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Millions of dead fish at King Harbor in Redondo Beach [Updated]


Dead fish float inside King Harbor.

Authorities in Redondo Beach are investigating what killed millions of fish over the last day at King Harbor Marina.

Fish, including anchovies, sardines and mackerel were floating lifeless in Basins 1 and 2 of the north side of King Harbor Marina.

Dead Fish Mystery

"There’s basically fish everywhere you go in the harbor," said the harbor's assistant manager, Jason McMullin, who added that there were reports that a red tide may have driven the fish into the harbor in massive numbers where they died because of limited oxygen.

Redondo Beach public works officials were dispatched to the harbor to investigate further but did not have immediate comment.


The fish were attracting huge flocks of seagulls and other birds.

[Updated at 12:15 p.m.: Redondo Beach officials said initial assessments suggest oxygen depletion in the King Harbor basins caused the massive fish die-off.

City Manager Bill Workman said city officials with the help of marine experts would help determine if there was any environmental issue involved. Tests are now being performed on the water as officials begin removing the dead fish, which city officials estimated to be in the millions.

“There are no visible signs of any toxins that might have caused [the die-off] and our early assessment is that this was oxygen depletion,” Workman said. “This is similar to what we experienced five years ago but that was distinctly a red tide event but there’s no discoloration of the water, no associated foaming in the waves, Workman said. “There are no oil slicks or leaking of substances into the water.”

Workman noted that the harbor had been teeming in recent weeks with bait fish that even after their deaths “had no signs of degradation.”]


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-- Andrew Blankstein

Photo: Dead fish float inside King Harbor. Credit: Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times; Second and third images: KTLA News.

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Ok people! I love how everyone becomes an instant expert in situations like this. And those of you jumping to the "Global Warming" conclusion are just as delusional as the religious zealots claiming the end of the world. This is a natural occurrence, just freak timing/conditions that lead so many fish into the harbor. Calm down, the world will go on.

@ Dave Smith - Have you ever been scuba diving? Believe it or not, wind effects the oceans current and even tide, so if the winds were strong (as they were yesterday, strong enough to topple trees and flip large vehicles in L.A. county), then they were likely strong enough to keep the fish trapped in the harbor. Not such a dumb statement after all, I think far stupider has been uttered by the human race.

@Terri C - Yes, this is a strange world, but keep in mind we have only been keeping documentation of it for a VERY SHORT TIME. If you're looking for answers, I'm sure you will find it in the combination of a naturally occurring Red Tide in combination with L.A.'s unusually windy conditions yesterday. But that's my two cents, I am by no means an expert.

They tell us that it was a red tide, but don't mention what causes them, what does cause them?

Global Warming?!?!?!? This is a natural event - cycle of nature.

Same goof balls calling the Station Fire a "wildfire" - those evil godless fires!

Hosea 4:3
Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.

Ecclesiastes 9:12
For man also knoweth not his time: as the fishes that are taken in an evil net, and as the birds that are caught in the snare; so are the sons of men snared in an evil time, when it falleth suddenly upon them.

looks too me like some fishing boat dumped it's load for some reason, like they all died in the holding tank. Otherwise they would have been eaten out at sea.

Has anyone actually documented red tide in this region before now or is that just a hypothesis someone threw on the wall to see if it would stick? Something is surely going on... the "scientists" can say this happens all the time, but does it? Or, is the press and government trying to cover up major earth changes?

I've been around for a long time and this just isn't natural. When you look at the world-wide animal/bird/marine deaths that have occured in the past several months, I think that if it happened all the time, we would be aware of it, rather than surprised!

Watch the techtonic plate movement along all the edges... volcanos, earthquakes, magnetic shift... the earth is indeed changing, but not because of us (although, there are too many of us) but because the earth simply changes all the time and we are caught up in a major change that no one can stop, including Al Wh#ore and his billion dollar money-making lies!

Because this is happening in certain isolated places, I think it's Green Peace or some other environmental loonie group that's trying to prove Global Warming.

hello 2012!

Can this happen to human? billions of people die overnight

If it turns out to really be only achovies, and not other species, you can rule out poison, lack of oxygen, and other environmental variables, and focus on a pathogen, such as a virus that kills that species. Also, the bait spill would be a trivial explanation.

tune into the alex jones show today at infowarsdotcom and listen to Dr Nick Begich talk about this and other things related to it.A must listen.
If you think it is Global warming ,dont bother tuning in...your far to tuned out to understand.

Why only these three kind of fishes dead? Are they the food of other bigger fishes?

Patterns happening in nature show us the truth.... Events like this are happening all over the world, mostly in the U.S. There is something going on and the government is not being truthful and may be the cause of all of this. Please keep an open mind, pray, and meditate.... The answers will start coming to you through intuition.

This type of thing is happing to fast to and close together for me to worry. Some claims its in order with the natural cycle of life. Well ,can i get a heads up when its our turn?

This was probably caused by a lack of oxygen in the water. The school may have been driven into the shallow waters of the harbor by predator fish where they consumed the oxygen and died. If the authorities test the fish and find no toxins, then this could be a treasure for a fertilizer company, but they better get out there fast!

Yes! the rapture of the body of Christ is eminent! This is in fact one of many signs of the times. Yes, the scientist say "it is a natural occurrence"....What are they suppose to say? They can't explain it! But the word of God can..."In the last days, perilous time shall come...Now, just look around, Christchurch, New Zealand, Tahiti, Chile,Libya,Mexico drug wars, major flooding all over the world, Forest Fires burning out of control in Italy, California, Florida, Tsunami's, volcanoes.. Sounds like perilous times to me! What's the answer? We must REPENT of our sins! And be baptized in the only name under heaven, given among men, whereby we must be saved; The name of Jesus! We must be born again of water and of spirit, and live holy! Check out this link, www.calvary4u.org

My guest is that sort of ultrasound technology used by submarines?

These are the end days. This is simply a plague cast down by almighty God to punish the people of Redondo Beach for their heathenous blasphemy.

I guess this is why my cats left me a note saying the were on their way to California! (meow)

Anything those of us who live in the area can do to help clean up?

They still don't make up for all the people we killed deliberately or friendly fire, in Iraq, Afghanestan, and of course Palestine by our surrogate.

Wow! What a perfect time to fertilize the gardens. CA should have even greater fruits, vegetables and flowers this year!

Magnetic collapse killed them. Fish and birds navigate with the leader who detects north and south; as the earth and sun flip and swirl with the magnetic
reversal, (the north side of the center of the milky way pancake) is now below
or above and like magnets the wobble keeps them from returning to sea.
The entire ocean will slosh about, in my opinion, and you will see people swimming with no leader, the "Gods" hill hoover OVER wondering why they
could not find the EXIT sign and if they should rescue individuals or not.
So if you are in safe harbor today with food and you can not navigate for yourself, then as you need to move on, you will stay around and wait for the
surf report and you will get hit by a magnet by your dead wife, from planet

Hmmmm. Perhaps all them oil wells off shore didn't kill the fish in the past afterall? Of course none of these strange incidences could be related to testing of sonic waves through the ocean? Nor could it be because of Solar Flares? I suppose it must have been my cell phone.

Sounds like end of times to me.

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