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UCLA student who posted anti-Asian YouTube video receives death threats

A UCLA student whose viral "Asians in the Library" YouTube video sparked a campus backlash and condemnation from the school's chancellor has received multiple death threats, the Daily Bruin reported.

Alexandra Wallace issued a statement to the campus newspaper on Monday, issuing an apology to the "entire UCLA campus."

"Clearly the original video posted by me was inappropriate," she said in the statement. "I cannot explain what possessed me to approach the subject as I did, and if I could undo it, I would."

In the the video, she suggests that Asians don't have manners and she also mocks students using a derogatory, fake Asian accent.

UCLA spokesman Phil Hampton has said university officials are evaluating whether the student may have violated the school's code of conduct and, if so, what possible discipline she could face.

Chancellor Gene Block's Facebook page was filled with dozens of messages -- many from students and alumni.

Some messages asked Block to expel her. Others suggested sensitivity training and cautioned against death threats and inappropriate behavior.


UCLA condemns video criticizing Asian students

Video attacking Asian UCLA students is 'hateful and ignorant,' school chancellor says

-- Kimi Yoshino

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I'm in Alexandra's corner. She didn't say anything that bad and if Rev. Phelps and his idiots can get away with what they do this is nothing.

I'm an asian male, Bruin Alumnus, Americanized, and I watched the video in its entirety...

She is right to some extent, but the problem is that she stereotyped every asians (asian males in some instances) into one group, which of course caused all backlash. Being a male asian, I can cook for myself (was taught by my parents, do my own laundry, and so much more). But I do know some guys who cant.

So I wear deoderant, I try to be congnescant of everything I do, etc. etc. I have seen whites/blacks/asians/hispanics enter an elevator before everyone got out (I worked at a high rise in downtown LA), and some people of each of these races do not say thank you when I hold the door, do something for them, etc. But its me who takes that initiative...I don't ask anyone to, I do it myself.

Its all about education and awareness. People just mozy on through the day and forget that there are other people around them. Its all about the selfishness here, so it shadows all the friendliness that some people project to others. We are in one crowded world, so if you could be a little consciencious, it would ease a little of the tension.

On being Americanized:
This is a melting pot, Americanized means you learn to accept every culture. Those same guys who annoy you at the library are the same guys who brought great inventions over, food that most eat, and so much more. The same can be said for every culture in our history. At least we aren't in a country where you have no choices, and decisions aren't made for you.

The problem with her post was that it was made public, not a great choice for a poli-sci student. She then stereotyped. Then she made claims that clearly contradicted everything she was ranting about. Rant to a friend, rant to a coworker, but make sure its in the confines in which you know are private. Making everything public on the internet is usually a wrong choice in itself. Again its all about awareness.

This isn't about free speech or humor it's about stupidity that borders on racism. Which is worse; talking on a cell phone in a library and bothering a few people or making an offensive video that denigrates an entire part of the world population? It's sad that she can't understand how screwed-up her views are.

This young woman seems to have been raised in a household or a town that was full of small minded people. Unfortunately, she is not alone. There are many out there just like her. You would hope that a school like UCLA would be a good place for people to shed their narrow stereotypical views.

Was anything she said false? I know East Asian mothers who regularly took food to their children at UCLA. Has anyone done a survey to find out the percentage of Black, East Asian, White, Hispanic, South Asian, and don't forget the Armenian mothers who take food to their children at UCLA? I would guess that East Asian mothers are near the top of the list.

having spent many an hour in that library, she has a point.

What a joke UCLA has become! So much for being a prestigious "university".

When you talk on your telephone in a library people are going to think you are rude. Simple as that.

It would be polite to take your conversation outside.

I'm still waiting for this too; Still waiting for UCLA, or any Dem's, to try to end affirmative action as bigotry against whites, especially males.

Diversity + internet = there's no such thing as simply blowing off steam anymore. Thanks to diversity, most any opinion about other people you have is likely to be inappropriate (unless you have a sociology degree to hide behind), and your outburst is preserved for as long as the internet lasts.

