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Millions of dead fish at King Harbor in Redondo Beach [Updated]


Dead fish float inside King Harbor.

Authorities in Redondo Beach are investigating what killed millions of fish over the last day at King Harbor Marina.

Fish, including anchovies, sardines and mackerel were floating lifeless in Basins 1 and 2 of the north side of King Harbor Marina.

Dead Fish Mystery

"There’s basically fish everywhere you go in the harbor," said the harbor's assistant manager, Jason McMullin, who added that there were reports that a red tide may have driven the fish into the harbor in massive numbers where they died because of limited oxygen.

Redondo Beach public works officials were dispatched to the harbor to investigate further but did not have immediate comment.


The fish were attracting huge flocks of seagulls and other birds.

[Updated at 12:15 p.m.: Redondo Beach officials said initial assessments suggest oxygen depletion in the King Harbor basins caused the massive fish die-off.

City Manager Bill Workman said city officials with the help of marine experts would help determine if there was any environmental issue involved. Tests are now being performed on the water as officials begin removing the dead fish, which city officials estimated to be in the millions.

“There are no visible signs of any toxins that might have caused [the die-off] and our early assessment is that this was oxygen depletion,” Workman said. “This is similar to what we experienced five years ago but that was distinctly a red tide event but there’s no discoloration of the water, no associated foaming in the waves, Workman said. “There are no oil slicks or leaking of substances into the water.”

Workman noted that the harbor had been teeming in recent weeks with bait fish that even after their deaths “had no signs of degradation.”]


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Photo: Dead fish float inside King Harbor. Credit: Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times; Second and third images: KTLA News.

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Global what? This is only one channel in Redondo Beach!! The over-inflated ego of liberals never surprises me. This incident shows how stupid fish are as they follow each other into a channel that is too small to support all of them. BTW, they are not named bait fish for nothing. Look for the scavengers and hunters to visit the vicinity of the channel. Fishing should be good at the mouth of the channel.

It's pretty hilarious the stage of denial some anti-global warming fools are in. Given the limited carrying capacity of the planet, if we keep adding billions of people in ever shorter years, at some point you will incur massive die-offs and population collapses.

Take a container with a small source of food, introduce one male and female roach into the container and watch what happens. Our results will be similar, on a more spectacular scale.

But hey, the Repugnicans still gotta get sell one more barrel of oil, and squeeze one more dollar from somewhere...

THIS happens and lame people still trying to be funny.
They're not. This is tragic; we should all pay attention to this incident and prevent from any further catastrophes.

mY FRIEND fLIPPER CALLED ME last night and told me charley sheen was seen swimming in the waters off redondo.....Scared those fish to death.....

This sounds more natural than other recent killoffs. The fish don't normally go into the harbor. If they got lost or misdirected they might, in those numbers, have exhausted the oxygen all by themselves. Mysterious pollutants don't explain how the fish got into the harbor. Too much speculation by people, including me, with no information.

this is just one of the many, Schemes this country is pulling on us, soon enough it wont just be fish floating hopelessly, it will be the people caught in the midst of "MOVING FOWARD" thank you United States thank you...

I think this is a terrorist attack if you ask me?

Hopefully millions of humans dont just drop dead anytime soon

Better photos of the fish die-off in Redondo: http://bit.ly/g7eHg7

It's not over yet folks. The effects of the BP disaster unfolding before our eyes...

The 1967 Lake Michigan die-off was said to have been caused by a school of little fish so huge that the dead fish were the ones in the middle of the school trying to swim in water depleated of oxygen by the mass of fish all around them. The dead fish floating are only a percentage of the entire school of fish, a sort of super school whose interior became a death zone too quickly to escape. It's a natural phenom.

Looks like plenty of bait for Sea World San Diego.

Algae blooms aren't confined to the surface, they can also co mingle with areas of seaweed growing rampant. The seaweed is a natural habitat for the fish, And if the bloom moved in quick it could have startled all the fish out, rather like a stampede. That said, however, what drove them into the cove is a mystery. I would suspect something very large and very noisy; that is the only thing that would be disorienting enough to drive them in another direction.

Seems like we could make use of millions of dead fish - fish sticks? Fertilizer? Cow feed?

i'm an engineer myself, so i look at facts, but WOW. even in Redondo beach!? my family goes there all the time!!

fish dying, birds dying, we're killing our planet. that's about it. we really have to STOP those chemicals. and STOP over-consuming our planet.

I should add, however, that an equally popular hypothesis for the fish as well as the birds is magnetic shift. while our poles so far have shifted only slightly, there is a theory in some circles that a full shift would be preceded by many smaller "pockets" of magnetic shift. Both birds and fish are guided by the magnetic poles; or where they are perceived to be.

google "Geoengineering" then watch video called "What in the world are they spraying" on Youtube It's quite eye opening, especially when you look to the skies.

We will all be eating soylent green before too long.

The most disturbing part about all of this is the fact that it has been happening all over the world since the beginning of the year.... I am tired of getting my inteligence insulted by all of these rediculous speculations by authorities, i.e., the birds in Arkansas were scared literally to death by fireworks?!?!? please..... or, the black birds that fell from the sky showed evidence of blunt force trauma?!?!.... Are you kiddingf?!?!? Any BODY that fell straight from the sky would show evidece of blunt force trauma after hitting the ground!!!......and now they are gonna tell me the fish in Redondo died from suffocation?!?!? SERIOUSLY?!?!? ..... wow...... WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

All these things among us that is going on has been hard to believe is it really Global Warming ! ; our winter has been the coldest , the snow storms have been the worst , the floods, earthquakes and so on. Now MILLIONS of fishes have died whats going on is there something going deep down in the water explosives , toxic, What can it be ,

I think our government knows And they wouldnt tell us anyway or its another form of attack from another country who knows. Its just happening way to much, we are the pouluters of this planet.

I would check to see if there was an accidental release of Ammonia in the water from an industrial source.

Fish cakes anyone?

We've always had algal blooms along the coast that killed fish. It's pretty sad, before they die you can see the fish coming to the surface and trying to pull oxygen out of the air.

The last few years have been especially bad. The cause is an increase in nutrients that algae feed on. Those nutrients come mostly from commercial farming run off in the form of nitrates and phosphates. With all the snow and rain we've been getting the run off has been unusually large. The algae removes the oxygen from the water.

I find it curious that the reason for the die off is not being talked about in the news.

This all sounds biblical to me, all too familiar!

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