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UCLA student who posted anti-Asian YouTube video receives death threats

A UCLA student whose viral "Asians in the Library" YouTube video sparked a campus backlash and condemnation from the school's chancellor has received multiple death threats, the Daily Bruin reported.

Alexandra Wallace issued a statement to the campus newspaper on Monday, issuing an apology to the "entire UCLA campus."

"Clearly the original video posted by me was inappropriate," she said in the statement. "I cannot explain what possessed me to approach the subject as I did, and if I could undo it, I would."

In the the video, she suggests that Asians don't have manners and she also mocks students using a derogatory, fake Asian accent.

UCLA spokesman Phil Hampton has said university officials are evaluating whether the student may have violated the school's code of conduct and, if so, what possible discipline she could face.

Chancellor Gene Block's Facebook page was filled with dozens of messages -- many from students and alumni.

Some messages asked Block to expel her. Others suggested sensitivity training and cautioned against death threats and inappropriate behavior.


UCLA condemns video criticizing Asian students

Video attacking Asian UCLA students is 'hateful and ignorant,' school chancellor says

-- Kimi Yoshino

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Sounds like the same things that happen a few years ago when students at another university focused their prejudices on the African American students in their school. What is it about white students that makes them think they can say and do anything without backlash.

I don't think it's enough that she's apologizing to the "entire UCLA campus" because she's not offending just that campus, she's offended every Asian, UCLA or not.

hmm...what poessesed you? How about hate?

Talking about bad manners in a fake accent is worth death threats? Not very tolerant or understanding behavior from the PC crowd.

Still waiting for UCLA, or any Dem's, to try to end affirmative action as bigotry against whites, especially males.

So, we have a silly video on one side versus actual racist policies on the other, & guess which gets more press.

before reporting "death threats" as fact the newspaper should ask for the police report, if there isnt one then perhaps "alleged" could be added to the headline. i dont believe this story for a minute.

If this student has to attend sensitivity training than the international student population should be forced to attend American cultural orientation upon enrollment. They might be taught things like: don't enter an elevator before its occupants have exited it, or in American we wear deodorant, or we don't talk on cell phones in libraries. The student may have been caustic but she has a point.

...and she studies Political Science??

Hopefully, she doesn't go into Foreign Relations...

Her biggest mistake was forgetting that free speech is not a protected right on liberal college campuses.

brilliant move, Alexandra... That's NOT winning.

The way the game is played: whites cannot comment on the bad manners of nonwhites. That the girl didn't know this must mean she's kinda dim.

If she made a racial spoof about black people she would have been expelled in a minute.

It wouldn't surprise me if she gets away with this.

I'll say one thing at UCLA she really has nowhere to hide. I'm sure the entire student body will either stay 20 feet away from her or make her life a living hell.

Bravo bimbo! You now got your 15 minute of fame.

Sensitivity training for her and for the students who use cell phones in the library during exam week?? P.S. Not all Asian-Americans were "offended." Several who weren't have posted here or were quoted in the earlier article.

I'm Asian and i thought the video was hilarious...I could easily do the same thing about another loud and obnoxious ethnic group that resides here in SoCal...

The death threats are pretty stupid. Only idiots make death threats.

This is a dumb kid who said something stupid. Everyone should just move on.

about time someone tells it like it is...if an asian comic used this material it would be perfectly satisfactory......

Where are the parents in all of this, they raised her this way. They should also take some blame for these actions !

"UCLAlumni", you have got to be kidding, do you actually believe that these American "cultural" norms that are so important to you are not violated everyday by what I would think you would refer to as "good American Kids". Bad manners exist in every culture, white, too. You don't know it, could never admit it, but you too, are a bit racist. You only see what you want, believe it to be true, and then wear it as cloak of protection. We can see through it.

Two words. Clayton Bigsby. Go look it up. Classic.

If she would have just said, "The total and complete take over of UCLA by young asian punks sucks"... there would be no backlash. Asians don't think they own westwood. They know it. Wallace may have said, "Ching chong", but UCLA says, "Ca-Ching!!!"

Death Threats? Geez, some people are overly sensitive. I saw her "anti-asian" video and I have to say, that it wasn't even that bad. All she's doing is complaining about how noisy the Asian students were in the library. WHY is complaining about noise in a library worthy of death threats?

She's not even against ALL Asian people anyways, just the ones who were disturbing the library studies.

And this is coming from an Asian. Don't worry Alexandra, there are still some people who can understand your situation.

I really like this girl.

She is totaly correct! and has the right to study in peace. Follow the American rules or get out!

She needs to go,no graduation, no nothing,just get out and stay home.

The people who say these things probably don't even know who fought for their rights to freedom of speech amongst others. This isn't a lapse in judgment this is just sheer ignorance coming from a future white supremacist. Just goes to show that University standards aren't as high was they're drawn out to be, put in a high school effort to get a 2.0 GPA and there is your big fat degree.

BTW there is an equal amount of ignorance and stupidity on the online community, death threats are a bit immature.

if no strict disciplinary action is taken by UCLA, it will be like they condone this kind of conduct.

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