in any way they can. These Muslim community members and their allies are already "home" and I'm glad they're making their voices heard.

What about Bill mahers comments on politically incorrect? those were anti musilim.

Anti Muslim remarks? How about anti- terrorist remarks.
The L.A. Times is nothing but padding for the bottom of bird cages.
Horrible media biased. The media is so full of agenda. What happened to honest reporting?
Can you imagine an elected official supporting our troops and encouraging them to kill our enemies? That is crazy! Wow. This world is losing perspective.

I do not support any organized religion for many reasons. The main reason is that all of the major religions use their religious beliefs as a reason to hate people who do not have the same spiritual beliefs as they do. ALL of the major religions have extreme violence in their history and their are extremist with them all. Religion should not be an excuse to be ignorant.

Did she say "muslims", or did she say terrorists??????

I would do everybody a lot of good to see just who it is that is leading the charge against her...........................

If its okay for her to say whatever she likes about Muslims; then its okay for any actor, politician, or anyone to say anything about Jews and Christians.

This is why the rest of the world sees Americans as ignorant and stupid. Not all Muslims are bad, hell most are not. I have met many Muslims who are very nice and proud to be American.
We shouldn't be a country that demoralizes people and treats them as second-class citizens just because of their beliefs. That is why America was founded, to be free from Religious persecution and be seen as equal. I could honestly say that there really is not a major religion without a dark mark on their past. SOME Catholics persecuted and killed many protestants(I'm pretty sure most were innocent and didn't want to be killed), SOME Christians thought it righteous to force Natives (a lot of whom where peaceful) to abandon their culture and religion or be killed, a Baptist Church thinks that everyone is going to hell and it is acceptable to protest at the funerals of our military and little children, and SOME Muslims thought it was right to twist their holy words to make it acceptable to bomb trade centers; a lot of religions did this because they saw it as "The Will of God". I believe there was some guy who hated a group of people with a common religion and killed thousands of them without really a second though, now what was that monster's name again? Oh yeah, Hitler.

Seriously people, stop being the stereotypical American everyone else hate.

Elected officials should do their homework and make an effort to build consensus among Americans, not divide people and incite hate crimes or violence. Deborah Pauly and the others could have contacted the Muslim Public Affairs Council or the Shura Council of Southern California with their concern, instead of showing up with bullhorns. Both these organizations work hard on interfaith efforts (look them up).

The fact these officials did not reach out to a significant segment of their own constituency speaks volumes about their intent. If the elected officials don't know these organizations, why not? This was a reckless alliance by elected officials and protesters affiliated with known "hate groups" by the SPLC (look them up).

It's easy to hate; it takes more humanity and effort to reach out and work through an issue.

WOW she needs to go; she is like a crusade

Here is the point that a lot of th comments seem to be missing.

You don't fight hate with hate.

Deborah Pauly's words will insight hated, and have already, nothing more.

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