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L.A. officials release list of 141 medical marijuana dispensaries ordered to close immediately [Updated]

The Los Angeles city attorney’s office Wednesday released the list of 141 medical marijuana dispensaries that it has warned must shut down immediately or face legal action.

[Update 6 p.m: An earlier version of this post said 140 dispensaries were listed. However, Los Angeles officials added another location since first announcing the action Tuesday.]

COMPLETE LIST: Dispensaries that have applied for lottery or were ordered to close

lThe city has been struggling for years to control dispensaries, which opened by the hundreds when city officials failed to enforce a moratorium on pot stores. An earlier drive to shut down illegal operations was thwarted by a judge’s ruling, which found that parts of the city’s ordinance were unconstitutional. The City Council adopted a new ordinance earlier this year. 

The city attorney’s office has targeted dispensaries that did not register with the city clerk to participate in a lottery that will select 100 collectives to operate in the city. All other pot stores are illegal under the ordinance. Asha Greenberg, an assistant city attorney, sent letters Monday to the operators and landlords of 140 dispensaries informing them that they must close. 

City officials have not set a date for the lottery. The operators of 228 dispensaries have applied to be included in the drawing. The city clerk’s office is still reviewing the applications to ensure that the dispensaries meet a complicated list of requirements, which include having been in business since Sept. 14, 2007, and having at least one of the same owners or managers.

Map: Locations of the 140 dispensaries ordered to close immediately.


L.A. pot dispensaries fight proposed tax on medical marijuana

L.A. releases list of medical marijuana dispensaries vying for chance to operate

229 medical marijuana dispensaries make deadline for L.A.'s lottery

-- John Hoeffel

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The shop I go to is not ordered to close, but this is a good opportunity to check out shops that are ordered to close - hopefully they'll have a 'fire sale' on their products if they are going to close. If too many close up though, quality and prices are going to suffer.

Los Angeles city government is incredibly hypocritical when they mount a jihad against dispensaries while ignoring liquor stores and 7-11s.

And for a city mired in unemployment, they sure are quick to get rid of all the jobs created or indirectly sustained by these establishments!

When an urban business model is successful, you don't hold lotteries to stifle it- you should *encourage* it!

Shut down Buds on Melrose already. They are a menace to our community, and they have been terrible neighbors here.

Let's not hassle legit businesses. Yes, they should not be near schools or residential areas. But that applies to liquor stores too.

The taxpayers and voters of L.A. County
should get rid of the D.A. and the City Council
until they learn the meaning of the word, "Democracy".

With the 5% tax measure just passed - for every $1 spent in these 140 collectives ordered to shut down - The City of Los Angeles is losing $7. Think about it - let's say they sell a measly $2500-a-day in product. That's a loss of $17,500 a-day revenue. That's over $6million a year. Damn - that would pave roads and pay for teachers and parks and libraries. Stupid, paranoid city council, city attorney, neighborhood groups. - why don't you people figure out how else to get this revenue!

To the degree that many of these stores are selling MJ to kids, casual users, etc. outside the scope of the "medical marijuana" intent, then they should close. But for those stores serving the community of patients who do need access to medical marijuana, the more stores, the more affordable it is.

What the city is doing is creating a virtual monopoly for those FEW stores that remain open. Not good for the consumer. Put in place an application and approval process for all interested dispensary owners, and go from there.

I am a legal card holder in Canada and To see one State with so many dispensaries is just crazy I personally think that is WAY too many I believe 100 is a good number 228 thats way too many as you do not need one on every corner. The 100 that do get legal should also look at a Safe Delivery Service for the Ones that can not get out.

I Think all the dispensaries business should come together and combine in some manner. AFTER ALL we are here to help one another are we NOT. I figure if you all get together you can work it out so NOT every is out of work and your government can still make their share.

Here in Ontario our Government has YET to allow Any Legal Dispensaries COME ON CANADA GET WITH THE PROGRAM we need Good Legal Dispensaries HERE As of right now its only legal To Grow your Own if you have your card OR Buy it From Canada Health. That is a Joke the strain Canada Health has is GARBAGE and you do NOT get a choice of what you get NOT everyone can use or even likes the Same strains, we do need to have variety of choices, As what strain may work for you may not work for me.

I would Love to start one or even be part of a Legal Dispensary But I would be to afraid to get busted and lose every and end up in jail. As i live off a monthly income there would be NO way i could afford to fight our government.

Just my two cents Worth.....

I am a business owner on Melrose, and I think it is a positive thing to have them open on this street.. not only is it horrible to have so many vacant stores on Melrose, but it brings more traffic to my store.. I have stopped by Buds on Melrose and I must say it is the most legit of these businesses I have seen. The owner and volunteers were very nice, and they seem to be doing there best to reach out to the community by offering breast cancer awareness meetings, donating to the police and sheriff's association and doing anything possible to keep the public aware of the positives of medical marijuana.. I say keep this one and if others are running things like they are.. keep them all!! Stop wasting our tax dollars CITY!!!!


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