I once knew a Trinidadian woman of Chinese heritage. She told me of an instance once, when she was eating potato chips in the library. She got up & left for a while, and when she came back there was an angry note, scolding her for making Chinese students look like slobs & rule-breakers. So I can imagine how this episode might seem to Chinese students, if that's who this young woman is talking about (Haven't watched the video).

the issue isnt that this young lady made a stupid youtube video mocking an entire culture. the issue is that she is uncovering what may be the normal attitude of a typical privileged upper middle class valley girl attending an institution of higher learning. she was dumb enough to get caught, but how many of these "american" students agree with her and feel the same way? i feel bad for her because this is a painful way to learn that she is a white female that is 1) attending a university system that is asian in its majority and 2) going to enter the work force in a state that is hispanic/latino in its majority. the death threats are out of hand; if ms wallace and others like her dont modify thier views or their behavior, theyre going to have a miserable time in california. grow the f%%^ up guys, you arent the majority any more in cali!

a moron at ucla? say it isn't so...

Why is this girl being criticized for exercising her constitutional right to freedom of speech?

Although I do not condone death threats, I feel that the thousands of people who bombarded her with demeaning remarks and hateful jokes are simply practicing the same amendment as she is--Freedom of Speech. An eye for an eye. She wanted attention and she got it.

Regarding her tsunami complaint.. the victims are too busy trying to survive and are most likely unable to see her nonsensical ramblings. I hope they never see it. Her reflection of "American Manners" is very ironic.

Moving on to more important issues..

The ironic thing is that I've been to Asian libraries (I've traveled many times to a number of countries in Asia).... they are EXTREMELY quiet. Talk about discipline.

She made a mistake by voicing her opinion on the web but for her to receive death threats??? Come on people.... this is way too much. As an Asian American graduate of UCLA, this is crossing the line. Ignore her comment and move on with your own lives. We have a lot more things to worry about in this world than one person making ignorant comment.


Honestly, this video was kind of funny (and I'm Asian too!) until she decided to make fun of the Japan earthquake...

which showed the absolute lack of sympathy she has for others.

What she did was unacceptabble but remember this is america we live in and we all hav freedom of speech but that doesnt give you the right to be racist. Racism is not cool.>:(

This is stupid. She deserves a roundhouse kick!
She made the school look bad, cuz of what she did!
UCLA owns!

Wow some white supremacist actually come in here and demand the end of affirmative action against whites? Affirmative action does not help Asians in anyway so please take that somewhere else where it is relevant. You are exactly what is wrong with this country. You keep thinking somebody undeservedly take something from you while in reality it is you who don't work hard to keep it.

From my personal experience, Asians certainly aren't the loudest. 17 years ago, I was in one of the terminal at Tokyo airport to wait to board my flight to LA. It was in late afternoon. There weren’t many passages that day, and most of them are Japanese. Most of time they just sit there waiting quietly, and occasionally, some whispered to each other. The entire airport was as quiet as that I can even hear the sound of a needle falling on the floor until a group people broke the scenery. They were Americans. They acted as they were the only people in the airport and talked and laughed loudly. They turned the entire terminal into a stage to display their selfishness and rudeness. Unfortunately, I was on the same flight with those Americans. They continued to behave like that all the way to LA.
Honestly, it was the first time that I meet Americans. My impression was: Americans are so loud.
Now, I know that not every American like that. Still, out there, some Americans are as loud as they can possibly get. I am probably not the only non-American who has that kind of impression. Just ask Europeans.

Have you watched all of the racist, hateful videos posted in response to her video? Do as we say, not as we do.

People in homogenous countries like China, Korea, India, Saudia Arabia, etc., accept no one other than their own race. You may be able to visit those countries, but don't live there. And if you dare do, you better follow their customs.

A world full of hypocrites.

I was planning to send my son to UCLA, but after the video that was posted, I will not. It was an eye opener to see that this type of hate is still very much alive on college campuses like UCLA.

Wow, and to think some of us deployed to Iraq/A-stan just so she can exercise the "freedom of speech". I have had 18 year olds display more courage and professionalism than her. Good luck on finding a job with that reputation.

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