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USC fraternity official 'appalled' by photos of couple having sex on rooftop [Updated]

A top official at the board for fraternities at USC expressed outrage over photos posted online that apparently showed two people having sex on the roof of the school's Waite Phillips Hall.

The photos of the man and woman went viral after they were posted Saturday night, according to a report in the Daily Trojan, which broke the story.

On Monday night, the paper quoted USC Interfraternity Council President Pat Lauer as saying the group was “appalled by the actions associated with the individuals in the pictures, and will work tirelessly to reverse the negative stereotypes such an action has perpetuated.”

The Daily Trojan quoted a statement released by the president of USC Kappa Sigma acknowledging that the man in the photos was a fraternity member.

"While the actions that were taken did involve a member of our chapter we, in no way, support this kind of behavior, nor do we promote any such actions," Zach Timm was quoted as saying.

Timm said inquiries into the incident had been launched and that the fraternity member seen in the photos had been suspended "for conduct unbecoming of a Kappa Sigma and a gentleman."

[For the record, March 29, 12:54 p.m.: A previous version of this post incorrectly attributed the quote above to Ayushi Gummadi.]


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— Robert J. Lopez

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Is this really "appalling"? Two college students having sex on a roof?

Making scared, lonely freshman pay money and drink excessive amounts of alcohol in order to be your friend is perfectly fine, but having sex on a roof is "unbecoming of a gentleman"?


Sex on the roof top of public buildings is nothing new.
What makes this hummorous is The Daily Trojan broke the news.

Hope they were using a Trojan! Kappa Sigma for Safe Sex!

Since when has any fraternity member, of any fraternity on any planet, ever engaged in behavior that *is* becoming of a gentleman?

This didn't happen at UCLA when I was in college. Oh wait, we were to busy studying or had the decency to do it in our dorm room. Way to stay classy trojans! GO BRUINS


yeah, right.....
And what exactly is wrong with having sex on a roof top when you are a college student again? Remind me....

The newspaper "The Daily Trojan" reported on a story about people having sex. Classic.

If it was consensual, it appears the choice of location for self-gratification may, as it turned out, have been a poor one. A few questions: Who took the video and who posted it on the internet? Are they fraternity/sorority members? Have the parents of the performers been supplied with a HD copy of the video? If either of the two have been blessed with federal, state or private funds to pay for their "education" will those money sources receive a copy of the video? Has the door to the roof been locked to prevent future indiscretions? Is there a law against having sex on a roof? Will these persons be expelled; compelled to performn community service or will it be deemed that they have already done that? Parents who said their students to USC should think twice.

Hypoctites - people in frats would have sex on the roof all the time it is just that now days everyone has a camera. Get over it and quit acting like this never happens. FACT- People have sex and sometimes not in the bedroom.

Give me a break!!!! That IFC president is just a mouthpiece....The greek system at any university is for the sole purpose of partying. I was a member at a Fraternity at USC and I had a great time and made lifelong friends! FIGHT ON!

Yes, because college students never have sex. I don't get what the big deal is? Isn't drunken rooftop sex part of the college experience? WHAT AM I MISSING HERE?

classy place USC

These officials know this crap is going on but turn a blind eye to it, I mean come on their college students. I'm sure a lot worse is taking place at this school and many others. And when did frat members become known for their gentlemanly behavior. This is the bottom line, do what you want frat guys but if you get caught we are gonna deny we knew this or anything else was going on and talk down the behavior. These officials did the same thing when they were in college.

This is insane. There is no big deal, someone set them up or something I would say. Like everything that new pledges go through in any Frat is gentleman like. That frat member just wasted time, money, and brain cells, all because he had sex on a roof and someone took a picture.

To all the bRuins commenting about USC & classy, need we remind you of one Alexandra Wallace. Pot meet kettle. Actually, this isn't as bad as Alexandra Wallace, these 2 didn't hurt anybody else.

I would be more upset about the pervert who took the photos rather than 2 people involved in an intimate moment.

What kind of Frat is it that does back up one of it's own? I would seriously reconsider my membership if I am on that Frat.

It's not a gay Frat is it?

How are you gonna get mad at college kids for doing that? Unless your at BYU I don't see what the problem is. I say the voyeuristic punks that ratted deserve the punishment.

yeah, you work "tirelessly" to undue this negative stereotype... What a tool! Is this guy from 1950? I guess you have to appoint some arcane figurehead on top of the frat house to keep the university from shutting down the debauchery.

Nice, you were always studying at UCLA because no one would have sex with you there. A lot of people have public sex, this isn't the first time someone has had sex outdoors. All I can say is, if you are going to have public sex and get caught college years are the best time to do it. Oh by the way, Hello Tanja, I like the way you think

Was there a warning sign that read "No sex allowed on this rooftop".

Well, was there?

"This didn't happen at UCLA when I was in college. Oh wait, we were to busy studying or had the decency to do it in our dorm room. Way to stay classy trojans! GO BRUINS"
You're not out of the woods yet bruins. Rumors are flying that the girl goes to UCLA.

this is the same usc kappa sigma that circulated an email identifying women as targets and gullets. glad to see they're not hypocritical

Sounds like a scene from Animal House!

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